Redeem United Miles At A Value Of 1.5 Cents Each To Pay Your United Card’s Annual Fee, But Call Chase First About COVID-19 Offers!

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United offers the ability to use miles to pay for a Club Membership, airfare, or the annual fee on a United credit card.

The value of using miles for a club membership is about 0.75 cents per mile, not a great deal.

The value of using miles for airfare paid on a United credit card is 1 cent per mile, also not a great deal.

However for a limited time, United is offering a value of 1.5 cents per mile to pay your United card’s annual membership fee. That’s not a bad deal for United miles these days! It’s unclear how long this unadvertised promotion will last.

The caveat is that your annual fee has to have been billed in the past couple months. If your annual fee was billed in March, April, or May, you can apply miles to pay the annual fee.

However before I did that, I called Chase about the $100 annual fee on my grandfathered United Lifetime Club card due to current COVID-19 travel restrictions. Chase was happy to offer me a $100 statement credit.

My guess is that I can still double dip and apply 6,667 United miles for a $100 annual fee credit, a value of 1.5 cents per mile.


Will you use United miles at a value of 1.5 cents each to pay your United card’s annual fee?

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I was able to get a credit for the annual fee on my united explorer business card; not so for Southwest premier business card.

Bob Wiley

what phone number did you call for the united explorer biz card credit? thx .. I tried the chase business line and chase sapphire line to no avail


for Chase INK they did not offer anything 🙁


Would be great to pay the AF on CSR with points @1.5%


On CSR got 2500 UR points after back and forth messaging in the secure message center for some compensation for not being able to take advantage of the benefits that come along with the hefty annual fee. Got nothing on the Ink Business Preferred (also tried calling).


They did that for you only because you are grandfathered?


Any other travel cards doing the same?


I called Chase and they were happy to credit in full the over $300 in interest charged on my business ink card as a courtesy because I usually pay off the complete balance. This might not be the related to the post yet I think it’s a mitzvah to publicize this for everyone experiencing hardships so please post this in it’s proper location.


They would do nothing for my Chase United Explorer Card. They offered to downgrade me to a no fee United card (not on their site) but that only has benefit of earning miles and no other United benefit. I declined. Debating if I should keep the card at all.


Not true. You still get expanded inventory of award seats with the no-fee card. Since that’s the only benefit that I care about, I’m happy with the no-fee card.


It’s coming up as 1cpp for AF reimbursement for me on a UA Explorer. Also, miles must have been earned with the card, so transferring in UR won’t work.

I would’ve taken even the 1cpp, but a lot of the ones I earned on the card are locked up on an award flight (about half earned on the card, the rest transferred from Chase). Had I known about this, I would’ve done this first and transferred in more UR to cover the flight. Yes, that’d effectively be 1c/UR, but I could’ve emptied the UA account that way; now I’m stuck with ~4k miles I don’t expect to use in 12+ months. I think I’m just gonna downgrade the card for a while…


Correction – it IS 1.5 cpp through your link, the 1 cpp was through a different link on the website.

I’m gonna try canceling the flight, getting the redeposit, redeeming the 6333 for the annual fee, transferring in what I need from UR, and rebooking the flight. Should work quickly enough to do all that, I doubt anyone is looking to snatch up seats.

Lord Dima

No annual fee credit for my United or IHG cards as of a week ago. Closed IHG and downgraded United to no fee card to keep the X award availability.


does the no fee united card show the expanded united cardholder award availability?


Yes, it does. I downgraded to the no-fee card more than a year ago but still see the expanded availability.


Called Chase 3 times about my United mileage plus business card and all of them got the same answer: “we’re not waiving fees at the moment”
Any thoughts?


Same here – got the same answer


Is there anything to do about sapphire reserve travel credit? will chase extend it?

Lkwd girl

Did anybody have any luck getting their annual fee waived for the $95 United card? I’ve tried multiple times with no luck:(


Thanks! Appreciate as always!


My United Club Card AF posted this month. Called up Chase and they offered me a $100 statement credit. Thanks Dan

Linda Schlesinger

I had to call twice to get an agent who knew about the statement credit offer. The first agent insisted there was no such offer. It sounds like its a standard $100 credit on the Club card. I got that plus a $60 credit on my sapphire card then I went online and used 30k miles to get reimbursed for the $450 Club card annual fee that I paid in April. Thanks for the tip Dan!


has anyone had success with the united explorer card? just called and they said no such offer. is this only on the club card???


Just called about my new club card which got billed on 6/1. They said they’re not offering any credit. HUCA?


Called again and the rep said only if I received an offer in the mail.


4th time’s the charm. Just got a $100 statement credit


Did you have to speak to supervisor or what happen? I tried 3 times last was they will send my concern to higher ups.


@DAN This is working for June as well.


Yes whats the story with this promo I just bought a flight can i get a statement credit? and @1.5?

Partial Fee Application

If you don’t have enough United miles to cover the entire annual fee, it appears you can use as many as you do have to cover whatever portion of the annual fee corresponds.


Is this deal(using point for annual fee) still live