Jetblue CEO And Founder David Neeleman Forced Out!

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I know that Jetblue has had some problems since their February meltdown, but this news shocked me…
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7 Comments On "Jetblue CEO And Founder David Neeleman Forced Out!"

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Dan your a little behind in the times over there.


Is he Jewish?


This kind of news doesnt exactly dominate the Brazilian newspapers-although Neeleman was born in Brazil.
And no, he’s not jewish.


isn’t he the FOUNDER of jet blue? how does this happen then? a bit perplexed.


He may be the founder, but its a public company.
If investors are unhappy and hold enough power, they could force anyone out, even the founder.


He’s a Mormon, real nice guy, I met him on a flight once, while leaving the aircraft; he shook hands with every single passenger!


i think Dan should be new CEO