El Al Settles, Then Cancels Settlement With Defamed Passengers Of Flight #002 Who Were Tricked Into Flying To Greece For Shabbos

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Oh El Al.

If you’re not denying me the right to publish anything from hours-long interviews with executives (twice now!), stealthily blocking award space from partners, letting the sick and volunteers fend for themselves, operating a mileage program that requires a PhD in mathematics to understand, devaluing award charts and flight earning, going dynamic, revamping an awful website to make it even less useful than ever, removing award data from public search engines, closing lounges, circumventing Shabbos restrictions, closing airlines within an airline, wet leasing planes, breaking strollers, breaking up with HAS without warning, introducing plastic first class seats a generation behind business class seats, claiming alliances are anti-semitic, then you’re probably diverting passengers to Goose Bay and then Athens or nonstop to Athens for Shabbos and saying they deserved it…

Last November, the captain of El Al flight 2 was caught lying and tricking his passengers when he promised to return to the gate before he decided to take off.

ATC audio proved the lie. You can read the full transcript of the audio in this post.


El Al does not operate on Shabbos and the flight was forced to divert to Greece. Chabad of Greece wound up saving the day and hosting a memorable Shabbos.

But things got worse from there.

El Al representatives told the media that religious Jews acted violently on the flight and caused the delay.

Israeli news perpetuated that fake news by airing altered video to make the religious Jews look violent. The worldwide media covered the story as a flight diverted due to Haredi violence, which was complete and utter nonsense.

Lawsuits were filed and eventually El Al admitted that there was no violence on the plane. Though El Al never apologized for claiming that there was violence.

El Al compensated passengers on the flight with a free coach ticket between Europe and Israel. Of course that compensation isn’t worth much for someone based in North America.

A group of 52 passengers filed a class action against El Al for alternate compensation.

Earlier today those passengers were told by their law firm that El Al had agreed to settle the case for 111,904ILS ($31,732), or 2,152ILS ($610) in compensation per passenger in the class, plus lawyer fees. The passengers were told that the settlement was under NDA and that they should not tell anyone about the settlement. The compensation would be in lieu of the free ticket between Europe and Israel.

However after Israeli media got word of the settlement amount, El Al did an about-face and announced that they would not honor the settlement due to the breach of the NDA.


So much for their “Hachi babayit ba’olam” slogan that roughly means “the most at home in the world.” If that’s how you’re treated at home, it might be time to find a new home 😉

So, just another day for El Al I suppose?

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You don’t make it tempting to fly El AL


Haha loved this article! I just recently flew Elal from Tel Aviv to JFK in their new J class. They are not lying with their slogan “It’s not just an airline, it’s Israel!” – for all the wrong reasons..


Their slogan is right. This is the most Israeli thing to ever happen!


Absolutely! They started with the forced secularization of the Yemenite children, this is the next chapter in the story of the secular Zionists trying to reinvent the Jew.
Just an aside- to my knowledge El Al is the only airline with kol isha on the introductory film. Basics!!




Par for the course. I’ll pay double to avoid El Al after how they have treated me.


ironically, you can fly half price of el al if you connect through a euro hub


Props on fitting the Willy Wonka clip into a post about El Al


Anyone who flies ElAl is a fool


Wow Dan, no rachmonus 🙂
I enjoyed the article, your list against them doesn’t end. Made me laugh (although if I was involved in the situation I prob wouldn’t be laughing)


I wonder what the Chofetz Chaim would say


“Get off the internet, and stop wondering what I would say.”


does lashon hara apply to companies? what if executives are not shomer shabbat did you research these issues before hinting to us?


He is pretty clear about the halachos of lashon hara about mechalelei shabbos bifarhesya.


Cuz everyone knows the C”C had a soft spot in his heart for freieh yidden trying to force frummeh yidden to be mechalel shabbos, lie about it, and trying to cheat them.


I was on flight. There was no official NDA. No one signed anything.

Michael Harris

The last time I flew them I ordered kosher. Got the dinner kosher BUT the next meal was not. Questioned the flight attendant and she said I was not on the kosher list. So I asked how come one meal yes and one meal no? She grabbed it back and then returned the same meal back with the plastic ripped open and the kosher pamphlet stuck in. When question her again was told kosher foods are an accommodation NOT an obligation. If I could have off the plane then and there I would have. They are a nothing airline and not worth the trust for anything from the Jewish flying public. Makes you wonder if flying them is safe.


As someone who flies long haul very often, I no longer order kosher, as there is really no reason to eat 6 month old rewarmed scrambled eggs.

So, Last time I flew elal the steward asked if I ordered kosher. Assuming this is “the Jewish airline” there should be no reason to order kosher, as it is the majority of the passengers from NYC
I responded, no-I ordered Treif


I flew El Al in November on their Dreamliner. The experience was more like a Halloween nightmare. I flew coach. I’m just 5’ tall. I was in a middle seat I could not lean over to get my small pocketbook from under seat. Had to hook it by the handle with foot and lift my knee to grab it. My husband had a window seat, with no window. I’m not a claustrophobic person, It felt coffin like sitting there. The gentleman sitting aisle seat barely had to lift his hand up to touch the bathroom door. I always TRIED to fly EL AL out of loyalty to ISRAEL. TRIED is key here. My next flight is on Virgin Atlantic that I respond to from DansDeals.
That whole incident was despicable. There should be economic penalties for vilifying a whole subset of people. Never mind that we should be 1 people and above this.


“loyalty”…it doesn’t benefit Israel one bit if you fly El Al. It’s a mismanaged airline.
BTW Israel is B”H quite prosperous it does not need any “financial help”. I’ve been here almost 20 years, it’s doing quite well and has been for a very long time.


@Dan, how about you declassify those 2 interviews. Their behavior is probably the reason Israel wants to open an airport in Gaza! So it can be elal’s new HQ.


Maybe they should abide by the NDA. And not fly so close to shabbos if it’s so important to them.
And the insinuations/nasty comments about Israel is really beyond the pale. Go enjoy first class on Emirates


Just wow. El al is so disappointing. Anyone could have leaked to the media, including their own employees, so how is that proof of an NDA violation?


I love El Al, I always try to book them when possible, I feel the most safe.


At this rate, looks like you may be flying solo….


That would be so cool!

Michael Harris

Safe from what? Goose Bay? Athens? Fact Shea,
Those scatter brains at elal train the other airlines.


I like ELAL as well. I have found that their staff have been very nice on the flights that I have been on lately.


Its probably terrible of me to say this but here goes: I actually smile when i get a notification that Dan has written a report or story on something El Al based.

That being said, I’ve never flown El Al but i have flown other airlines and B”H never heard of anything remotely close to these stories happening on those airlines.

Why Do U Hate Jews?

Oh Wow, another Elal bashing post by Dan! Shocked I am not….
Anything that can be anti Israel or anti Jewish for that matter, you revel on.
Why you love posting anti Jewish posts and even anti Semitic posts, beats me!


Bashing an Israeli airline is NOT antisemitic. Bashing Israel is not even antisemitic. Saying you dislike Israel does not equal saying you hate Jews.


You may be correct about the airline issue, but certainly “Saying you dislike Israel does not equal saying you hate Jews” smells a bit like meraglim talk.


Sorry, I should specify the Israeli Government, not Israel as in the land.
Eretz Yisroel I love, the State of Israel not so much.

the better

Flying on shabbos is anti jewish
spreading libel against jewish brethren is anti semitic. so i guess dan is posting about anti jewish and anti semitic content.


oh yes. Dan is the quintessential self-hating Jew.
Which is why he posts about the wonderful Jew-help-a-fellow stories. And about the joys of keeping shabbos and Yom Tov. And encourages people to give tzedakkah. And posts extensively on visiting Israel.
If El AL could up their game to be on Par with anything above a ULCC I’m sure Dan would be happy togive them good press. Just they are not. And when they pull all these Anti jewish even anti semitic (what’s the difference?) shenanigans. etc…..



shaye ben reb moshie



So ridiculous a response


Let me give a guess my Giant Jew lover, I guess your whole “Jewishness” starts and ends with, love for Israel, (to a less extent) love for Jews, (even lesser extent) love for observant Jews, and a big hatred towards frum Jews.
I might be deadly wrong, but my inner gut tells me I’m right.
That’s whats sets you apart from most commentators here.

Carl M Sherer

@Dan needs to find a way to let us like comments. I like the one above from Eli.


Why would they settle for so little?

Defamation is worth much more then that,


It is well known that I am no fan of ELAL. I think they need a corporate DNA change in order to get on the right track. But in this LAST turn I think they are correct. All settlements have Non-disclosure clauses. How stupid is it to breach that faster than one can say הכי בבית בעולם.

I think many of the passengers (chief amongst them RSBS) acted foolishly in boarding the flight in the first place, and in agreeing not to deplane believing the lie that they would land on time for Shabbos (it was physically impossible to land, taxi and deplane in TLV before Shabbos at that point) and acting like sheep when ELAL landed in Athens minutes before Shkia, when they could have landed earlier in a place better equipped for Jewish passengers.

The foolishness of breaching a Non-disclosure clause of a settlement is just befitting of the immature nature of these passengers.

Used to be DanFan

Dan – please stop the anti El Al and anti Israel bashing. Commentator was right – you and your supporters should fly Emirates or Air Jordan instead… Reading these comments here make me sick – we have enough haters… don’t need you to encourage them…

Lo Bashamayim

Easy on the outrage train. Not everything has to be a religious issue. The issue at hand is a poorly ran company that treats its customers like absolute garbage.


Very thin skinned.

Eli H

I can talk for myself, I always try to fly with El Al. “הכי בבית בעולם”
All the years we were waiting to be in our holy land and our own our stuff! finally, the day has come, and its a mitzvah to support them and use them!
Btw I once heard a dayan say that unless theres a huge price difference you must fly with El Al because theyre our brothers and we need to support them before the goyim!!!


Would love to talk to that dayen, and see what other mitzvahs he created.

Torah Mentch

Dear Eli H. I just want to clarify that you’re no longer waiting for Moshiach (Chas Vsholom) because you got your stuff already
The Halacha of supporting a Yid (Vchai Achichu) is only if he’s religious, and is acting like a brother.
All the best


You mentioned “The Halacha of supporting a Yid (Vchai Achichu) is only if he’s religious, and is acting like a brother.”



Indeed both Emirates and Royal Jordanian are real airlines that offer great service. Both are far superior to El Al in every way. Clean new planes, more room, crew who are pleasant, not arrogant. I have flown all three several times so have a basis on which to compare.


300 frum jews signing an NDA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Until one says “I only told my aunt.”


I actively avoid El Al, though it isn’t very hard given that they are always the most expensive option for sub-par service.


After all posts, discussions and arguments about this topic – when considering flying – we ‘Yidelach’ will end up buying the cheapest tickets avail…. So IMHO a waste of words and time (for most of us here)…

Eli H

I’ll pick the one, that is supporting my brothers and sisters!!


Exactly the point why not to fly! I will AVOID the airline that smeared and libeled cheraidi violence


Agree that Elal are at fault and deserve to be called out on it. Can’t do whatever they like and expect positive press too!


“Hachi babayit be’olam” the biggest shtiebel around! if you know what i mean

Marc A Klein

I always said that they hate Jews

Eli H

How can you say such a thing? THEY ARE OUR BROTHERS!


You live in Chul don’t you. I used to feel like you but I’ve been in Israel 17 years, believe me, the feeling you have is not reciprocated.


Never fly ELAL!!!


@dan I can’t believe how many people can’t seem to be able to see past their noses. It’s simple that they abused and always abuse the Frum and then add insult to injury by maligning them after. It’s a shame that this is how the “Jewish Airline” acts. Either way, IMO this post should be removed and the conversation should end. At this point it’s pointless.

Orthodox Victim

An orthodox jew will be and feel degraded with El Al #fact

Customer service

Great job Dan! Keep up the good work all we want is to be treated decently as paying customers. Elal I am talking to you because I know you are reading this. I know a guy who makes million dollar deals in Israel and even he does not get treated right by companies and banks he deals with. Respect the customer!

Jack out of the Box

Well written article except for this “El Al does not operate on Shabbos”.
Which part of the company does not operate on Shabbos?


GO DAN! keep proving your point which is straight shooting and emes!

Carl M Sherer

I fly from Israel to the US and back every month.

My miles are on American – which has code share flights operated by El Al.

I avoid El Al like the plague. Exactly because of incidents like this.

Dan, I often wonder how you put up with some of the people who impugn your integrity on this page.


It is all flawed from start to finish.
El Al should fly on Saturdays.
They are private.


That would violate Israeli law


Another interesting thing I obsereved on El Al is that when they want to clear the isles for food service the pilot jiggles the plane a bit puts on the fasten seat belt light and sends everyone to their seats.


Other airlines do this as well.

Shmuel T

I just flew El Al from Tel Aviv to Toronto; not sure what all the complaining is about. The staff were very pleasant and patient. We ordered kosher meals, and they found us even though we had to change our seats at the gate. They also had special kosher meals for the kids, which was a nice touch; and the kids were very much occupied by their new entertainment system.
For the few times I have flown them on the Toronto Tel Aviv route, I have to say I actually admire the patience of the crew, as some of the passengers can be difficult to deal with, and they’ve kept their cool. The meals were good, the staff was constantly coming by with water, tea, coffee, collecting garbage. Really a pleasant experience.

Johnny D

ElAl staff and crew put the “S” in Snobbit. I mean half of the state of Israel do not respect their @brothers” why does this come as a super shock? Most Israelis do wtf they want. I mean for gds sake modern-day Israel was formed by fighters and if we all know even us living in galut that their neighbors are waiting to smell weakness and ready to pounce. Whether we agree with el al or not I could almost guarantee that they would NEVER reroute a plane to Uganda or allow any passenger to be left behind and fed to the lions. We should stand behind our flag and country and Dan whether we like it or not elal currently is the only airline synonymous with the state of Israel, kachol ve lavan, the Star of David and Jews. Let’s not forget and continue to strengthen the haraedi voice in Israel’s parliament and perhaps in the near future modern-day Israel and the rest of the world will hear, understand, and respect Orthodox Jews and realize that they are a key part in keeping Yiddishkeit as a whole relevant and unbreakable….

Matos elal is just that, a plane, the issue as mentioned before is respect and it’s very scary to see Yiddim not respecting each other. Wasn’t that the major reason for the horrible demise of Great R Akivas students ?!

All yids are family and if we see our brothers failing we don’t throw them under the airbus but rather we follow what is in our dna “hokeah achi et amitecha while still loving our fellow Jew like we love ourselves…. GD bless.



Still on hold with El Al’s not existent Customer Service.

Has anyone ever had a positive experience with calling them?

When it comes to flying USA to israel, El Al is not even a thought.
Too much headache and too much attitude.

Can’t see how they could exist any longer than this….


On the few losers thinking the’re doing the biggest Mitzvah flying El Al.


Not an airline its Israel, where the grocer does you a favor by selling you a bottle of milk.


Btw the passengers pledged big money for the Mikvah which is being built now by the wonderful Rabbi Handel.

But very little was actually paid.


No one is saying the travelers were wise or righteous for their *choice* to fly right before shabbos. Certainly it wasn’t appropriate for a shomer shabbos Jew to choose that flight. But, with that said, that doesn’t make the long list of shortcomings and unethical decisions of ElAl right by any stretch of imagination (not to mention the subpar service, mileage and partner program, or below avaerage quality of flying ElAl).

Maier A

I’m a VERY FF, and I hear conversations going around in lounges in Europe/US. Ready for this one? Most heavy FF’s, and I mean ISRAELIS, and I mean chilonim DO NOT FLY EL AL!!! I hear it all the time – the service, attitude, seats, etc. It’s not just the “spoiled” Americans and it’s not just the charaidim, and it’s not just El AL. There are other airlines that treat people like garbage and people vote with their feet (or wings). Yes, I’m one of them.


Haven’t flown el al in a while (and didn’t want to ) but just flew them again recently. It was a really good experience. Especially a flight attendant with a yarmulke! He and the rest of the staff on board and on the ground were really nice. Seems like not all of el al is awful. Like my travel agent said there have been horror stories on the “better” airlines and great experiences on the garbage airlines


Hi Dan

The ElAl bashing is self-inflicted and well deserved. But just like you ask that not all passengers be lumped together and denigrated, and also the way that you insist that ElAl isn’t “us” in one of your comments, making a snarky Israeli-bashing comment like “Or as their English slogan goes, It’s not just an airline, it’s Israel!” is really not appropriate. I love your stuff, but unfortunately this type of patronizing attitude and stereotyping of Israel and Israelis is not uncommon in your comments/forums, and it makes me sad to see you encouraging it as well. In one of your comments on this post, you even emphasize that ElAl isn’t Israel, so the sentiment in your post surprises me.

As an Israeli (and American), please keep putting ElAl in its place, but also stay respectful of a whole diverse society that, after all, are part of the mishpocha.


I fly Delta. It doesn’t have a Mincha minyan in the exit row that you pay extra for and the men step on your wife’s feet as they pray to Hashem.


El Al sucks. Years ago I used to send my wife and kids on an annual tlv to JFK trip to visit her family. I’m not exaggerating but I spent approximately $100,000 on El Al tickets. Despite being a “matmid” member never did I receive a single benefit. I emailed them stating we would switch to Delta if they don’t comp my family an upgrade or a free ticket. Incredulously, I rec’d a response about 2 weeks later saying -get this- I should join matmid and I’ll receive a “world of benefits”. I replied that as I clearly stated in my initial email, I was already a matmid member. I said I’m going to switch unless El Al gives me something. I did not hear back and we did indeed switch to Delta and my wife and kids are much happier on Delta, better service, seats, friendly staff, better food too. And the skymiles don’t expire. I can’t understand why anyone would fly El Al.