United Airlines Offers An Elite Challenge!


I have blogged in the past about AA’s secret challenge program that is a fast track to Gold or Platinum Elite status.

United now is offering a similar program, although it differs in many details.

You can get 2P(Premier) or 1P (Premier Executive) status through the program.

To enroll call 1-800-421-4655 and ask to sign up for promo MPP597
The cost is $100.
Fly 6,250 EQM’s within 90 days of registration and you get 2P status.
Fly 12,500 EQM’s within 90 days of registration and you get 1P status.
Status lasts from the time when you complete the challenge until 02/08.

(For those of you not familiar with EQM’s it means elite qualifying miles. On united all fares earn 100% eqm’s except full fare coach, business, and first which earn 150% eqm’s. Basically if your flight is 10,000 miles and you’re in a regular coach fare you will get 10,000 EQM’s, if you are flying in first you will get 15,000 EQM’s.)

If people request it, I can make another post hammering out the exact details between the AA and UA challenges…

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let us know


can someone tell me when the latest time is that u can sign up for this promo, and also whether u can fast track to 1k status?


Dan…Freaking sweet!


Oh, I forgot to say that alot of airlines will match the status of another. Thus if you are 1p on United you can try to have AA match that and give you Plat. Elite.


the amex business 250 is not working dan please notifyus when it comes back up
i already received two of them but i would like to get the other two
btw this month thanks to ctown bochur i made $650
and 150 for the credit protector (i got 50 extra after trying to cancel)


Just spoke with United, it turns out this offer was a mistake, and they quickly changed this offer to $299. !!! Check it out for yourself.

Now, it’s really a decision to make, depending of how much you fly, so how worth it this status is for you.

Brian C.

I just checked this offer and it still is valid, but it is for 1K and it now costs $495.