Find Out The Real Reason Your AA Or UA Flight Is Delayed!


We’ve all heard the excuse while traveling, “Sorry but the incoming flight is delayed due to bad weather, so we are not responsible for any compensation and we cannot reaccommodate you.”

Now you can prove them wrong-and demand compensation or a ticket on another airline!

American and United both have cargo websites that state the actual reason for the delay.

I tested it out-on a flight that merely said was “delayed,” AA’s cargo website said “delayed-mechanical issues.

So keep these links handy-and the next time you’re stuck at the airport when flying with AA or UA you’ll be armed with the real story!

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Airline victim

I was recently messed over by an airline who said that “the flight was delayed and its nit our responsibility” is there any way i can get something back out of them?


i am in the same situation asArline victim but i had to pay 2504 b/c i missed the next flight on a diferent airline
and on the aa cargo site, I cant find how to look up delayed flights


dan, posting a direct link can always help!


Is there a way to go back 3 months i’m trying to get a refund for a flight that they say was canceled do to weather?