HURRY! Signup For Lenovo Rewards And Get $14 Or More Off Anything With Free Shipping, Good For Free Mice, Keyboards, Headphones, Backpacks, And More!

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Update 2: DEAD!

Update: You will get $10 for signing up via the link below, but you can get even more here by clicking on earn more:

Each of those will earn you another $1 in rewards for a total of $14 in free rewards.

HURRY! Signup For Lenovo Rewards And Get $10 Off Anything With Free Shipping, Good For A Free Mice, Keyboards, And More!

Sign up for My Lenovo Rewards via the link above, you can sign up even if you already have a Lenovo account. You must click to opt into “join My Lenovo Rewards”

Also use 5% off code: EXTRA5

At checkout you can select to apply points to your purchase:

You can enter the amount of points you want to use. If the item is $9.99, it will be just $9.49 after the 5% off code and you can then apply 9.49 to make it free with free shipping! You cannot apply points for tax.

Sample deals after 5% off code and $14 points applied:

View all accessories here!

To earn $4 or more extra click here:

Post what other items you find!

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“You have entered an amount greater than what is eligible for this order”

How do I apply the $10?


You can’t use points for tax, so enter in the amount of the item before tax.


Did this and it worked! Thank you 🙂

Yossi L.

Did, and still says amount greater…?

Been There


Bag Lenovo 15.6” Laptop Everyday Backpack

Got this Bag Lenovo 15.6” Laptop Everyday Backpack for $2.4 (with Tax) Thanks!


Coupon is expired


Works for me.


Coupon is case sensitive, try that. Worked for me too.

Yo ssi

Is a credit card required?


Yes. for the tax


You can easily earn $4 extra in bonus points by putting your zip code and birthday in your profile and answering two separate questions (experience with Lenovo and if you do purchasing for a business). Earned those bonus points to get a $14 case for free (+tax).


We seem to be experiencing site issues.
Please feel free to contact us if you require immediate assistance.


Thanks Dan!

Texas Totty

Site not responding. #DDEFFECT


The items are not free they still charge tax even after the price is reduced to zero.


How do I get it for free? It says it’s still 69 cents and I’m entering in the right amount?



Azis Papa

Cool. Got the laptop backpack for $2.19.
Thanks, Dan!

max martori

worked for me 3 orders


Don’t see the survey


Thanks! Got the mouse for 0.84


Thanks! just got the keyboard for$0.63 (tax), and $4.51 left for another purchase!
was debating getting an external keyboard for my laptop, but for free the debates over!!


Backpack OOS


In for 1 Mouse, 1 Keyboard, 1 backpack and one set of speakers. Total cost $9.58. Thanks Dan


thank you , got the backpack for $0.84


Pulled trigger to fast, missed the extra $4. But Prime day I bought a Ring stickup cam that can be powered with Cat5/6 but you need a PoE adapter the Ring branded is $30 but Tplink
TL-POE10R is $14.99 or TP-Link TL-POE150S is $19.99 Picked upthe TP-Link TL-POE150S for $18.49 with 7% Veteran discount not sure if 7% SB will double dip.

Those prices are before $14/$10 off


Open a 2nd account


Thank you for service!


Keyboard out of stock


Weird. Was available on a diff browser


Where do I enter the promo code?


Also you can earn more points by register and reviewing a product (but you have to own a lenovo product) own a few lenovo laptops so not an issue


Got a mouse thanks


Thanks! I really like to use a 5-button mouse but for some reason they’re rare. With all these promos I was able to get the Lenovo Legion M200 RGB Gaming Mouse for $1 (with tax)!


where do i do the survey?


Thank you!


Wonder if I missed the ‘extra’ $2 for the survey q’s…’cause they’re not coming up


i dont see an option to take survey at all


Logged in with my existing business account (from registering to download updates etc, and warranty on business laptops in 2017 or so).

It offered me the option to sign up for the Lenovo rewards -I signed up earlier with personal e-mail but Roboform showed me login info for my business account e-mail (forgot I had it- since upgraded to new Dell XPS13 for my business laptop.

That said the thing I miss on my Lilliputian laptop is 10-key esp for CC on orders, bank account numbers, etc.

Picked up a USB 10 key for $2.36 after $14.00 rewards and 7% veteran discount


Wow this is fun!!


This is so much fun and satisfying!! Got the “Lenovo 15.6” Laptop Everyday Backpack B515” for $1.18. You rock Dan!!!


oh, have to pay tax


Maybe the website is just bogged down but they claimed my CC was declined which is not true. Worked on 4th try with 3rd card.


Is anyone else getting “Authorization has failed. Please contact your credit card provider”?


Finally went through simliar to me what happened to @nun


The survey links don’t seem to be working, anyone know how to access them? Also I have no idea if I earned any points for entering my birthday, there was no indication… I don’t see anything on the site about earning points… feeling a little lost here


Looks like they froze/ hide the rewards sections

Missed it again

Doesn’t seem to be working


Is it still on because I just tried and didn’t receive rewards

Shimon Esray



Its stated, “…you can sign up even if you already have a Lenovo account.” But there are no steps shown for this.

Laptop bag

Got an email that they shipped my laptop bag. Thanks!


is this deal dead? I signed up and I dint get $10


Me neither. Is this dead?


Thanks Dan!


Didn`t get the $10 i think its dead


I didn’t get the $10 either (signed up 9/13), was only able to get $4 by updating my profile and completing the surveys.


I just signed up now (Friday September 13th in the morning) and did not receive the $10 to my Lenovo account. Is the deal expired or was I supposed to put in some sort of code? It was a new email


Just signed up as well using the link. Did not receive the $10 but was able to earn $4 by updating my profile and completing the surveys.


Got a gaming mouse for $2. Thank you!