Continental (Finally) Will Launch A Lifetime Elite Status Program!

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Continental is finally launching a million miler program. They join AA, Delta, and United in offering lifetime perks for people who have flown 1,000,000 miles.

Elite status is typically earned by earning at least 25,000 elite qualifying miles in a year. There are however many other ways of becoming elite, such as via a challenge, a status match, or via a million miler program.

Continental’s million miler program is similar to Delta’s and United’s in that it only counts flight miles, and not other miles. AA is by far the most generous in counting all miles earned for million-miler status.

Unfortunately only elite qualfying miles count for Continental’s lifetime elite status-so award flights taken don’t count ;(

The most unique and intriguing part about Continental’s program is that it will give you the ability to grant million-miler status to a companion. I can only imagine what that status will fetch on ebay!

I came across Continental’s new million miler program while beta-testing the latest version of their website, scheduled to be deployed on the 14th. Here are some pictures showing the new program from the beta site.  As you can see, I’m not even in the ballpark…but if anyone who is needs a companion, just send me an email!

Another positive change coming on the 14th is the ability to see exit-row seat availability while searching for a flight, which on the current site is not possible:

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FlyerTalk reports that the “companion” could only be a SPOUSE or SIGNIFICANT OTHER (i.e. “married” in California Standards). AND they BOTH have to live in THE SAME ADDRESS.

The EBay listing should be:



How do you have $585 in your Travel Bank?


Whats with that offer for 31,000 miles I thought it was 21,000


Continental just wants to see the same address listed on the accounts.

Unfortunately, the 5K EQM only come after the 1st anniversary of the card.

Buying tickets

10K bonus after the card’s anniversary.