SMOKING HOT! Open Up A New Snapfish Account And Get A Free Photo Flipbook With Up To 45 Prints AND 50 Free 4×6 Prints!

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Print up all of those great photos sitting on your computer already!

Offer Linky (Exp: 05/31)

Offer valid for Snapfish accounts only.  Limit one snapfish account per email address.

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link dont work for me


Working fine for me in IE and FF…


If you use Adblock plus for FF you will need to disable it to see this promo.


Dan, this seems the only way to reach you, but I have two amex cc’s the business and consumer. They just suspended my account and put me under “Financial review” the thing is, I listed that I’m making 60000 a year, now they want tax forms and some other documents. I wanna ditch the business CC and keep the personal, but they said If I don’t comply and give them the documents, they will cancel both cards.

How serious is this. can I sign up again for the consumer if they cancel it?


Also to note. I’m a yeshiva bochur and I’m not really making that type of money. I do buy and sell a lot so thats why I needed the credit limit.


Dan todays the last day for the Jetblue deal with Amex 25 off and 50 points.


Yitzter, while you wait for Dan’s reply…
If I was you, i.e. AmEx doing ‘Financial Review’ on me, I would immediately cancel all accounts with them. At least, this way it will be reported on your credit reports as: “Accont Canceled by the Consumer” instead of more detrimental: “Account Canceled by the Credit Grantor”. If you do decide to cancel, call AmEx and tell them that not all people can substantiate their incomes for a bunch of reasons and that not being able to provide proofs doesn’t make you a liar!!!


Hey Dan,
We are Imy”h going to Israel next week, thanks to the amazing deal I found on your site.
I was wondering if you know of any places for good prices on hotels in Israel.
Thanks alot.

been there

hi yitzer,.
i must agree with chaim..samething happened to me..cancel it! they have been really cracking down-be on the offensive instead of the defensive

been there

yea btw i just opened up the snapfish but i only got 20 prints and no flipbook:(( Y?


guys. thanks a lot. im gonna call them up tonight and cancel both the cards. can i sign up for the consumer amex later?

what about my pending charges on the account. will they let me pay it off over time?


Thank you for the time dan! I really appreciate it.

My only other question is, I have charges that I’m supposed to receive credit for, should I pay it all or will they let me be flexible with paying it off and waiting for the credit to come in?


where do u see 45 prints for free for the book?


It says it on the page linked to above.


worked for me in ie, but not in ff

it seems to be more

Its giving me a 8×11 photobook instead of a flipbook