COVID Route Wars: American Strikes Back At JetBlue With Fort Lauderdale Expansion

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JetBlue just keeps picking new battles.

Earlier this year, JetBlue launched 30 new flights to Florida, with a big expansion at Newark.

United struck back at JetBlue with a plethora of non-hub flights, which were practically non-existent before COVID-19.

Last week, JetBlue announced that they would fly between Miami and Boston, NYC, and LA, encroaching on American’s fortress hub there.

And today, American started selling twice daily flights between Fort Lauderdale and Boston, JFK, and Los Angeles starting on 4/2.

It’s always fun to watch airlines retaliate against each other as it puts downward pricing pressure on airfare, but eventually the losses add up until one airline pulls back.

Who do you think will blink first, American or JetBlue?

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In Fort Lauderdale, American will be the first to go

Berel Sholom Tzvi

American will pull back first. They have been financially weakened by the Kung Flu!


Never thought I would see racist remarks here, but I guess it goes along with the current administration in Washington.


I believe your oversimplifying it. I don’t think the president is the cause for racist jokes on this site. People made jokes before 2016


Please keep your politics off this site. Most people on here are here for good deals and not interested in yours, or others, political opinions.


Im pretty sure that China is a country, not a race.

Calm N. Sense

Why do they call it The Spanish Flu?




Agree with J, American just has a ton of capacity at MIA And higher costs then B6 means they will probably give up first


What’s with the aa jetblue partnership?


good question


You need to name these posts better

Covid Route Wars: Episode V- American Strikes Back

Voice of Reason

Didn’t they recently sign an agreement. This will be amazing to have connecting flights between JetBlue and American. JetBlue will get an international partner and American will be able to connect with rural airports serviced by JetBlue.

Deal Guy

Keeping politics out of this, this sounds like a Bibi-Gantz agreement