Round 3: United Raises 2nd Bag Fee To $50 Each Way!


United kicked off round 3 this morning by adding a $50 charge for a 2nd checked bag each way.  (They were the first to implement a second bag fee and were deeply embarrassed by being upstaged by AA in adding a first bag fee.)

For those keeping score it will now cost a family of 4 an additional $520 round-trip to each bring 2 suitcases with them.

Did somebody forget to tell these guys that oil is under $100 now???

United and Star Alliance elite members and all of their travel companions continue to get 2 free checked bags.

(Pretty soon I’ll be able to rent myself out just so that families can check in 2 free bags each-it pays to be elite on every alliance!)

The fee applies to tickets bought starting tomorrow, 09/16, for travel on or after 11/10.

I’m sure it won’t be long before the other sheep follow and United will be able to up the ante on the first checked bag.

The real question is how long can Southwest continue to give 2 free bags and free flight changes and cancellations.  I’m sure that the drive out to Islip is no longer looking too shabby for many NY’ers…

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So how do you become elite on every single alliance? 🙂


Delta has already implemented a $50 Second Bag Charge, so United isn’t the first. But Delta still gives free the first bag.


You gotta actually fly believe it or not


As long as us suckers pay it they will keep charging and keep raising the fees. The airlines have found a new cash cow and they will continue to bleed it to death untill we find a way to hit them and hurt them in their wallets. You know even if gas goes back down to $25.00 these fees will be here for life.


If you are amex platinum does that take off the fee?


Not necessarily, only my Skyteam elite was earned via BIS.



so how did you earn the rest?