[Final Hours!] Add Funds To Your United TravelBank And Get A 5%-10% Bonus, Works For AMEX Airline Fee Credit!

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Update: This offer ends tonight at 11:59pm CST!

Add Funds To Your United TravelBank And Get A 5-10% Bonus

You can get a bonus when you fund your United TravelBank as follows:

  • Fund with $50, get a $2.50 bonus.
  • Fund with $100, get a $5 bonus.
  • Fund with $250, get a $25 bonus.
  • Fund with $500, get a $50 bonus.
  • Fund with $750, get a $75 bonus.
  • Fund with $1,000, get a $100 bonus.

You’ll need to sign into a United MileagePlus account to see this offer. You may need to refresh the page a couple times after signing in to see the offer or try using another browser or an incognito browser.

This offer expires on 12/9.

The amount paid won’t expire for 5 years and can be extended by having any TravelBank redemptions. You can use the funds for United flights purchased on United.com.

The amount paid will be available for use immediately. You can find your TravelBank balance in your United account and it will show up as a payment option at checkout.

The bonus will only be valid for 120 days after it posts to your account.

You can book any ticket with the bonus funds and refund it to an electronic travel certificate valid for 2 years form the date of refund. You may need to ask for a manager to get a refund to an electronic travel certificate.

You can get this promotion on up to $1,000 of funding.

Best of all, United account funding has been crediting for AMEX airline fee credit, though that can change at any time.

There are 4 AMEX cards that give a credit to use for incidental fees on the airline of your choice.

If you are registered for another airline you can chat with AMEX to change it to United.

This will also work for the $300 in travel credit with Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Will you take advantage of this promotion?

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got $1000


I wonder if you can split $500 between the Aspire and Platinum card




So, was anyone able to split the payment?


I charged 100 to my amex on 11/23 and still didn’t get credit


Yes and yes it still shows 200$ available


how do i add funds


Can you fund the full $200 to the Travel Bank using Amex or better to do 2 $100 charges?


If I add $200 and use Amex business platinum card, it will credit the full amount or do I have to split them up into smaller charges?


Can travelbank money be used to pay for taxes and fees on a Star Alliance award ticket booked through united.


No partners, must be used on United metal. From time to time they might allow it as split payment with miles, travel certs, or credit card, but the primary allowance is to have enough travel funds to buy the entire flight price with the funds.


Worked for me. Did $100 late November and another $100 last week. Got Amex reimbursement on both.


I just chatted with them. They said they see a ticket number Associated with the charge


The PGGM still works for the Amex credit too 🙂


There is no option for $200 – either $100 or $250. I assume if I charge $250, $200 will be credited back?




Does this code as travel and earn the 5x points from Amex Plat?

Mo Mo

Is this 5% promotion staying around for at least a month? If it is, I’d prefer to use my amex credit at the end of December (to extend the 120 days, and the 2 years as long as possible). But if it’s just for a couple days, I’d jump on it now. What do you suggest?


I was able to do it 4 times for 100 (2 different cards) and got the bonus each time. Maybe they’ll claw it back?

I just closed the tab and clicked on the link from this page and it let me purchase each time anew.


Succeeded in using up airline fee credits on the cards that have it this year. If charged on the Explorer card, would this also trigger the bonus miles that are offered until 12/31/2020 (750 miles on $500 for me)? Also, would a travel bank charge be a reimbursable travel expense under the Capital One Venture card?


thank you very much for posting it was much needed do i charge my amex plat 200 dollars off the bat or do i break it up into 99 dollar increments like how domestic tickets sometimes work to get the airline credit?


teh electronic travel certificate that you spoke about in the post is valid only for the name the ticket was ticketed or for anyone? im thinking of doing this for the amex travel credit that amex gave to plat cardholders thank you for the idea


fyi i did the bold thing in asking amex and a rep confirmed that travel bank is eligible for the credit


yea the rep came back and said on second look it will not count officially but said i can still request a manual credit once the charge hits and it doesnt credit.


Thats just dumb to ask. You sir don’t know how to play the game.


i do, was a lapse in judgmenet this time. also the credit posted right away.


Can you use it for second bag fees?


Talked with 2 via chat and chat reps told me the ability to change airlines is not longer available to them, only reps via phone. urghh


Just changed it via chat


Dan, firstly now would be a good time to thank you, I got hilton aspire from your links. can I do $250 in a single charge for the ua travel bank or should I break it up in order for it to work?


Without thinking I charged my plat before I enrolled in the benefit. I selected United right after making the charge. Any idea if I’ll need to charge another $250 for the credit to register?


DP: Confirmed still being reimbursed as of 12/4. Charged $100 to Amex Gold on 12/1 and credit hit 12/4.


Can Travel bank be used for a third party?


my travelbank purchase coded as a “special service ticket” with an itinerary and ticket number assigned… did this happen to those who got reimbursed?


Thanks, i got the credit 5 days after I charged $250


“The bonus will only be valid for 120 days after it posts to your account.”

If i use only partial of my Travel bank balance, what goes first, the Bonus money or regular balance?


Weird I change airlines to United tried to buy with credit card ans says payment failed on both cc that I assigned to United. Tried another card not assigned and it worked


I charged $100 on my Gold on Dec 4th and the credit has still not posted. Now I am wondering if I should charge $200 on my Platinum as well or wait. The bonus ends tonight but don’t feel good about locking up more money without knowing if the credit will post.


Oh no website said Payment failed please try again my credit card was charged 3x for 250.00. Try to call they don’t even know what travelbank is don’t know what to do. Hope I get 200 credit from this


took 3 days for credit to post on amex hilton


Does it work with Bofa Platinum Airline Credit?


what describe in amex online statement?
i charged $100 into Travelbank today. my card is amex gold(eligible $100 airline credit)


Thanks to you, I got $25 bonus. In order to extend its expiration date, you suggested ‘You can book any ticket with the bonus funds’. Does United still refund without any fees ? (1) For the ticket selection, which class should I choose? Economy (lowest) $49 or Economy (flexible) $94 (2) After the reservation, how long should I wait before I hit the cancel button? ( hours, or days ).

Thanks a million and Happy Holidays !


Got the credit 3 days later without a call.
Thanks Dan


No credit. charged $250 on plat on dec 7th.


how do you use the bonus first before the rest of the amount? or do you have to use it all to use the bonus?


If I do have to chat or call, then what do I tell them? I mean it is for incidentals but we are buying travel cash so I am a bit confused.


Charged my AMEX bussiness platinum on the 2nd of January. Got refunded on the 4th.