Miracles Do Happen: United Fixes Their Nonstop Saver Award Calendar!

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2 weeks ago I wrote an in-depth piece about how to work around a massive United.com bug that was causing the website to hide expanded award availability for cardholders and elites.

United fixed their website the day after I published the article, but the information there is still relevant and helpful for award searches.

In that post I wrote, “However United’s website, which replaced the excellent legacy Continental website nearly 2 years ago, is extremely buggy. It also stripped out functionality that used to work. For example while the award calendar has an option to only show nonstop saver award dates, it doesn’t actually work. That critical functionality worked perfectly on the old site, but on the new site you need to manually check each date to see if the nonstop flight has saver award space. Talk about 1 step forward and 2 steps back!”

And indeed, even in the post update on that post I wrote, “Now, when can we discuss fixing the nonstop award calendar glitch?”

In fact I’ve been asking United about this since August 2015. in this post when I asked people to like and retweet:

I’ve written to United several times since then, but had pretty much given up hope until today when I discovered that United has finally fixed the nonstop saver award calendar!

Since United killed the old Continental.com legacy website, if you want to find which dates have saver award seats from say, Newark to Los Angeles, you had to manually click on each date. Even if you checked “nonstop” it didn’t change what the calendar displayed.

But now you can just click “nonstop” on the home page under “Search for award travel.”  In general it’s a good idea to search for one-way at a time.



On the search results page you now have to click on “Show award availability calendar


And voila, the calendar now only shows dates that have nonstop saver award availability:



Here’s a route with some great summertime award space in all cabins:


With this change you can quickly locate nonstop saver award space. If you are a cardholder or elite and are logged in on United.com then you will see dates that have expanded award space as well.

Note that you may have to go back to the United.com home page to make a new nonstop award search. If you change the search parameters from the search results page then it may not display the nonstop award calendar.

Some routes seem to get buggy if you search for award space past next February and don’t properly show nonstop award space on the calendar, but hopefully that will get fixed as well.

Kudos United and let’s hope that it stays this way!

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Ah freilichin Tisha B’av

Dr Moose

You’re GS? Congrats! I thought you were only 1K.


@Dan the legacy view of your website doesn’t work on iOS…


You’re welcome 😛
Great news!


Dan Casually shows us his United balance at close to 6 Million miles…


You won the Billion Miles Giveaway last year?! It sure seems like it 😉


@dan Why do you store so many miles in united?

Point lover

Anything you can say to help us out with phantom award!? I got stuck with 250k points that I transferred in to united


Not the miracle we were hoping for on tisha b av, but ill take it!


Only 3 upcoming reservations?


so you dont need to use expert mode anymore now that ua fixed this problem ? the post you wrote 3 or 4 weeks ago?


Mileage balance 5,985,800
WOW! nice amount!!


Surprised he doesn’t just have a dedicated page showing us all his miles/points balances. Would definitely save him a lot of time from having to keep telling us on every other post.


When booking plan B
Due you still get PR-1 status in the airport if waitlist not confirmed?
I heard saying that not.
the web support callback link does not work.



When i click “show only non-stop” it still shows me results with connections.

For example, jfk-nrt on ana. I see results for jfk-houston-nrt, (stoping in Houston)


You have almost 6 million United miles?

Bob Cowles

Do you offer round thip Cleveland to Settle ?