Delta: No External Hard Drives Onboard A Flight…


According to,
“For safety reasons, you may not operate the following devices onboard:
-Peripheral devices for computers or games connected by cable.”

Anyone know what kind of safety reason there is to not be allowed to use an external hard drive on a plane???

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They are afraid it will get thrown across the plane during turbulence.


The same reasons eletronic devices aren’t allowed during takeoff and landing… it’s ridiculous, and there is no good reason for it.


all I know is that something happened the other day on my flight where the TV didn’t work…they had to reset the whole thing and then it still didn’t work.

dunno if it had anything to do w it but it was weird


So no external wired mouse either? I laugh as I fly over 100K miles per year on AA, and I see so many people using wireless mouses on board, or the kids using the laptop with the wireless media controller (ie remote control) which slips into the side of the laptop.


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It may have something to do with wires protruding from a square box? Maybe they are worried about bombs, or devices that can look like bombs.


they want you to think they are the most safe airline in the world