Celebrations Break Out In Mid-Air As Mask Requirements Are Removed; Is This The Ideal Mask Off-Ramp For The Biden Administration?

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US Airlines raced to remove mask requirements today after 35 year old Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle vacated the CDC mandate based on the agency exceeding its authority.

But nothing happened until the Biden administration announced shortly after the ruling, that the TSA would no longer enforce the mask mandate.

The Biden administration was in a tough place. Popular opinion in the country is that we should be done with COVID precautions. But with BA.2 cases increasing, it would face heavy criticism for removing the mask mandate, so the administration extended the mandate by 1 month and then 2 weeks to buy itself time. That wouldn’t have helped as it’s unlikely we’ll know any more in 2 weeks. I think that the judge did the administration a favor by striking down the mandate, as it allows an off ramp for an unpopular mask mandate. The administration now has cover and can say that its hands were tied. Perhaps it was even waiting for an outcome like this?

For that reason, I don’t expect the administration to appeal the decision. Appealing the decision would also risk having the Supreme Court set precedent by ruling to limit federal powers such as these in the future, though a loss may still be narrow enough to avoid that. Even a Supreme Court ruling in Biden’s favor may prove to hurt the administration by declaring that war on COVID hasn’t been won, when the administration needs it to be won well before the midterm elections.

In a scene that happened on many flights this evening, an announcement was made at boarding that mask requirements were still in place despite the judge’s ruling:


But while in the air, policies changed.

Airlines sent their pilots ACARS messages letting them know about the rule change, telling them to play the hero:


And flight attendants, pilots, and passengers in the air cheered and celebrated the change:


The videos are just surreal. Crew and passengers feel victorious and elated in ways perhaps not seen since ticker-tape parades were held after World War II.



Pilots compared the news to 9/11 and other crazy times in the nation’s history.

Perhaps on some level, this feels like the end of the 2 years of COVID. Whether that’s truly the case or not was irrelevant for celebrations 7 miles up in the air.




Reactions from many people on Twitter were angry, with people incredulous that the news onboard planes was greeted so enthusiastically. But perhaps that shows just how much of an echo chamber social media can be.

I was all for mask requirements at the beginning of the pandemic as we had few other tools in our shed. It was a long-shot, but we hoped that it would be a band-aid until the vaccine was released which we hoped would end the pandemic. But once vaccines were widely available, the rationale for continuing mask requirements became weaker by the day. Unfortunately, COVID-19 proved far more adept than the measles and other viruses in mutating and evading vaccine immunity, which is why it isn’t going away anytime soon and will likely prove to be an endemic seasonal virus.

Requiring mask mandates forever was just not tenable. Nor did masks prove to help in places like Hong Kong with nearly perfect mask compliance. The time was overripe for them to end. Nothing was gained with cloth masks that were removed during mealtime. And nothing will stop the immunocompromised from wearing properly fitted N95s to protect themselves going forward.

What do you think about the end of masking requirements? Do you think the requirements will return again?

Do you support the ending of mask requirements on flights?

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Imagine (lehavdil) when they announce moshiach’s arrival on all the planes!


Honestly expected that to come before the removal of the mask mandate

Texas Totty

Here’s Dan’s double singing about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqnXGkYbNFc


What about testing to enter the United States?

Dan Fan

Biden’s afikomen present!


Whoever is upset may feel free to continue wearing masks when they fly.


And you’ll be wearing them again when cases rise. So enjoy these few weeks of freedom. We intelligent, science-trusting people will wear them as recommended.


Are you trolling?

Still waiting

The hasidic Jewish communities in Brooklyn have been waiting for two years for this “deadly wave” to come from not wearing masks and social distancing. We’re beginning to think it’s may not be so true


Study shows “NY, Calif. failed in handling of COVID — but Florida was among best”



That wasn’t exactly a rigorous study and it didn’t demonstrate anything. For example, it’s measure I’m education outcomes was time in classroom, excluding any time in virtual school. So in a very circular way, all the study said was that states that had lockdowns had less time in classroom and states without lockdowns had more time in classroom. That’s obvious and doesn’t indicate any valid measure of educational outcomes.

A mask worn every way and a study done the wrong ;

Just like every other study done. (Including those you choose to believe)


That’s not how it works. I choose to trust studies that are methodologically and ethically sound, not logical black holes or conducted by people with conflicts of interest, both of which apply to this one.


כהרף עין


My Southwest flight to Orlando (maybe the first SW flight without the mask requirement) cheered the announcement as well.

Voice of Reason

Finally. However I hope that passengers won’t fly when symptomatic. I’ve had flights where I’m cringing because an adjacent passenger is coughing up a lung and sneezing.


If not for Covid, would coughing really bother you that much? And are you at risk from whatever variant is around now?


I have to say, I had fewer colds with the mask mandate in place. I hope people use common sense and still mask off they don’t feel well

Voice of Reason

Agreed. It’s common courtesy. I also believe that you must confirm that you’re not symptomatic in order to check in.


thats a great new normal idea!


Your immune system gets destroyed by masks

And primed by colds, that’s the reason children are not affected by covid, there immune system is primed by the common corona colds


Not so sure coughing is really a symptom of covid anymore. My entire family and I have had it, as have many friends – none of us had coughs.


Any update with int’l airlines arriving or departing USA? Do they base it on their own countries rules, or based on O&D?


Canceled 2 flights. I’m sure the increase in cases means this is temporary.

Airlines know us wealthy, intelligent people won’t fly without masks being required. The poor hayseed Trumpers don’t fly much besides low revenue fares.


Wealthy people fly private


Oh Karen… stay home. Save a life.


Being intelligent, as you stated, you presumably meant “Airlines know [that] we wealthy, intelligent people…”, not “us”.


Don’t you know better than to argue facts with a libby? They’ll just cower & Ignore, if not they’ll divert the topic


Please stay home Karen. Make sure to wear you N95 when In your car alone since COVID May be in the Air.
Biggest fools are Fauci and you.


Are you trolling ? We intelligent people know masks are worthless
Covid fear was for political use


Wow! We got rid of masks and elitists like you in one day!


I’m sure airlines are happy if less Karen’s and Brads fly, less inflight drama to deal with! Your hypocrisy is un-canning, fly private if you are unhappy with the court decision. That’s what many of the “poor Hasidic Trumpers” did when you were flying commercial with your 3 masks on!

Monday morning quarterback

This just goes to show, that retroactively, these disposable masks were NEVER a deterrent to Covid. Covid is spread airborne. A worthless mask or a plastic partition by the bima was all for show, for theater. Now we can sit back and say, who was the idiot???


Well I flew out of Trenton today around 4:30pm after hearing the news from no one other than @dansdeals himself and I asked the crew if they were dropping the requirement, the response was NO!

It’s a shame because the Stewardess on flight kept on enforcing it even when we landed and getting off the plane!


do we have any info yet on how this will effect international travel to israel on elal?


So does it mean that this stupid tyranny by these nincompoop stewards will come to an end, or is it a new era where those ego inflated lowlife stewards will forever remain little putins, and the stupid airlines kicking off anyone that doesn’t go along with the tyranny?

Sylvana Haber

Wait, some actual GOOD NEWS?? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.


Send me your address and come right on over.


All the bad things happen when Jewish people get involved in politics. Just have your faith and shut up. And stop voting for Pigs no matter what political party they are.


Yeah, the next thing is to remove the speed limits and seatbelt requirements and let all stupid people die. I can’t wait to see that.


If there wouldn’t be speed limits, people would crash into OTHER people.


Highways with no speed limits have LESS accidents.

Yoram Padeh

Masks never helped. It was all a pretense of “doing something” but has over and over again been proven ineffective.


Liam K. Nuj

We all know that if Trump Air was still around, they wouldn’t make masks optional. They would downright ban masks.


Yes we do.


“Reactions from many people on Twitter were angry, with people incredulous that the news onboard planes was greeted so enthusiastically. But perhaps that shows just how much of an echo chamber social media can be.”
Be mindful of your own bias here. DD itself is an echo chamber across multiple social media. I think the issue here is one of salience. I am an evidence-based doctor who works in a hospital and has treated scores of Covid patients. Based on my knowledge and the credible scientific evidence, I believe masking is still necessary for prevention (which always takes precedence in public health above treatment) and protection of the many who are at high risk (e.g., immunocompromised like myself).
However, the people who believe in masking and the people who are at high risk are in the vast minority. As such, I assure you that they are indeed on the planes but that because of the social pressures of being in the minority mean that they’re not going to be speaking up and asking that all those celebrating, shouting people wear their masks. So you don’t see them, and you don’t hear them. But they are there, and they are not few. Lol yisrael areivim ze la’zeh.
Similarly, the question of salience applies to consequences of infection. The most salient consequence is death. Deaths are down, as our hospitalizations, so it’s understandable to think that Covid is gone, or harmless. But less salient is the chronic if not lifelong dysfunction that long-Covid brings. They are not as easily reported in sound bites or statistics, so you don’t see them, and you don’t hear them. But they are there, and they are not few (yes, even in Chassidic communities that never masked).


Hmm so why are they the minority on the plane?


Misconstruing what was said is something you’ve been doing the last 2 years. Covid is not gone as was never said by anyone. What was said, “it’s a waste of time” or we can’t keep it up forever. Keep up your lies get out of your bubble learn Shar habitachon

Boogey woogey

If you are worried about catching covid from unmasked people if you are vaccinated and masked than you need therapy imo.


There are many risk factors for breakthrough infection of vaccinated people, for example this recent study of veterans finding with mental illness are more likely to experience Covid infection following vaccination.

Again, masking isn’t perfect protection, and works less the less others are masked.


Well, this is what we get when a judge with appallingly minimal legal experience (Mizelle was rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association prior to her appointment by Trump) and zero public health experience weighs in on a politicized public health issue.
Per significant legal precedent, the CDC was absolutely not overstepping their authority.


Hi Dan,
I disagree with the fact that because a judge dropped it was better for the administration because
1. The fact that it came from the courts shows how there was never a real legal basis for it (the same way the court shot down the workplace vaccine mandate)
2. It will be remembered that it needed to be done by a court, meaning the Biden administration is just a bunch of radicals (and it will only continue to hurt the Dems). If the Biden administration would do it themselves then their chances of trying to recover their stupidities would have some hope.
3. Airline CEOs were pleading for a while to have these dropped and they were ingnored
4. These new variants for all practical purposes won’t cause any real damage. Most of the country is already immune through the vaccine or natural immunity.


The mask maybe made sense the first 30 days of the start of the pandemic, to try to curb an unknown virus, but after that its pointless. Trusty Fauci, said himself it wasn’t a good idea or necessary, then he said he said that because he didn’t want everyone to hoard the masks. The left probably had seen a opportunity to instill fear. The libs weren’t crying to him about that flop, strange. We now have the Trump vaccine, you know, the ones the left said they would never take, we have more data now, and weakened variants that don’t effect the lungs.


” But with BA.2 cases increasing, it would face heavy criticism for removing the mask mandate” -q: by whom? a few fringe forever maskers or fake news media??


please ask the 10% who voted no to explain clearly why?


Read the comments.

Dr Lauren

So much ignorance in America when people be believe masks and mitigations don’t work while some of us doctors have been treating Covid patients over 2 years with proper masks and have never been infected . In Japan people wear masks even since before Covid when they’re sick , intelligent on their part


Chinese have been wearing masks outdoors ALWAYS even before covid yet were hit hard


You know what they say… Even the person who graduated last in their class in med school is called “doctor”. Nice to meet you, Dr. Lauren. No doubt last in your class.

The world is full of dangers

Good point. The Japanese people never die. Because they wear disposable masks, they live forever.

Maier Solomon

Nope, it’s because they bombed Pearl Harbor. That makes more saichel.


זמן חריתינו


Hey Dan. What’s the point of noting that the judge is 35 years old? Would you have noted their age if they were 46 or 58 or 72?

Does being 35 disqualify this judge from making a ruling?