$400MM Class Action Filed Against El Al For Refusing Refunds, Have You Received A Refund Yet?

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A $400MM class action suit has been filed against El Al for refusing refunds on cancelled flights.

With no end in sight for Israel’s lockdown, the refund liability is likely to keep growing, but El Al seems perfectly content holding onto everyone’s cash as a de facto bailout for as long as possible. Because nothing says “the most at home in the world” more than having your money locked up when so many need it the most!

I wrote a few months ago that the time was now for El Al to offer refunds. Had they done so then, they could have saved face and their reputation. Those are now poisoned and they’ll have to fight in court to hold their customer’s cash hostage.

If you are holding El Al tickets for US flights, you can file a DOT complaint to try to get a refund or you can always try disputing the charge with your credit card.

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41 Comments On "$400MM Class Action Filed Against El Al For Refusing Refunds, Have You Received A Refund Yet?"

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Isn’t this Lashon hara?




No. Any other questions?


I know your response was meant to be rude, but I am trying to understand why. If we can’t be speaking Ill of our brethren, why should we be allowed to speak Ill of a company owned by our people? Thanks

Reb Tuvia

There is no Issur of Lashon Hora when it comes to a Michalal Shabbos B’Pharhesia.


Let’s see… They are doing something wrong openly, they will tell you themselves they are doing it (so you can add lashon hora to theur list if sins including chilul shabbos bfarhesia) they have not repented after countless rebukes. People need to know not to trust them with their money so there is toeles


O, it’s just plain NIVUL PEH (ELAL פוי)


Not considered loshon hara if it is in fact saving a yid from financial or personal ruin.

Dan the mitzvah man

Not only this is not l”h for the understated reasons and more!
Dan is actually doing a number of mitzvos writing about it!
To start the first one is hashavas avieda! I’ll let you try and figure the rest of them!


How is a corporation our brethren?


How can I join the lawsuit?

Albert Levy

has anyone responded to you? The low lives have owed me 10K for almost 6 months & they don’t even have the Denny to answer the phone or any of the numerous emails I’ve sent them.

Sherri Maslaton



Is Kenny Rosenberg buying?


Who is that?


A nursing home guy who put an offer on the airline


Not the lawsuit!


Disputed charge on c.c. refund came 2 days later


How’d you phrase your dispute and other deets ? They rejected my dispute-EL AL fought it


which issuer did they cancel your flight?


El al are filthy. FILTHY!


Did anyone not have to pay the $250 cancellation fee? I have a credit not a refund because of this as I would have lost $1250 any advice if I should still try to dispute the cc charge


They originally offered me (in an email) a refund minus the cancellation fee. I refused and then disputed the charge with my cc which el al then fought and won. I then confirmed to el al that I would take the refund but they are ignoring my emails. I tried to reopen the dispute, the cc company said it’s a valid charge and they won’t refund me.


I actually just got this response from el al after waiting months:
Due to the events of the Corona plague, our offices are still closed and the work is carried out in an emergency format only.
As a result, while your flight ticket has been canceled and credited, the refund process is not yet complete and is taking longer than expected.
In accordance with the temporary provision approved by the Knesset for the Aviation Services Law, the return of the consideration will be made within 90 days from the date specified on the flight ticket or until 14 August, whichever is later.
We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to getting back to routine soon.


I got my refund 2 days after I disputed my credit card


Can you dispute the charge and file with the DOT? Or should you wait for one to be resolved first


Hi, If my flight was not cancelled, but was scheduled for when Israel would no longer allow US citizens in – am I entitled to a refund? Or is El Al entitled to my fee? Any thoughts?


Elal told me they are entitled to the fee as they are not the ones cancelling the flight. The flight was still operating which I found extremely irritating


Can someone explain what’s the basis of this lawsuit? Earlier post mentioned than Israeli law recently amended Israeli law to permit this course of action!


Anyone else realize how little the media is making an issue out of this Injustice?


I booked through Amex travel. Can I still sue?

Jon Daba

i served a summons on them and they promised a refund. $1,062,


I disputed on c.c and got refunded for 2 tickets 1700$each.but then el al refused one charge so now I have credit for 1 ticket and a charge for the other one. I’m at my wits end because I’m still afraid that elal will charge me for the second ticket as well this is after disputing the charge and filing a complaint with the dot .what can I do now?

ElAl Boycott

I dropped El Al 9 years ago and haven’t looked back since. Horrible Airline


@dan – what if the second half of my trip is cancelled? Am I still entitled to refund for 1/2? First leg from US to Israel.

Steve Expert Shipper

Willing to offer someone 2500 to help my sick mother recover the 20k stolen from her.


I Received the following e-mail from Chase Ultimate Rewards regarding the cancelled return leg of an El Al Ticket purchased with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to bring my son home from Yeshiva in March, what should be my next step?

Hello MY NAME,
Thank you for allowing Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel to address this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced due to the delay in the refund process.
We have completed our investigation and have made the following determination.
After review of your account and the case details, we have found a flight with EL AL Israel Airlines scheduled for March 15th returning on April 26th. Upon review we have confirmed that the airline initiated a schedule change which resulted in the return flights being cancelled by the airline. We apologize for this inconvenience and we have submitted a refund request for the unused portion of the flight. Since the airline has inhibited our ability to offer a direct refund, the refund is ultimately up to the airlines discretion to complete. We see that a partial refund request has been submitted to the airline on 6/4, 6/8, 6/17 and 6/29, now these request normally can take the airline up to 10 weeks to review and determine if a refund is eligible, however due to the overwhelming number of refund requests this process could take longer for the airline to determine what the value of the unused portion of the flights is and complete the refund. We must wait until the airline has completed the partial refund for this flight, so we are able to complete the refund for your reward points to your account. If the airline declines to offer a refund for the unused portion of the flight a travel voucher may be an alternate option to retain the value of the return flight to be used towards a future booking with EL AL Israel Airlines. The details of this would be provided if the airline declines to complete a refund for the unused value of the flight. Please be assured we are working very hard to ensure that we can process a refund where the supplier has allowed us to and offer a supplier credit in certain other circumstances. We will provide you an update as soon as the airline has the opportunity to review and respond to our refund request.
Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. While we are unable to provide the requested compensation at this time, please know we value you as a Cardmember and appreciate your business. We regret we are unable to provide you with a more favorable response.
If you have any questions, please call 1-888-511-5323 and request a supervisor. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We look forward to helping you with future travel plans.
Thank you for choosing Chase Travel.

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If the El Al flight originates and returns to Paris, who should I file a complaint with? I’m a US citizen.

Albert Levy

EL-AL is a horrible airline that gives ALL jews a bad name. I had booked fully refundable tickets (I did not cancel due to covid). My ticket was canceled on 3/13 & I was told by there dishonest “customer service” person that I would have my $10,000 refund no later than 10 biz days from the time I canceled. They of course never sent the money bc they are thievs & do not even have the decency to answer calls or emails. Shame on you!!!

B. Katz

We received email on Nov. 5 that refunds for our two cancelled tickets wi l be credited back to our credit cards. So far, no credit has been received. Is there any way to talk to a person at ElAl to find out status?