Get Continental Miles For Opening Up A Chase Free Checking Account!


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-10,000 miles for opening up the checking account.

-7,500 miles for opening a Continental/Chase debit card. ($25 annual fee)

-7,500 miles for adding 3 additional cardholders.

When you’re done you’ll have enough miles for either:

-A free domestic ticket.

-36% of a ticket to Israel in coach

-25% of a ticket to Israel in businessfirst

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is there a fee for additional cardholders?


No there is no fee for others but from the language it might inply that they must be on the checing account as well as it says “You can also add up to three additional cards for others on your joint checking account and pay no additional annual fees. Plus each new cardholder will receive 2,500 bonus OnePass miles”.


Does anyone know if you have to have “Direct deposit” in order to qualify?

Quote: “Bonus miles will be deposited in your OnePass account 6-10 weeks after account opening and after direct deposit has been established on your account”


yep your right, you need to have a direct deposit and plus you’ll need to pay a montly fee for the checking ACCOUNT besides the 25/75 dollars for the checking CARD, and you’ll need to keep the account active for min. six months. and it will take up to 10 weeks until the miles appear on your account.
So it seems a good deal at the first second, but when you read the little lines….


The total cost is $25 for the cheaper debit card.
There is no monthly fee on Free Checking as long as you have direct deposit.
Paypal and ACH from other banks are free ways to do direct deposit if you dont have that anyway.
The additional cards are fee-free.

The fine print is not always as bad as it seems!

Daniel Hochman

Does a simple withdrawal of $1.00 from your PayPal account into the Chase account qualify as direct deposit?
I opened the account today and in order to get the extra cards the guy said I need to have the other people co-sign and be there- did you have this issue?


Daniel Hochman

BTW, I just got my checking account card and it says you get the 5% discount off CO tickets using this card.

Thanks Dan 🙂