USAirways: We’ll Honor Israel Tickets But We Won’t Give You Miles If You Skip A Leg


USAirways sent an email to people who bought the $300-$500 tickets to Israel that I posted about in late August from NYC and from other cities. The email says that USAirways will not be awarding any miles for any part of the ticket unless all segments are flown. In other words if you are booked from NYC-Philadelphia-Tel Aviv-Philadelphia-Toronto and you wind up skipping the Philadelphia-Toronto segment they are saying that they will not award miles for your entire trip.

They’re also offering a full refund if you’re not happy with that. You can email to request a refund until 10/15.  (And boy are they hoping you will :D)

Of course you can always continue onto Toronto and take a 4,500 Avios flight back to NYC or Chicago for example. Though one-way flights going to Toronto have just $2.50 in tax there is $50 in tax for one-way flights leaving from Toronto. The Chase British Airways card gives 50K signup Avios (Over 11 free short-haul flights) with the fee waived for the first year.

The far more interesting question will be if they can or will stop people from crediting the flown flights to a partner airline like Aegean or United…if you try that be sure to let us know how it goes.

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Does that mean if I paid with Amex gold I won’t get the mr points ?


I have a $790 ticket will I get the full mileage for the ticket if I skip a segment?


Of course not, how would they possible stop you from earning those points?

Did you get the email?


Hi Dan,
I am so happy that you are writing about this email from US Airways. I have received this email and i was starting to get a little concern if they are seeing that people are purposely skipping a flight.
So can you please confirm that i understood them correctly, If you skip a leg of a flight for instance you are walking out in Philly instead of continuing to Toronto, they wont charge you more that whatever you have already paid they wont just give the miles (which is a nice amount of mile) for the whole trip.
In addition, would you know if i can just start my flight in Philly rather than going to LGA and make a stop in Philly.

Thanks for your help.


You posted about what?! How did I miss this? What’s the original link??


I never got the email.
Approx how many miles is it? Would it be worth $600 for 2 tickets to EWR to keep miles?


If I forgot to write my middle name on the ticket when I bought it what should i do.


@David: NM, found it. Nice deal!


They are not going to charge you more.
If you skip the LGA-PHL leg they most definitely will cancel your entire itinerary.


I would not worry about a middle name.


We all know not to believe reps… do you think they will manually follow every ticket if he continued his flight?


This obviously came from a much higher source than your typical phone rep.
That being said it’s hard to say if this is just a scare tactic to get people to cancel or if they will actually go in and deduct miles.

Now them trying to manually get back miles from partners would be something I’m much more skeptical of, though I suppose they might be able to do it.


i got the email. the following is a copy of a selection of text: Restrictions include:
If any flight is not flown, all subsequent flights will be cancelled and the remaining ticket value will be lost
Name changes are not allowed
The name on your passport must match the name on your ticket
Also, If you don’t fly on all of the flights you booked, you will not earn miles for any of your flights.

i am going to review the contract of carriage applicable to the actual ticket purchased and see if it states anywhere that you dont get ANY of the miles. cancelling the rest of a trip if you miss a portion is industry standard but i never heard of not getting miles for actual miles flown… and btw, it is unlikely that it cant get credited to an alliance partner.

lastly, i have a separate issue because we had a baby after purchasing the original tickets and now they want to charge me 10% of the current fare. very obnoxious. trying to HUCA etc…


I just got this email…
“Recently, you booked a US Airways flight with Orbitz and when you booked, you agreed to all rules and restrictions listed in our contract of carriage.

Please read the fare restrictions carefully and if you don’t meet the criteria, please email us by October 15, 2013 to cancel your flight and request a full refund.

Restrictions include:
If any flight is not flown, all subsequent flights will be cancelled and the remaining ticket value will be lost
Name changes are not allowed
The name on your passport must match the name on your ticket
Also, If you don’t fly on all of the flights you booked, you will not earn miles for any of your flights.

To request a full refund:
Email by October 15, 2013
Use ‘Orbitz refund’ in the subject line
Include confirmation code, departure date, passenger names (as they appear on the ticket), flight number, phone number and a valid email address
Add to your address book
We’ll contact you within a week once we’ve processed your refund. Please look for an email from US Airways with the subject line ‘US Airways refund.’

If you meet the criteria and decide to travel, we look forward to seeing you on board.”

It sounds like they will charge me more for my ticket if i don’t continue on to Toronto, should i be nervous they will make me go to toronto?
And the miles sounds like an after thought they are more upset about the cheap deal and want me to continue or better yet cancel.


@I LOVE DAN: You should drive to the airport, go on the plane, drink a coke, land and get your suitcase and then thank Dan.


What does the beginning of the email mean? If they cancel one part of the flight they will cancel my whole ticket? What if the flight from LGA is delayed and I will miss the connecting flight?


@Shlomo: how can they charge more? they are just saying that if you dont fly, you wont get the miles but as noted above, it is not so clear that the terms and conditions of their program or United for that matter dont allow to cancel a certain portion.


You pay 10% of the current price, so they’re right.

How in the world does it sounds like that????

It means if you try to skip the LGA-Philadelphia flight by driving to Philadelphia that you will forfeit your entire ticket.

They can’t.


I didn’t get the email, most likely because i booked this deal directly from US airways. think I could still get the full refund? anyone else have the same situation?


I’m sure they would be more than happy to refund your ticket.
Just send them an email to request it.


dan! can you tell us a little more on how to transfer miles to a third party airline?


You should be able to do it by logging into your reservation on I don’t usually buy USAirways tickets (the last time I flew them on a paid ticket was when Expedia paid for thousands of DansDeals’ readers Vegas vacations with the free Bellagio suite and show tickets :D) so let me know how that goes.

Otherwise you can give your partner mileage number to a checkin or gate agent.

Otherwise save your boarding pass and you can send them into a partner airline for mileage credit.


@Dan: @Dan: thx dan. I also don’t get why they wouldn’t want the seats filled. These cheap tix are across multipe dates so the flights will still have plenty of regular paying customers. To lose those seats by offering such a long time to cancel seems to b a strange business decision


Your right i guess it does not say that but would they make me fly to toronto?


They obviously decided they can sell the seats for more money.

They will probably hold a gun to your head and force you onto the plane to Toronto.
Better learn martial arts or something.


I am afraid of missing the tight connection. What will they do? They said if it’s a weather delay they will put on the next available flight the next day!


How tight is your connection?
If there is a delay and you won’t make the connection you can try to get an airport agent to reaccomodate you out of NYC on Delta, El Al, or United.


What’s if I put my daughter middle name in the same box as the first name? It shows up as one name.


Not a problem at all.
Most airlines combine the middle initial onto the end of the first name anyway.

Most unfortunate for me and other men who have the letter A as their middle initial…thanks a lot Mom 😉

crazy tools

never recived any email, what does that mean? Do you think i’ll get full mileage?


Thanks a ton dan. You’ve saved us toooonz!


Connection times are 1 1/2 hours in Philly and Munich. Think that is enough time? If flight is delayed and we can’t fly on the scheduled flight will they do anything to the remainder of the ticket? Will yhey put us on the next available flight?


@crazy tools:
Literally 😀

Plenty of time. They’re under obligation to get you there, don’t sweat it.


@Dan: When someone puts a third party FF number doesn’t the miles always have to get approved by the metal that he flew?


I’m arriving at 7:40 with a 9:15 departure. The average delay for the flight from LGA is 60 minutes. If it’s looking like a delay should I immediately try to locate an agent? What are the odds if them helping me with changing my flight?


@Dan thanks as always, according to the contract of carriage it seems that they can charge a fee for the difference in price due to breaking their rule of “beyond point ticketing”. I see a lot of discussion about this on blogs but I’m wondering if they ever really enforce it. In this case US Airways doesnt even have my credit card info, they would have to try to charge the fee back through Orbitz.
The real risk is if they decide to route the flight to Toronto through Paris or something like that. 🙁


1- I didn’t recieve email , I’m assuming. I can still get refund offer?
2- what r thoughts on being creative with them such as trying 2 get them 2 let me change dates so I ” can complete my entire trip 2 Toronto”? How Bout camcelling after 10/15( I might not b able 2 make my Chanukah trip but won’t know till nov)?
3- i was planning on doing Aegean air even b4 this & try 2 get gold- now a no-brainier ..
4- any1 know an American number 2 reach Aegean miles dep?


If US Air was smart they would offer to give you double miles if you would just tell them you will not be on the flight from Philly to Toronto.
Think of all the extra tickets they could sell on those empty flights when nobody gets on them!

In any case this seems like a scare tactic, maybe my idea will be the next email we get….


Dan will all do respect the skipping the leg idea shouldn’t have been posted on main site as now it is killed for everyone. They read everything you post


If I don’t get on the plane for the last leg just want to make sure I will not be charged any extra


just want to make sure i do not plan on getting on the last leg of the flight
will i or will i not be charged extra for doing so


Collect united miles instead.


Why should they even care if anyone skips part of the flight, it’s all been paid for already ?


For those considering cancelling the flight for refund

If you had a separate charge from Orbitz on your credit card they probably will not refund it
If you have a connecting flight to ELAL will they also refund it?

This email came from US Air not anyone else


I booked with shmuel and my passport name is sam, what do u recommend. should i change passport to shmuel?


If I bought 2 adult tickets and one under two ticket (the child one is free..). Are they going to charge me lap ticket when I in the airport, or since i informed them at the time of the buying the ticket that I will be bring a child I won’t have to pay?


Dear Dan,
Would you just pleas explain to the readers how did US Airways figure out that people are planning on skipping the last leg? the season hasn’t even begun yet?!


Dan…thanks again for posting this great deal. I was ale to get tickets for shabbos Chanukah. I got this email from Us Air last night. My return flight is from TLV to AMS to PHI to TOronto. Is there. Any way the airline can decide to reroute and change the flight from AMS directly to Toronto?


I got the email on 700 dollor tickets (orbitz).
As I see similar questions ill ask it here, my wife’s passport has her maiden name, but on global entry has married name, ticket has her married name. What should I do?
(Flying from PHL where usAirways has a pre check lane)


They have to help you.

They can’t charge you. They can charge a travel agent via debit memo but not a consumer.

Why in the world would USAir fly from AMS to YYZ instead of the scheduled AMS-PHL flight????????????

They don’t give a darn about you going to Toronto. They just want people to cancel.

When I posted I had no idea that it was a fuel dump, that US had just started charging for fuel, or that anyone even knew about it.
Someone posted the TLV deal on the DD forums and I reposted it here.

Then read 🙄

Good luck.

If the infant is ticketed and has a ticket number then you’re good.
Otherwise you’ll need to cough up 10% of the fare based on the time you are buying the infant’s ticket.

Generally people don’t book tickets starting in one country and ending in another.

Of course not!
USAirways wouldn’t even be allowed to fly such a route never mind why in the world would they.

Either get her a new passport or bring proof of your marriage with as much documentation as you have.


Would a Marriage certificate, license and passport help?


ruined what ? the chance to get a few miles credited to your FF account ? I hardly think this is a big deal, we all knew this was possible from before, in fact in may be standard policy for them to do.
Look at the email as a good thing as it confirms that US Air will be honoring these tickets!



What about a 50-minute PHL layover, do I have to re-check bags?

Anything I can do to get them to reroute me (or change my NYC-PHL to an earlier option) if the NYC-PHL flight leaves on time?


They are legally required to.


50 minutes will be fine unless there delays.

The only point you need to recheck bags is when coming from overseas to the US as you need to bring your bags past customs inspections.



thanks for great deal. can i check in in newark and then drive to philly so my car will be parked there (and i can even stop in Lkwd and light Chanuka licht)


For the 1000th time, no.
Skipping a leg will cancel out the rest of your trip.


Contemplating actually returning to Toronto and spending 2 extra days of vacation there – haven’t been there in a very long time. Found a one way minivan car rental from Toronto to Boston for $400.

Any suggestions as to things to do in Toronto with kids (5, 9, 14)? Good kosher restaurants?


thanks, i never saw this ques. before , if i check in and dont show at the gate so i’m guessing you mean that its the same as not showing at all.

Reb Moshe

his plpan was that he would actually leave his bags in ewr.

but if they dont scan your boarding pass getting on the plane in ewr, they with automatically cancel your whole ticket as no-show


@Reb Moshe:
Not only would they cancel the whole ticket but they would offload the luggage in EWR when he fails to board.
Can’t use talmudic logic with airplane tickets, sorry folks.


is there any way to suggest to USairways that they offer to add a charge for skipping the 1st flight, i would be glad to pay $50 to save the time of shlepping from newark. they should learn from ElAl how to make extra $$$ from their slip!


Side question: If i am flying from Newark to Philly to Tel Aviv. Do I get free luggage or since the first flight is domestic I have to pay for luggage?


See last line of 62.

1 free bag.


To clarify…my return is tlv….phl….yyz
My question is, can US Air change the connecting flight to yyz and bypass phl (were my car will still be)
Last year a friends itinerary was tlv…jfk…bwi
And it was changed, last minute to tlv…cdg..bwi


For the last time, no.

USAirways only flies TLV-PHL. They do not fly TLV-YYZ and they’re not about to pay Air Canada to take you TLV-YYZ.

And even in the infinitesimally remote chance that they did do that you can always insist that you want to fly on USAirways.


Can’t wait to go haven’t been to Israel for 8 years.
Thanks Dan!!!!!!!!!


Have relaxing and restful shabbos
all the best 🙂


@DAN If I take all my flights will I earn mileage on United?


I put in my MP# and may need the PQM for the next level



Of course.


@Dan: thanks for clearing that up. I might make 1k this year (im probably short about 3000 miles so I may buy them from United)


ZFV-LAX MR can be had for $225 or so.
Or just use premier accelerator.


Dan we bought the tickets on usairways and we are coming home eruv shavot. We need to fly from PHL to Miami and the only flights that work is with us airways. If I book a new one way flight can they cancel either flight?


They were very quick to provide the refund by the way.


Firstly, thanks a ton for posting the deal again!! Not sure why anyone would want to cancel trip due to miles.. wasn’t the whole idea that these tickets were so cheap? Earning miles or not, we’re going!

2) The name on my ticket is spelled wrong and expedia said they can only change that up to two days before the flight. but now it says no Name changes! or does that just mean a new name altogether??


how many miles are we even looking at and what value?


Will travel agents definitaly get a debit memo on those tickets, if only last leg will be skipped?


hey dan I am flying with my wife in jan. now I need to add a infant ticket ,what is the cheapest way going about that? thanks!


how do i upgrade us air to buss class >>??

lil yoss

If I do want a refund, but don’t have us airways points, for what reason can I request a refund?

A Canadian

For me it works out just ok! Cuz I live in YUL and I booked ORD-PHL-TLV, return TLV-PHL-YUL, I bought 4 tickets for 365.00 each!! Than of course I booked 4 one ways to ORD with BA Avios! So I will use all legs IYH and get full mileage, (will try to go for Aegean).
Thanks a lot @Dan


@lil yoss: You don’t need any reason.



US knows they cant get DOT to allow them to void the tickets (anti-post purchase price increase regulation) They know DOT doesn’t regulate matters on frequent flyer mile accrual so this is the only leverage there is to get people to cancel.



I got my ticket directly through US Airways – and did not receive an email (regarding the mileage). I want to cancel my ticket, called US Airways, was told that the ticket is not refundable.
Any idea of how to get them to refund it – (being that the ticket cost half of what it should have- I’m assuming they would)?
Thank you,


You’re supposed to email them as I wrote in the post.


@Shlomy: I emailed them and included my reservation number as instructed in this post and they refunded me in less than 24 hours! better hurry and do it before the 15th. Funny thing is that my tickets are still showing as active and changable! (suject to $300 change fee)


b, Did you email the “noreply” email given above?


@Shlomy: Yes.


hello dan. can you tell me if it’s possible to cancel only one flight of a 3 person purchase I made? the reservation code is for 3 people, but i only want to possibly cancel 1 – yet I’m afraid to write the email to ask this on chance that they will cancel the whole thing. what do you say?


Can someone please email a copy of the refund offer, us airways is saying no such offer!


You can call USAirways to have 1 passenger slit onto his own reservation.

How did you contact them?


hi, I sent in my email to USAIR yesterday to ask that they just cancel 1 out of a booking for 3. I then sent the same email this morning with more information regarding the ticket in case they needed that. I havn’t heard anything yet…. how long do you think it takes? How do I even know if it works?


Went to the desk at airport. They were able to change the name on ticket from shmuel to sam to match passport.


no news yet. am i waiting for an email? phone call? is it possible they wont acknowledge the email i sent them?


Will travel agents definitaly get a debit memo on those tickets, if only last leg will be skipped?


I got this ticket directly from US air website, so far I got my UA miles for the way to Tel Aviv.


Got my United miles for the way back from Tel Aviv the Philadelphia , even though I did not continue to Toronto.


Thanks for the latest info that its working 🙂 how can i add my UA number to the orbitz trip? do i have to do it at the airport?


Dan it worked like a charm. A friend who traveled with me was asked at check-in in TLV where he was headed and he said YYZ. The agent again asked while winking – really, where are you headed? My friend answered again YYZ. The agent then asked why? My friend answered that he has relatives there and the agent didn’t bother him again.

DANS Chusid

I booked on ORBITZ LGA-PHL-TLV,& return TLV-PHL-YYZ (for $410)
& Got my United miles for the first three segments, even though I did not continue to Toronto.
US Airways 3979-W class 96
US Airways 797-S class 5,771
US Airways 796-W class 5,771


If I skip the last leg of the phl-telaviv-phl-toronto, will I still get my luggage back in philly on return flight? When I asked a rep at orbitz and USair, they both said that the luggage goes straight through Toronto. is this true???


Lol, no way, no how.

Yecheskel Freund

1. I was told by a US Airways agent that If I don’t take the PHL-TORONTO leg my checked in luggage will still be forwarded to Toronto. Is that true?
2. Also my BOS-PHL arrive at 11:03 and my PHL-TLV flight is flying out at 12:15 and it is thursday so I arrive early erev shabbos. What happens if we miss the connection?


My flight on nov 27 from ewr-Philly was delayed so they offered to change it to lufthansa from ewr-Frankfurt-tlv and arrive 2 hours earlier which was originally ewr-Philly-Zurich-tlv, I took it but no kosher meal was available, I was def happy I didn’t have to stop over 2 times, thanks

DANS Chusid

@DANS Chusid: UDTADE:one month later US AIRWAYS just pulled back all miles they had credit to my UNITED account.
my wife was lucky since she used the miles for a UNITED award ticket so they didnt have what to pull out from her account.
so folks i suggest you to use the miles ASAP

DANS Chusid

UPDATE: 12/1/2013-
one month later US AIRWAYS just pulled back all miles they had credit to my UNITED account.
my wife was lucky since she used the miles for a UNITED award ticket so they didnt have what to pull out from her account.
so folks i suggest you to use the miles ASAP
I booked on ORBITZ LGA-PHL-TLV,& return TLV-PHL-YYZ (for $410)
& Got my United miles for the first three segments, even though I did not continue to Toronto.
US Airways 3979-W class 96
US Airways 797-S class 5,771
US Airways 796-W class 5,771


is it still possible to cancel and get a full refund?


just got back yesterday with my baby girl, we got the deal for $500.11 each and so far we got all the mileage on United
Thanks Dan, and will update if the mileage will change


us airways change origination flight leaving LGA to an earlier flight(no fee) once I mentioned that they made a 15 min flight change.


just got back from great trip thanks to dan, my last leg to YYZ canceled bec of weather, they placed me on flight tomorrow which i canceled. USAW claims to rebook YYZ flight costs change fees as they have to give 1st available. is this true? how will this impact miles credit?


@DANS Chusid:
Did they give you a hard time about not flying to Toronto? Im flying back next Monday and just wondering how it worked


It is still not clear to me if on the return flt you can pick-up your luggage in PHL? Don’t you have to go through US Customs?


@GB: This stuff gets confusing. I can’t figure out where my luggage will be.


@Dan: Are you saying that I will be able to pick-up my luggage in PHL and it will not fly direct to Toronto??


@GB: What gave you that impression?

good sam

@Chaikel: Yeah. The key is to pack light, using mostly disposable articles.


@DANS Chusid: Did they give you any problems with you taking your luggage in PHL?


US Airways $450 via Phila. Return was to Phila then Toronto. I didn’t take the Toronto leg…
I used my United # and got all my miles. 🙂

Date Description Mileage Earned
12/16/2013 US Airways 797-S class 5,771
12/04/2013 US Airways 4221-N class 81
12/04/2013 US Airways 796-N class 5,771


@JSquared: Did they give you any problems with you taking your luggage in PHL? When you checked-in in Tel Aviv, did you check the luggage to PHL or Toronto?

DANS Chusid

@GB: all luggage must be claimed in phl


If anyone applied the mileage to Aegean, roughly how many miles did you get, and did they stay in your account?
Also, I flew a few months ago (and skipped the PHL-YYZ leg); is there any harm in calling usairways to have them credit the miles to aegean, or should I go directly thru aegean?
TIA! And thanks for the great deal!


When leaving Israel will my luggage be checked straight through to Toronto? I called US AIR and they said it would. I need to pick it up in Philly since I’m not going to Toronto… Someone advised me to only bring a carry on. Anyone do this yet?


@Ellen: all luggage must be claimed in phl and you have to go through customs.


Anybody landing on USAirways from Telaviv on Tuesday February 4 and going to Brooklyn – want to share a car rental???


To clarify – landing in Philly from Tel aviv