Money Making AMEX Express Checkout: Like SBS In July, Only Better!


Update: If you get a blank screen on NewEgg when checking out with AMEX, try logging into a NewEgg account and selecting AMEX Express Checkout as the payment method only after logging in.


SBS is that magical day of the year when AMEX makes our wishes come true with statement credits to cover what we spend at small businesses.

AMEX Express Checkout may be even better:








Last week I wrote about the new AMEX Express Checkout service and the promo offer for $10 off any order.

The terms say “Limit one $10 statement credit, per American Express online account, per merchant.”

But I like experimenting so I made several orders of $0.01 each from Newegg.

I used AMEX cards from the same online account as well as cards with their own account login. I also used primary and secondary cards from the same account.

Today I got a $10 statement credit on each AMEX card for every $0.01 order that I made, so it took just 5 days instead of the stated 90 days after the promo end to get the credit. And it worked for cards on the same online account.

While SBS 2014 for example actually required you to spend $30 to get back $30, this promotion allows you to spend any amount to get back a $10 statement credit! Plus it works at 11 different stores!

The 1 penny items from NewEgg are now sold out, but you can use this NewEgg link to find other cheap items that will trigger a $10 statement credit!  Currently items start at just $0.13 shipped, though cheaper items are likely to sell out quickly…

The only thing I didn’t try was making multiple purchases on the same card, though I just tried that now and will post an update if that gets a credit as well.

This promotion runs through 09/07/15.  Consumer and business cards are eligible. Prepaid and corporate liable cards are not eligible.

The process is simple:

1. Add any inexpensive item to your cart.

2. Select AMEX Checkout in your cart:









3. Login to your AMEX account, verify your account, and checkout.

4. Repeat for your other cards.

5. Check back in 5-7 days for a credit.

Eligible stores (Each AMEX card is eligible for a $10 statement credit for making a purchase at each of these stores):


Don’t want to miss out on AMEX Offers? Want to get ready for SBS 2015 with free spending at small businesses for each primary and secondary cardholder?

American Express is a advertiser.

Consumer cards include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express

American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Platinum Card® from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Business cards:

All business cards give automatic OPEN Savings rebates on top of points.

Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express 

The Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card

SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express 

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express OPEN 


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Dan, how do I select a secondary card once I login to my amex account. It is not giving me options, just telling me to select one of my types (SPG, EVERYDAY ETC)/


Can I do all orders on the same newegg account or do I need separate newegg accounts for each order ?


I like how you put a list for the process ..although this may seem easy to most …for the beginners the list is super helpful


no link for amex express


Many of the items say overseas shipping. The promo conditions said must be shipped within the US. Am I wrong?

Secondary Cards

Any tips for adding secondary cards in your own name while not having them show up on your credit report as new cards?


@Dan when using express checkout it only gives me the option to pay with the primary card on the account. How do I pay with employee cards as well? Will that work for the promo?


Not sure why comments about the delta post are being shown in the Amex checkout post 🙂


this is gonna be fun..


Do I need to register for this offer?


Does it work with secondary cards?


Just add the additional card to your account or make a new account for it.

You don’t need any newegg account, but it can be on the same one.

My pleasure.

Read the post.

Newegg is the one making the charge for everything…

Add the cards to the account or make a new account.

Glitch, should be correct now.





Is there anything for cheap at any of the other vendors that are participating in this promotion?


Under “Select your Card” Only the primary card is showing. Where can I add secondary cards?


My purchase of 0.23 is pending as 1.23
Any thoughts?


So one credit per unique card number ?


Can’t find 0.01 with free shipping on


By adding it on


At least.

Read the post.


does the macy’s card work for this?


still dont understand how to access secondary cards. only primary cards show up when clicking on amex express checkout link


Thanks Dan. I have a few cards under one login. amex express definitely not giving me a choice under spg. defaulting to my main card it seenms.


To their credit, Amex’s portal is far simpler to use than Visa or even Paypal. I’m sold.


If I understand correct,the terms seem to say that its usable once per login, per site, that means at every site every login should work once.


I see SPG and Delta work. What about the JetBlue card? (Don’t ask y I still have it)


How come all AMEX cards show up at the checkout except Costco?


Anybody found cheap items at any other store?


I bought 10 Jc Penney gift cards from newegg and I received a $10 credit today


Thanks a million! u r the man…


AWESOME!!!!! So cool. got lots of converters for my trips abroad. used 5 accounts so far have 65 accounts to go! Gonna b fun finding all those little items

Dan's the Man

@Sholom: Why do you have the JetBlue card?


You need to register the cards either on your main login or on a new login.


If I want to add more authorized users , how long will it take to show up on Amex checkout?




Why doesnt the onetime code get emailed to me, only the 1st card worked non of the others


Does it work with Amex Serve?

moshe Berger

Does it work on business cards?


i want to order more cards for this offer!!!How many times can you make yourself an additional user on your Amex credit card without raising a red flag??? On how many different Amex cards???

Dan's the Man

Thanks Dan! Asides from the stuff that newegg sells for under a $1 there are some decent things to get if you need a HDMI cable, usb cable, charger etc. You get these for about $5 so you’d still make $5 back so if you need any of these things they are worth getting with this deal.


dos it work with Serve as well?


@rr: Maybe its going to a different email address?



@moshe Berger:


Did you get credit twice for any one card? Using the same card/account twice…

Mike B


Can you remind me the best way to gets lots of AUs in testing of best way to sign up (online or phone) and how many at a time and whether to activate them. Also, make up names or use same ones over and over?


@Anonymous: no, same email, any other sugg.


Why doesnt the onetime code get emailed to me, only the 1st card worked non of the others
same email add. checked spam no luck


Why are people looking to buy the cheapest stuff? I am looking for stuff thats closer to $10 (like 4 aaa batteries), this way you double the value.


same email add. no luck not in spam folder either


more and more are going out of stock!!!!!!!


@Mike B: Yes it would be great if you could please write a whole post on Authorized users and the best way to set them up with diff names. Its been giving people problems recently (on the forums).


Sabin offers $10 gift cards which are stackable!


Should I see any confirmation from Amex that I will receive the $10 promo

alyssa t KAPLAN

getting the code to use amexcheckout is so slow. anyone else find that? .


If I add someone to my account do I have to wait for the physical card to arrive?


Do you need unique SS numbers for aditional AU’s?


Does it work for Citi, Fidelity and Bluebird?


this deal is one per merchant? Meaning each card can technically get $110 back in amex credit? If so are there any other merchants you would recommend we use this with?



FYI, I tried 2 purchases (from newegg) with one account using the same card and i only got back a single reimbursement of $10.


Thanks I got a whole stack of

For iPad Air Touch Screen Digitizer Adhesive Sticker Tape Glue

Always wanted that


Thank Dan!
Ordered one item on each card I have.


@MrFun: LOL, you are funny


they are coming up with an extra 1 charge


my orders are getting cancelled by newegg


Does the $10 work for all stores (meanig I can do all the stores and get $10 each time)?


is there a problem with ordering numerous of the same items? Does placing many orders in a short amt of time trigger cancellations? Can someone advise what is the best way to place orders so they shld not be cancelled?


Newegg is cancelling my orders of very low-priced items.


is there somrthin wrong with the newegg site.. .I cant use amex express…


How long between when you place the orders and Newegg cancelling the orders?


@united: plus 4.99 shipping


Every time I try to add something to my cart it says “cart empty”. Am I doing something wrong?


Will you return all the items to new egg?


@Ari: shows up by me


@Ari: shows up by me@alyssa t KAPLAN: no try to refresh after a min


I, nor has anyone i know or see on the forum, figured out how access AUs. im not sure what u meant wen u said to go to I have 99 users on several amex accounts (no i didnt ask for them all at once) and while i have access to them on my account, i dont see how to get them to appear as primary cards or show up in the amex check out. I also tried to set up a single login for AU and it said error and wudnt let me.Can you explin what u did to access ur AUs?


@Mike B: if you dont have the social than do t over the phone same name over is no problem making up names can result to close your account dont add to many users


@yed: over the phone u dont


@Dan: spoke to representative u cant add au’s to the primary account login


@Avi: is the item out of stock or there is several items that dont ship to the us (e.g. lightbulbs)


@mj: u cant add an user if there is no social attached to the account by the way did you ever get a financial review

use your head

@MrFun: Are you dumb or something if you van get $10 (less 20 cents free isn’t it better than spending and getting it back


@Ez: yes

Amex Checkout shows none of my consumer cards

Any idea why? It just shows my business cards. I use one login for all of them.


I tried everything even things worth a few hundred dollars. When I try to view cart it’s empty


I’m getting the below message is it a concern?

Within the last 10 minutes the same or very similar order has been submitted to Newegg under this account.Would you like to continue and submit this order?


You have to scroll down on a Computer

why avoid?

I also have the same issue. I see ALL my cards and AU’s on one login, however o the Amex checkout screen only my 2 main business cards show. Online und my login all 200 cards show. What needs to be done? I need step by step instructions please from any good Samaritans. Thanks


anyone figured out how to create a log in for AU? even amex support said he was not sure why it would not work. thank you


Thanks Dan so awesome!

For anyone with babies/kids newegg has a nice selection of baby and kids toys for under $10.


@Anonymous: you can if u do over the phone, secondly the cards are for employees. they are being used daily. i have never been FRed.


Dan does it work with Canadian amex cards?


i dont see option to select AMEX checkout


I did this when it was first posted a few days ago and I can report that I got credits more than once per login but it doesn’t work more than once per card.


Also you can only add AUs to an online account if it has the same name on the card as the other cards on that login.

David R

When buying NewEgg egift cards, there is no option to checkout with AMEX Express Checkout.

David R has gift cards for $50, $95, $150 and $295 – either as a gift card or e-gift card.

“Can I order gift cards in other denominations?
Call 888.492.7297, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–9 p.m. ET, to discuss your options if you’re interested in a gift card at a denomination other than $50, $95, $150, $295.”

Perhaps we should petition them to add $10 e-gift cards to the web site.


@sara: S&H


Can anyone confirm if purchasing codes from Newegg qualify for the offer? The cheapest items now available are downloadable codes for gaming (or something of the sort) for $0.49. Will this count as a purchase?


Should work.

Consumer Cards

Can anyone help us figure out this glitch? Amex Checkout only shows my business cards. None of the personal come up. Even though they’re all under the same login. Thanks in advance.


Amex express checkout only shows a maximum of three card options at checkout.(at least by me) If you remove the cards (after you have used them) from your online account the next three available cards will be shown on the express checkout page.


can i get $10 credit for each merchant on same card ?


How can I get it to work on Blue Cash, Costco, Platinum Delta?


Is this for New York card holders only?

Is Newegg working for anyone? Its been saying server error since last night?


It says servor error by me too. anyone placing orders?


Dan which American express cards will this work with? The everyday card? Also I applied and only have one card. How do I get additional users and additional cards??


@jay: I’m placing orders with no problem at all!


Is this good with a charge card too?


did anyone elses order get canceled?


Yes they just canceled all my orders


Ouch… all my newegg orders are being cancelled!!!


Orders Cancelled


Orders are getting canceled do we lose our amex credit?


@Anonymous: Yes, 3 of my order for .24 items cancelled. Says I cancelled, and which of course I didn’t.


my newegg orders are all getting cancelled


please see the email I just received from Newegg.

“Thank you for shopping at Newegg.

We always try to give you the best possible shopping experience, and we’re sorry you decided to cancel this order . . . unless, of course, it was so you could order something else you wanted more!

Your request to cancel this order has been approved. Your email confirmation is shown below. Please keep a copy for your records. If your debit or credit card has been charged, your order should be refunded in full within 3 to 5 business days.”

I did NOT cancel my order.


i just got 2 emails from newegg CONFIRMING my cancellation of the orders. i wonder if that means that they cracked down on it


My newegg orders have just been cancelled


@david: Just got the same. Should we order different item? Or give up?


@dan All orders cancelled.


all orders from Newegg cancelled


yep..all my orders are canceled as well…there goes the AMEX credit…


All my orders being canceled


there is a possibility that this newegg cancelation is for our benefit… if its going to be a charge and a refund… lets wait and see


on the phone with them now. trying to get it reinstated. my past experience with amex has been if you return it they will not credit you.


Are all orders being cancelled? Maybe it is only a specific seller?

My seller was V-top trading – anyone else have a different seller that cancelled?


Is there any promo code to get free shipping on newegg?

How can I add additional users if I dont have the least 4 digits of the social?



All your cards are there. You have to use the slider bar on the right to scroll down:)


All my orders were cancelled. Do you think $10 gift card purchases would have the same result?


@envee: This is what they wrote to me in a chat:
To begin with, please accept our apology for this inconvenience. The order was voided due to a shipping and cost error by the seller V-top trading. Your payment was not charged for this item. If you have any further questions on this issue, please feel free to contact the seller V-top trading at 626-9239830 or email them at


Does anyone have a problem adding additional users to the account online?

even it’s already online in the system you still got to add it to be recognized by American Express checkout


All my NewEgg orders were cancelled. Now what?

orders being canceled

i just spoke to a newEgg rep and was told most order from V-Top are being canceled because of a pricing error by the seller and you receive a $5 Newegg coupon as compensation

broken eggs

I ordered the same code from newegg for 43 cents using a bunch of different amex cards which are AU’s on my account.

Anyone got this from Newegg?

Our records indicate that the above item(s) was either previously purchased under the same customer account, using the same credit account, or ship to the same address and, with that purchase, the quantity limit for the above item(s) has now been exceeded.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill all of this order due to a quantity limit on particular items in the order. The item or items have thus been removed from the order. If the limited quantity item(s) are part of a combo deal, all associated items will be removed as well.

Please kindly note that our quantity limit restrictions are exercised in the efforts to better distribute our carried merchandise evenly to our extensive customer base.

Nevertheless, you are absolutely free to replace this order online once the 48-hour Quantity limit period has expired for the above listed item(s).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

NewEgg cancelled too

I got emails saying that I requested the cancellation, which I didn’t. In a chat, they’re offering $5 off a future NewEgg order. Goodness, they can just process the payment, and keep the item! 🙂


anyone figured why they charge 1.40 instead of .40?
I got this on all my orders


@dan can u please tell us what to do if newegg canceled and gave 5 credit should we order something new using amex checkout to getbthe 10 dollar statement?


@dave: This is normal, it’ll post correctly. (Amazon does this too if you order less than $1)

@tt – Wait and see if you get the amex credit anyways. If not, the deal is on for a long while yet.


Any other practical sites other than newegg for this deal?


Ticketmaster had removed the option to pay with AMEX checkout as of today


@josh: Ditto!! How>?


anyone else having an issue, where only 3 cards are showing up per account? tried to get other cards to show up but amex said only 3 per account…have to set up over 100 different users…any suggestions?

credit guy

Ticketmaster reversed the charges on the $5.85 ticket on two accounts – anyone else?