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How many site features are you taking advantage of?

  • Join the 14,800+ people following the DansDeals.com Facebook group who used to get instant email alerts of only the hottest deals before facebook stupidly turned off the “email group” feature. Now it’s more of a poorly organized forum for people too lazy to join DDF though I’m always open for suggestions on what to do with the group.
  • 15,600+ people receive a daily digest of everything posted on Dansdeals.com via Google’s Feedburner service! Bear in mind that with this service you will receive emails a day after a deal is posted, so there’s a decent chance that by the time you get the email the deal will be dead already…which is why I prefer the twitter option. It seems to be a favorite pastime of Feedburner subscribers to email me asking how dare I send them an email of deals after the deal is already dead. At any rate to subscribe just locate the “Google Feedburner” section in the sidebar of this site, enter your email address, and subscribe. You can also use the Feedburner RSS feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/Dansdeals
  • Post comments and share your thoughts right on the site under every single deal posting! Participating and interacting is what makes this site fun!  Every deal also has a comments RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

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Hey Dan, I set everything up with my Twitter account and was getting a text message every time a post was made. A few months ago I stopped getting the texts and I noticed that you had posted that it happened to many people and that you needed to set up the account again and it would work. I tried this many times and it seems like everything is set up but unfortunately I still do not get the text messages. Is there something that I am missing here? I would love to be able to set this up again…


@Chezky: you probably have a prepaid cell phone plan. I believe that could do it. Is that right? Does anyone else have the same issue?


awsome ! thanks dan


@maybe: I do not have a prepaid cell phone. Also it did work for me at one point…


read update of following article:


Is there any way I can get a text to my Israeli cell phone?