Pittburgh Post-Gazette Goofs, Tries To Shift Blame To Jetblue…

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As much as I hate to harp on Pittsburgh’s high quality press, this journalism faux pas just can’t be overlooked.

Back on June 27th some loyal Pittsburgh readers alerted me to a Post-Gazette article about an absolutely incredible Jetblue promotion, which I and many others were able to take advantage of.

At the time I cautioned that the newspaper had goofed and neglected to give the real way to receive the free ticket:

That article just says that you get a free ticket by booking on Jetblue.com-it neglects to mention that you NEED TO REGISTER FIRST, or even how to register!
(Insert Pittsburgh newspaper joke here…)

This Sunday Dan Fitzpatrick, who wrote the original article, wrote a follow-up article for the Post-Gazette entitled, “Confusion over 2-for-1 offer frustrates JetBlue customers.”

Mr. Fitzpatrick, who never even clearly ponies up to writing the original misleading article, chooses to insert choice quotes from the locals regarding Jetblue such as, “They certainly haven’t gained my loyalty.”

Hey Dan-It was your poor reporting that caused all of the problems.
Go back to your editors and have them work with Jetblue to rectify the issue!

Thanks Marty C. for the heads-up…

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Dan –
so all the Post Gazette will do is print the article, and all JetBlue will do is say ‘not our fault’?
what are these flyers to do?

Newspaper Printers

He really should have admitted his error. This way it looks like all the fault was on JetBlue when really it was he who caused the confusion. It also probably soured the relationship between the Gazette and JetBlue, if they ever had one. -Carla