AAdvantage Credit Card Reduced Mileage Awards For January-March 2011!


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Q1 Reduced Mileage Awards Linky

Fly to select cities worldwide for 7,500 less miles than American Airlines regularly charges if you have the AAdvantage World Mastercard, Visa Signature, Select AMEX, or Business card!

To book these awards just call AA’s AAdvantage desk at 800-882-8880 and reference the following award code:
7,500 miles off Coach: TB8X7A
7,500 miles off Business/First: UB21X2A

You may be able to avoid the $20 phone booking charge by first placing a reservation on hold at aa.com and then calling up AAdvantage to have them reduce the cost of the award by 7,500 miles and ask for the fee to waived since it was originally booked on their website.

Below is a sample list of some of Q1’s valid destinations, origination is allowed from any US48 City.

-Colorado Springs
-Key West, FL
-Santa Barbara, CA

-People have had success with being able to originate from any “destination” city and fly to any US48 city for the discounted rate simply by holding the ticket on aa.com and then referencing the award code above to an AAdvantage agent to get the required mileage reduced by 7,500!
-People have also had success booking a one-way award for 8,750 miles (3,750 reduced miles)
-Neither are officially allowed, so your mileage may vary based on the rep!

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what about an already booked flight


Disappointed Toronto did not make cut.


Yup! It’s all about the Rep…!!! In my personal experience, never call around 8:00AM or 5:00PM because they just start their day in the morning or make a quick pik-n-hang until time to get off. Best of all, I usually made phone calls to AA customer service around 2-3:00AM EST, and those reps are THE ONES! … I’m actually going to Montreal, Canada this friday on a award flight, and I tried to get earlier flight: Day-time -> NO or Additional charge $50 and Night-time -> Sure and zero additional charge plus they pick a good seat for me as well.

Same thing when I call in to book a flight from Boston to Vancouver, day-time say there is no service / direct flight there from Boston by the rule-no stopovers; however, by AA Condition of Carriage, stopover is defined as interruption of more than 4 hours. If any of you pump to this issue, point out the Condition of Carriage definition and argue with those rep. Most of flight to Vancouver from anywhere usually transit in DFW and it’s no more than 3 hours. Night-time gave me a green light on that booking without any argument and additional charge …


what about April/May 2011 travel ?


Not yet published.


Successful on getting a one-way…took 4 phone calls.