Canada Grounds The 737 MAX, Leaving Only American, Southwest, And United Flying The Plane; Which Airlines Will Let You Change Your Flight For Free

737MAX8 pjs2005 [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Canada has now restricted 737 MAX aircraft from their airspace based on new information they received this morning that caused the calculated risk to go above the risk tolerance threshold that they allow. 737 MAX planes currently in the air that are bound for Canada will be allowed to land.

That leaves only American and Southwest flying the 737 MAX 8 and United flying the 737 MAX 9. No other airlines in the world are still flying the 737 MAX.

Booked on a 737 MAX plane and want an alternate option?

  • Southwest is allowing changes to other flights with no charge for the difference in fare. You can just change your itinerary online and all fees will be waived. Or you can call Southwest for other options. You can also change to flights from nearby airports.
  • United is allowing free changes for passengers that call them and express their discomfort in flying on the 737 MAX. You may need to ask for a manager to waive both the change fee and the difference in fare for a comparable flight on another plane type.
  • American is not offering free changes, but agents and/or managers may waive fees on a case by case basis.

One interesting tidbit that has come out is that American’s 737 MAX have 2 MCAS indicators. No other airline outfitted their aircraft with indicators for both pilots. You can read more about MCAS in this post.

At any rate, the FAA, American, Southwest, and United as well as their pilots insist that the plane is safe and they they are trained to override MCAS when needed. Personally I’d be comfortable flying the 737 MAX in the US, but at the same time if alternate options are available, I would probably look into them.

It’s not hard to check and see what plane your flight is being operated by. You may need to click details or the flight number when searching for a flight, but it would be obvious if it’s operated by a 737 MAX as it will always say MAX as can be seen in the screenshots below:




United doesn’t fly the 737 MAX 8, but they do fly the similar 737 MAX 9:


Are you booked on any 737 MAX flights? Will you be changing to another flight?

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I have a flight coming up with the 737-8 does anyone know if elal are still using it?


elal not have it in the In their fleet so you can be calm


Overflights in Canada banned, too. Any American or Southwest 737 MAX flights from Boston NewYork area to Seattle or San Francisco will be need to be diverted south of southern Ontario Canada. They currently cut through Ontario.

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Would any airline be crazy enough to equipment swap onto the 737 max from a 737-800? Do they need to tell you in that case?


Is this what you were referring to?

“The two dozen 737 Max aircraft in the American Airlines fleet are the only ones equipped with two AOA displays, one for each pilot, providing an extra layer of awareness and warning.”

Doesn’t sound like 2 sources/ sensors, rather 2 displays.


Is there a difference in what Southwest is offering and their regular rules? You can always change, including change airports, and just pay the difference.


im booked first class on AA thru BA avios…….whats the path for me to try to change planes? is it worth trying or…..?


I don’t think that LOT Polish has grounded their MAX 8 so far. Article says only airlines in the world are US airlines.


Looks the US just grounded the 737-Max’s too


Just saw that; Boeing stock taking a MAJOR tumble.


Correct! President Trump just issued ’emergency order’ grounding all 737 max 8 and max 9


Did Copa Airlines ground the MAX9?

Cindy S.

Trump just issued an emg grounding of all max 8 and 9 . I have reservations for April 17th to MIA. This morning they refused to change it. Now what??


In one month things can change, it’s enough time to figure out if this was the issue, and if it’s confirmed The plane will be replaced or They will definitely let you know if your flight gets cancelled.


Well, being that its erev pesach, I took advantage of SWA’s Anytime Fare and booked a one way ticket to FLL at $400 (my LGA to MIA on 4/17 is a one way flight booked with miles) in case flight gets cancelled. This ticket is fully refundable up until 10 min before the flight. Let’s hope I dont have to use it.


If actually cancelled, and you’ll have to use your second ticket, make sure to charge the airline for that flight.


Seriously?? I can file a claim with AA for the price of my ticket on SW, should AA cancel and not be able to rebook me in a timely fashion?? That would be awesome!