Signup For A 2 Month Spotify Premium Subscription For Free And Get 250 Starbucks Stars

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Signup For A 2 Month Spotify Premium Subscription For Free And Get 250 Starbucks Stars

If you haven’t yet tried Spotify Premium you can signup for a new account or upgrade your account to Premium via the link above for free for 2 months.


Spotify will email you a Star code with instructions to claim your 250 Starbucks Stars within 3 days of signing up.

You can downgrade to a free Spotify plan at any time. After 2 months you’ll be charged $9.99/month, so set a calendar reminder if you want to cancel before then.

Stars will be awarded until February 21, 2019 or until 74,215 offers have been redeemed.

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can i downgrade then upgrade with the above link?


this won’t work if you already had a Spotify premium trail.

I received the following message: “It appears that you’re not eligible for this offer. You can still enjoy Premium for the great price below.”


Sux I got the Google mini now I cant get a Frappuccino


You can cancel right away, and it’ll still work for 2 months


What are 250 stars worth?


Any 2 drinks


2 free drinks


Is there a time limit on use of the stars?


I think stars expire after a year of no activity…something along those lines


Did anyone get their star code yet? I know the post say the email will come within 3 days, just wondering what is normal timeframe. Thanks


I just signed up. I get the following message:
“You’re Premium now.
Your purchase is complete. A receipt for order #nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn will be sent to your email. You will not be charged until after your trial expires on April 13, 2019. If you change your mind, you can cancel anytime by going to your Account.”

I do NOT however see anywhere how this signup is associated with my Starbucks rewards account, so, how will they (Spotify) know they need to send 250 Starbucks stars to my Starbucks reward account???


NVM I read the fineprint on the Starbucks offer page, says I should receive an email in about three days from Spotify with instructions on how to redeem the Starbucks stars

Raphael Chaim Simcha Binyomin

isnt the only thing kosher in starbucks these days just plain coffee anyway?

Maan DeAmar

So basically just hot and iced coffee drinks and some teas..nothing major..
No frappucinos even

Maan DeAmar

Also the information written on the whipped cream is very shver
Star K used to write that starbucks uses whipped cream from a can and all u had to do was check the certification on the can

But I have not seen them use store bought canned whipped cream once.

They only seem to use house made whipped cream thats made in store
So is what the Star K saying that all u have to do is check the heavy cream and vanilla for certification and that is all that is needed to be done in order to eat the whipped cream?
What if other ingrredients are added?
How is that known for sure whether they are not adding other things as well?

Coffee addict

Got my link and 2 free drinks added to my account!! Thanks @Dan!!!