Now Selling All Domestic Airtran Flights

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You can now book travel for all domestic Airtran flights on as a Southwest codeshare. This is good for travel beginning 04/14.

Why should you book on
-If you book on you’ll get 2 free bags, a savings of up to $120 round-trip per person! doesn’t charge for flight changes or cancellations. charges $75.
-If you book on and have a companion pass you can use that on Airtran flights. also has a great low fare calendar that lets you glance at fares for the entire month.
-If you book a “business select” fare on and have an Airtran flight you will be seated in business class.
-You can redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards 2.0 points for Airtran flights without the blackouts and capacity controls that Airtran credit and Rapid Rewards 1.0 credits have.

Caveats to bear in mind:
-Prices can be different on both sites, so check both sites and compare the fees before purchasing a ticket. bookings allow for free standby travel. bookings (even for Airtran flights) do not.
-If you book on you will earn Rapid Rewards 2.0 points while if you book on you will earn Airtran credits or Rapid Rewards 1.0 credits.
-If you book on you won’t be able to book an assigned seat for Airtran flights until you checkin for your flight.
-Remember to always checkin with the airline that is actually operating the first flight, regardless of which site you buy your ticket on.

International flights:
Additionally you can book international mixed Southwest/Airtran flights on When you book a mixed ticket on you also get 2 free checked bags.

This is all a temporary solution until 2014, when the Airtran brand and website will no longer exist.











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Dans the man

So when can I use my RR points to book my ticket to Cancun?


@Dans the man:
You can transfer RR 2.0 points into Airtran credits to redeem for flights to Cancun or any other Airtran international destination:

Check Airtran award space by logging into an Airtran mileage account before transferring as you can only transfer Airtran credits back into RR 1.0 credits. Which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you use those points…


Any idea when we will be able to use the companion pass on international flights?


The FAQs are vague.

“Q: Will I be able to use my Rapid Rewards Companion Pass or A+ Rewards Companion Pass for Companion travel on shared itineraries?

A: Yes. Companion Pass travel is permitted on shared itineraries.”

Does that mean you can use a Southwest CP on a Southwest+Airtran international itinerary booked on I’m not sure.
It could be they mean you can use the Southwest CP only on Southwest+Airtran itineraries booked on and an Airtran CP only on Southwest+Airtran itineraries booked on



If I booked a flight via Airtran, and its a SW flight will I have to pay baggage fees at check in?


Why would you book it via Airtran?
Do you have an example where it’s worthwhile?


Booked a flight for my father-in-law a few weeks ago from FLL to SFO, for whatever reason it was through Airtran but operated by SW (used ITA to find prices). The same flight was more expensive on SW’s site (like $100 more), so I went ahead and booked it through Airtran, but when he checks in it will be with SW.


I would assume the bags will be free.


Can you book el al ticket on southwest or where should i book


Ramdom but not random
Hi Dan I’m thinking of opening up new cc I have three Chase credit cards but I’m thinking of opening up two More in chaselike ink and bold or should I go to citi or Amex more is it smart to go in the same bank or is it good to spread out to other banks what do you think


@moish: ya- for 152000 points- one of the worst uses for your points


You can do Chase and Citi. You can even do AMEX as well.
It’s called an app-o-rama:

Big boy

Does airtran fly anywhere interesting?

And are there planes more comfortable?


Where and what than would you suggest


Southwest gift cards are sold at many office supply stores too! Can you say 5x?


I’m amazed at some of the inane postings here. Why would you ask about AirTran’s route map here when you could google this information and have your own answer in 3 seconds? C’mon folks


I don’t think are flights are available. I can’t find any flights out of Dallas that are operated by Airtran.


Nevrmind. Airtran doesn’t have any flights from Dallas.


I am flying airtan this sunday to milwaukee. how can i get free luggage?


Shkoack Dan
Limaysu u should open a yeshiva with all the info u know on cc I will be u 1 st Talmud 🙂


I just got a solicitation for an AirTran card. Does it make sense to get it and then merge with Southwest points once the programs fully merge?


We just purchased mixed international travel with Airtran (SW site does not do the booking). Our flight originates with SW and then to Airtran for the cancun destination. According to Airtran, we are to check in at SW ticket counter for departure flight from US. I just called SW and they told me that SW will collect the baggage fees that Airtran charges…so it does not appear that you can get free bags with mixed international flight as stated in your blog