HURRY! Like Shutterfly On Facebook And Get A Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book!


This will only work from a computer or by requesting the desktop site on a mobile device:

-Like Shutterfly On Facebook And Get A Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book!

Just like Shutterfly, fill out the form on the bottom of the page with your info, and then click the blue box to claim your code.

There are a limited amount of codes, so claim a code now while they last.

You’ll have to order the book by 07/05. The code will work for any 8×11 hardcover photo book, not just the wedding guestbook.

-You can click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account.

-Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

We’re in love with Shutterfly’s 8×11 sized hardcover photobooks, we make an 8×11 book for every trip we take (big bookcase ;) ).  They also make for great gifts for the grandparents.

The hardcover version of the 8×11 photo book where you can put your own picture on the front and back covers is normally $39.99.

Shipping is $8.99, but this is a true bargain at that price.  The quality is far superior to Snapfish.

Starting tomorrow, 06/11, if you order $30 of other items from Shutterfly (or if you add a lot of extra pages to your book) you can get free shipping on the order with code: SHIP30

20 pages are included, extra pages are $1 each though may be discounted based on current promotions like the 30% off going on now.

HT: DW Mimi 😀

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Expires 7/5.
Any idea if that means the FB offer to get a free book expires then or if you have to order the book by then?




I’m getting a link for a free wedding guest book. Same thing?

Thank you

got it! thanks!


Read the post.

Read the post.

@Thank you:


Got one, thanks!

I did it from a phone. It will work as long as you’re able to access the desktop version of the website.

Something Fishy

Just got two using my phone. Just select “Desktop View” in the android browser menu and it’ll work just fine (the offer takes a couple of seconds longer to load than the page itself).


Thank you!!


Thanks got it added to my account via your link guess im getting married soon again according to SF and FB


I liked the page. Where do I fill out my info?


Done did it!! Thanks Dan


Not loving this pop up when I click to get the code: Offerpop will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address, birthday, current city and likes.
Not sure I want it that badly.


That’s what fake FB accounts are for.

got it



Got one Thanks Dan!




aaahhh 🙂


got it! and so did the rest of my siblings
Thanks Dan!


Thanks DW Mimi!!!


Where is there a blue box to put info? Nothing coming up for me




Got it. Thanks Dan!!


Got it! Love you site so much!


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I thought up to $1000 was OK?


How do I request the desktop site? Trying to do it from my phone


Can you apply and use more than one code per shutterfly account?

Mary A. Meyers

Thank you, Shutterfly!

Diana Landau

Ordered 2! Paid for the second one, but got free shipping with a code.


The link led to a free Free Wedding Guest Book!


Is there a way to get a code if i dont have facebook ?

David Dessau

Please provide me with “A Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book!”


@David Dessau:
I am processing your order right now. Just you need to update your shipping address we will ship it overnight.

Just kidding Dan explained in th post what you have to do in order to get a free one. I don’t know if its available anymore.


@David Dessau:
Please provide a valid credit card for order verification, your card will not be charged. You may see a temporary authorization on the card which will be removed in 3-5 business days.

Thank you for your continued business and support.
Have a wonderful day

Something Fishy


You don’t say.


this deal seems dead. no more wedding codes from shutterfly.


I just worked so hard and put together a photo album, but the the deal is now dead 🙁
Does anyone have a code they are not using?


Why didn’t you get a code when I posted this?


My wife spent 2 days making a album, when she went to put the order in it says the code has already been used when we have NOT used it. does anyone have a code they do not plan on using? would really really appreciate it.