Mazda: Free Oil Change, Cleaning, And Inspection For Educators, No Matter What Car They Drive

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Mazda is offering free oil changes and vehicle cleanings for educators through September 30th. There’s no need for the car to be a Mazda.

Eligible Customers include: Active teachers, professors, teaching assistants, teaching aids, administrators, coaches, school support staff (e.g., custodial staff, bus drivers, office staff, etc.) within 12 months of the service date. Eligible Educational Facilities include: Public, private, or parochial pre-school, elementary, middle or high school, academy, charter school, prep school, boarding school, college (e.g., career, community, junior, technical), university, post-graduate studies (e.g., master’s, doctorate, law, medical, veterinary degrees, etc.)

Most standard make/model passenger cars, crossovers and SUVs are eligible. The program
excludes certain vehicles, including exotic vehicles, classic car vehicles, offroad vehicles, vehicles with greater than 8-quart engine oil capacity or any other vehicles with special manufacturer requirements.

Limit one (1) offer redemption per customer during program period. Offer is not transferable. No cash value. A copy of current driver’s license and a copy of documentation that clearly reflects proof of occupation within 12 months of the service date is required. Examples include ID card with person’s name and name of education facility, pay stub or ID badge.

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Even a Tesla ??


Can my husband get the promotion if I am the educator? His car needs an oil change, I just did one…



Don Diego

This shows a “standard oil change” – wonder if that will include full synthetic? Says 8qt limit which is plenty for most vehicles, but I’d like to know if they’re going to upcharge you.


Standard means standard, not synthetic. IME garages and dealers charge a $25-$50 premium for synthetic (which most newer cars require) even though the labor is identical and the oil costs only a few bucks more. A standard oil change is worth about twenty bucks, and I haven’t had a car that takes standard oil for years. So I’d assume the dealer will absolutely upcharge you for the oil change and whatever else he can find that you agree to in the free “inspection”. That’s why this deal is a pass for me even though I qualify.

Don Diego

It appears that you can schedule the service for after 9/30 – has anyone confirmed whether you just have to book by 9/30 or whether it’s only for service through 9/30? Would like to book this a few months from now.


Just booked one. EXPIRES 9/30. Must be booked before


Pro tip: always always be cautious about the so called “ free multi point inspection “ that comes free or cheap oil change deals ! Most dealer throw this in with $20 oil changes . This is their way of scamming you and ripping you off . They will always find some very bad things about your engine that needs urgent repairs that will cost hundreds even thousands ! They do this even on new vehicles when you go for oil change . Just say NO to free inspection scams! Just change the oil !