HOT! HURRY! Register Your AMEX And Get A $25 Credit For Purchases From From Small Businesses On 11/27!

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Update 5, 12/06: I received the $25 credit for spending on all of my AMEX cards including spending on secondary cardholders and on Citi AMEX cards!

Update 4, 11/28 at 8am: Confirmed: The AMEX offer registration page now says that you have until 12/31 to spend $25 at a small business! Additionally they will now allow up to 300,000 people register for the promotion!

Update 3, 11/27 at 8:45pm: I just called AMEX to confirm what commenters have been saying about the promo being extended. AMEX rep “Israel” confirmed that the promo has been extended and as long as you register and receive a confirmation email that you will get a $25 statement credit for purchases made at small businesses through 12/31/10! He also confirmed that additional cardholders on your account also qualify for the $25 credit. Be sure to call and confirm for yourself!

Update 2, 11/27 at 6:30pm: Go out tonight and spend $25 on your AMEX cards and support your local businesses on AMEX’s dime!
Don’t forget to register your card first and to spend at least $25 on the card to get the $25 statement credit!
I was able to register a secondary user on my account…hopefully I’ll get a $25 credit for that too!

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Originally posted on 11/08:

Update: Commenters points out that even 3rd party AMEX cards, like the Citi AA AMEX, appear to qualify for the promotion!

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Offer Registration Linky

This is valid for the first 100,000 people to register, so hurry up and register!

“Using your registered American Express Card, you must spend $25 or more at participating small business merchants on 11/27/2010 to receive the $25 statement credit.
Eligible merchants include any independently owned small businesses that accept the American Express Card. Purchases made online, at large, national chains, at franchised business locations and at government agencies are not eligible.
Statement credits are generally issued within 5 business days after your qualifying purchase, but may take up to 2 billing cycles to post to your account. ”

Go ahead and get yourself a free pizza and fries or ice cream for the family or anything else at a small business on motzei shabbos November 27th courtesy of AMEX (thanks for the b-day present AMEX, but my birthday is November 26 aka Black Friday, you’re a day off ;))

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Avi S.

does an additonal card on the Amex account qualify for an additional $25 credit or is one $25 credit per statement?


how do you know if the store is counted?


@Avi S.:
I doubt that it would work for an additional cardholder, but YMMV.

You just have to read the sections that I quoted in the post.
“Eligible merchants include any independently owned small businesses that accept the American Express Card.”

David Sternlight

Why would I give them my security code? Something odd here.

Loyal Reader

Happy Birthday to you. Many happy returns til 180 with birchas HaGeFeN. Please remind us to spend that money!


i have two amex, can i register both?


Driving back from Vegas that day — I hope gas stations (other than the large chains) qualify.


@Loyal Reader:
Thanks 🙂

I registered 2 cards and got 2 confirmation emails.
Whether I actually get $25 credit for both will remain to be seen.
As they say, YMMV.

If it’s an independent station not part of a bigger chain it should qualify.

Avi S.

@David Sternlight: Dan’s Deals is reputable and wouldnt post something that wasnt legit.


@David Sternlight:
I received the offer directly from my AMEX rep. It’s definitely legit.


I wonder if over seas transactions count?


Thanx dan i registered both also and i recieved a confirmation for both


most of us frummies cant really do anything with this being its a saturday unless you shop online motze shabbos
someone should advise them theyll do alot more business if they would do it sunday 28november or at least add sunday to the offer dan can you use your connections to get them to add sunday?


You don’t out to eat on motzei shabbos?
It’s probably every kosher pizza shop’s busiest night.
And shabbos ends at what? 5:15pm that week?

Anyway it’s not good online as I quoted in the post.


not a bad deal thx dan. is there a list of small businesses? It seems strange that almost any purchase would work….


u think it would work to give a donation to my local chabad?


Is this offer also valid on Amex cards isuued by Citi?


Why is that strange?

It’s possible, it would probably depend on how your local chabad processes the charge.

I very highly doubt it. Did you try registering it?


I tried my citi and it says im registered. it says in the tc’s that it includes all amex branded cards


An “Eligible Card” is defined as a valid consumer American Express® Credit or Charge Card, in good standing, issued in the U.S. either by AXP or by a licensed third party bank issuer of AXP-branded Cards (“Licensed Issuers”). Certain AXP Cards, including any Prepaid Cards and Corporate Cards are not considered Eligible Cards.

Deal Guy

Any local grocery that is open Motzei Shabbos should work if they take Amex. And it is my birthday


I stand corrected, thanks!


What does ‘participating merchants’ mean? Is there a list of participating merchants? You say, just buy and pizza and fries – but how do I know if that pizza store is a participating merchant?


Does it work overseas?


how do i know if i’m from the first 100 thousand? will it say in the e-mail conf.? bec. it seems like the point of registering is not only for the $25


does it work in israel?


Please read the post and previous comments.

If you register and get the email confirmation then you are definitely registered and eligible for the promo.
After 100K people register it will no longer allow you to register.


How do I know where it will work? Can I assume any restaurant is a small business?


Yes, I’d assume that pretty much any kosher restaurant is a small business.


does this offer work for a business amex as well? i tried and it worked?


Garmin nuvi 295w @ for $84.99 today only! Hurry!



Just registered my amex issued by The Commonwealth Bank in Australia, and got my email conformation!

So i guess it doesnt have to be issued in the U.S.?!?

J (AMEX Employee)

The deal is called “Small Business Saturday..” The aim for American Express is to grow this program so that it becomes as prominent as Black Friday or Cyber Monday in the years to come. The number of stores will expand year after year. This is a brand new promotion and will be around for quite some time. Go out, shop, and support small businesses.


To repeat the question asked 2 or 3 times already – Will this work overseas??? I’ll be in Europe that weekend…


The terms state

Limit one statement credit per Cardmember.


Just to clarify:

It seems you have to spend $25 or more to get the credit. If you go into a store and spend $24 or less you won’t be eligible.

Lyla Liberman

Will this $25 credit work if I made a purchase at shoprite, cvs, walgreens waldbaums or stop n shop? What about see’s candy mail order dept?


My local grocery has my credit card and charges it when I make deliveries. I just asked them to please leave 100 in charges for sat night and bill me 25 on all my amex cards !

Register Your AMEX And Get A $25 Credit For Small Business Purchases On 12/27 - FlyerTalk Forums

[…] Originally Posted by jaymar01 Found this on the excellent blog Dans Deals. "Even 3rd party AMEX cards, like the Citi AA AMEX, appear to qualify for the promotion!" […]


dan im surprised at you considering you set this site up to advise bargains the cheapest way to save money is staying home on motze shabbos you save money gas time and get to spend quality time with your kids and family avos ubunim etc


Good idea ShmuliT, I think i’ll do the same


Hey Dan, does it have to be $25 before tax?


I’m not sure if it will work overseas or not.


@Lyla Liberman:
Those are not small businesses.

Maybe just never leave the house to save even more money?
The point of this site is not to be obsessively frugal, but to spend your dollars wisely and still live life and appreciate all of the amazing things in this world.

If you’re surprised that I would make a post telling people how to take their family out to eat for free (and support your local restaurant at the same time on AMEX’s dime) then maybe you missed the point somewhere along the way…

I don’t think it has to be.

It’s not limited to NYC. NYC decided to endorse it, for whatever that’s worth.


Just a suggestion, in case you’re not in the mood of eating on motzei shabbor or you wanna save it for fleishigs during the week you can always buy a $25 gift certificate at the store and use it whenever you’d like!


It should work for AMEX business cards, just not for AMEX corporate issued cards.


Too bad no kosher restaurants in Baltimore will accept an AmEx card!


any ideas where to use the amex card on motzai shabbos in chicago? need ideas please. thanks.


when i did it i didn’t get an email, but when i tried again it said i cant register more than once. so am i registered?


Dan can you give a few suggestions where we can use the card in ctown?




Thanks Dan any other places? Between me and my wife we registered 4 cards 2 personal and 2 business each.


hey snag, gloria 😉 would probably let you swipe all the cards and then you would have a credit in that store for a future date….


joe – was thinking about just asking Moshe B to do that – I wish there was some store I can go into (like a gas station) and get 4 gift cards. Do not really like Kineret Pizza (or Izzis for that matter) I hear that top it off Pizza is pretty good (behind heights jewish center)


CE – I believe that Eden Cafe takes AMEX. And I think Caramels too.


hey dan are you going to make a list of the restaurants in ny that take amex

SoCal Dude

Can’t believe AmEx hasn’t hit 100K registrations yet. Just registered 7 cards for me, Mom & spouse but wondering about T&C “[U]Limit one statement credit per Cardmember[/U]” I’m thinking that this means 1 credit per account # because how can they cross-reference all the registered cards for multiple cards from same person? Hmmmm…..


@SoCal Dude:

The terms state: “You may only register one Card for this offer” I dont think they will let people get the credit multiple times on different cards


Any idea where to blow $75 in Crown Heights?


i just spoke to amex it was extended to dec 31st and for up to the first 300000


Buy a Gift Card from a restaurant?


@sd are you sure? That’s wonderful.

but i wonder if it’s not indeed truly extended to 12/31 do you think the credit will work? Often when I swipe a card on lmotzai shabbos it doesn’t show as being charged until Monday.


Dan do u think pomegranate in brooklyn is considered a small business? Thanks!



You can call amex to confirm and have them leave a note on your account


@SD: can anyone confirm this, because that would be great!


does one per cardmember alllow one
personal and one business card?



Just got off the phone with AMEX and they said that the small biz Saturday promo has been extended till December 31st. It hasnt been officially announced yet but it will be. As long as u register by today then you are eligible, if you make ur purchase by December 31st.

Also they said that additional cards for “additional cardmembers” are available to get their own $25 bonus!!!!
But if you have a personal card and business card in your name even if you register both you will only get it once but your additional cardmembers will get it if “they” use the card!!!


Does anyone if it can be used on more than 1 card??? meaning for the additional card members?


is it extended for more than couple of hundred thousand card holders?
thay have close to 2 million facebook followers. and i still get that the enrollment went through, will i get the credit ?


Just spoke with a rep, said you can register the second cardholder, But only one of them will get reimbursed, whoever swipes first.


For all those Baltimore people I just called Goldbergs bagels, they take Amex. Will be stocking up.


tried 6 x’s both on firefox as well as IE. got the following msg ”
The system cannot validate your Card information at this time. Please try again in a few hours.

Am i too little too late !? 🙁

Giant Eagle

For all those who have a giant eagle nearby the credit will work for giant eagle. I called up Amex and they confirmed it


@yaakov: i got the same but now its back up


i tried to register additional cardholder cards and its not letting me. Dan, have you done it?


do you have a specific amex number you called? or any amex # I google in?


I called Amex twice both reps told me i will get credit for each of my 3 cards registered


Now have a lot of store credit at Issis (I know the pizza … but my kids eat it)


dan when was the last time it was ur b-day black fri and yat kislaiv?


Just bought five $25 gift certificates to our nearby chinese restaurant!

All charged on my Amex before 12 am.

Thanks Dan!


ASFAIK amex citi cards will not work citi doesn’t know about the promo and the as for the two amex reps I spoke to one didn’t think it would work and the other said he didn’t see how amex could credit your account as they don’t service the citi amex cards.


its till dec 31? can an1 confirm?


A little nuts for amex to shell out 7.5 mil . What do they have from it?

2 questions for DAN

1) can i charge my card in israel by a small business and get refunded?

2) can i use amex gold charge card for this promotion?



7.5 million is a small drop in the bucket for the marketing budget of AMEX.

Besides that’s assuming that everyone who registered takes advantage of the offer.

And if some people are silly enough to spend and then not pay back than AMEX collects late fees and interest.

Don’t worry about AMEX marketing, they know exactly what they’re doing!


Anyone any idea if Eichlers bookstore would be an eligible purchase?


How exactly does this $25 credit work? Was it only good for yesterday? Is it only good on Saturdays from now till December ? What’s the deal Dan?


Can someone clarify whether there are two difference offers for NYC and everywhere else, and what the difference is between the two of them? (I’ve already registered my cards for both.) Can I still make eligible purchases for both offers?


I would assume so.

It’s good any day until the end of the year.

The NYC offer is only for select stores. You can do both proomtions.
Read the posts.


I just spoke to amex where they confirmed that all additional card holders can register for “small business saturday” on starwoods you can add 10 card holders!! enjoy


went to my local amex accepting grocery and used 7 diff cards… 175$ of free groceries!!!!!!!


a great idea is to go to giant eagle or the like and buy $25 amex gift cards now on sale with no xtra fee. and they can be spent at leisure!!


does citi card amex qualify for this?


Im just wondering for some friends in Israel now, will an international small business charge be eligible? Ive seen it in one of the above posts but it was not answered. It does not exclude it in the T&C’s!


Can I register seperately my Starwood amex and also my membership rewards amex to earn it twice? In the T&C’s it does indee say “one statement credit per cardmember” but I am a cardmember of both, so would I qualify for both?



Well done!


I am assuming Ungers will work


dan i registerd 3 cards and only got a confirmation e mail on 1 but spent on all 3 does that mean the 2 that i didnt get e mail conf didnt go thru? any recourse?


Does anyone know if all my registered cards can be used at the same local supermarket?


did you all read the fine print? not valid for purchase of gift certificates is what i saw. thanks dan for take out from shallots on motzai shabbos for $50 free. (i hope)


ANyone know a small business that has a website and ofers free shipping for $25 orders? Like a toy store, preferably yidisshe owned?


I dont see why not.

I don’t think AMEX has any way to know if you buy a GC.

Not valid online


I doubt that a small store that has a website puts their charges through different if they come from online orders or instore purchases. What do you think?


i got a confirmation on my citi amex yet amex claims that they will not honor it. can anyone advise.
btw blue cash gives up to 3 additional card holders


Just got 3 credits on my cards


@pompo: on your statement?
I am waiting for mine to show up havent seen anything yet. Dan any idea when they are going to show?


just got 7 credits on 4 different cards (3 being second cardholders)
$175 free!!


i did not get confirmation emails? Should I be worried?


got credits on 4 different credit cards!!! waiting for a fifth!


does anyone have a citi amex that got a refund???


On my amex starwood business card (not corporate) it lets me add additional card holders online with out asking for social security number or date of birth (just need first and last name.) So can I add hundreds of card holders using my ’employees’ names and get $25 back on each one?


Let’s not abuse and kill the deal.


@ Judah: C’mon.. Also your father might kill ya


aka……..shut you down!


Do you think this will work at Z Bermans? they have 5 locations…


Got the credit on my citi amex!!!!!!!!!


got the credit on my aa citi amex


Dan does it have to be $25 or more at one time? I spent $22 in one place and $7 in another and no credit. On another card I spent $27 and it went through. So I think you have to do it at one time.


@yada: one time


@Judah: yes


@Judah: But I hope they have enough books for all your additional cardholders!


This does not work for charges in Israel. I tried it and did not get the refund!


I still want to know, if anyone knows if it will work by a small business abroad as I am out of the country untill January, also at least. Does anyone have any idea of online stores etc that process the cc details manually, or any other tips how I can make use of this small gift from amex? Thanks


does this work on foreign purchases?


I spent $25+ at Pomegrante any reason i would not have the credit yet? Or does Pomegranete not work for this promotion?


The deal dead?

Starwood Fan

I used it at Brach’s Supermarket in Lawrence, NY on both my starwood card and my additional cardholder card and received the credit 2 days later. That was an easy $50. Thanks Dan!


i also havent gotten my credit from pomegranate. i did get the credit for the other cardholder though.


Do the additional cardholders need to register in order to get the $25? (or is the main account holder enough?)


I got my credit at Unger’s kosher market here in Cleveland.
The credits posted very quickly.

Thanks for the update.
The terms say nothing about foreign spending.

Apparently not.

Of course.


Spoke to Amex. Pomegranate is not listed as a small business. Instead, it is listed as a corporation. Use your card someplace else to get the credit.


I have five AMEX cards–the first one I registered and used for this promotion did indeed give me back a $25 credit. I have since tried to register two other cards and I get the message “Oops our records show that you’ve already registered for this offer. We limit the number of times that a cardmember can enroll for each offer.”


Thanks for finding out. once my card is registred i can still spend at any small business until the end of the month correct? also, do you know of any other grocery stores in brooklyn that will work?


@Judah: I did it at Z. Bermans and it worked.


hey dan! i got an email from amex saying if i spend 100$ at office max (and a couple others) by 12/31 i get a 50$ statement credit! i love amex!! happy holidays!


does it work on macy’s amex?


Can I use my registered cards anywhere in the states?


Does the $25 have to be 1 Charge (1 swipe)?


I have a macy’s card and i got the credit a few days later


I called Citi Amex customer service and asked them why i don’t see the credit on my account, so they told me that they don’t know of any such promotion that applies to Citi Amex cards.

Can anyone please clarify if they did get a credit from Citi, and how, when, etc.



It worked on my Citi AMEX.
It just took an extra couple days to post.
Are you sure you registered for it and got a confirmation email?


judaica plaza
glatt gourmet
super stop

all 4 worked for me! thanks amex!


Does anyone know….
Do I have to use the full $25 in one shot to earn the credit?


anyone got some good ideas for brooklyn?



of course what?


Probably to whomever it was that I was responding to.
Just follow the @link


does this work in israel????


they just told me that israel isn’t covered.
could i make a phone order?


does it work for gas stations? (branches)



The terms and conditions state, “you may only register one card for this offer”. Is this new or it was this way when you registered all your cards?

I was able to register both my cards and received the confirmation emails. I received a credit on my first card. I am wondering about trying the second one.


Can it be used any day or only saturdays?


Anyone in the forum, I have 4 amex cards and got the confirmation email for all four. Has anyone swiped them in the same store right after the next in $25 increments? Iwant to know if this will work or it has to be sep stores or times. Please let me know. Thank you


I did, it works.


@Dan: not only that when i had to return something and the rep. was to lazy to return them on each card separately she returned it all on one card and all four cards qualified for the credit(incl. the one which was credited for the return!)


@shirl: any day


@Anu: old. use all cards time is running out…


@Anonymous: only privately owned not franchise.


is thier any way to buy gas


@Dan: says one offer per cardholder


If my billing cycle is over the 27th can i get another $25 credit for spending $25+ today or tommorow? I already go the $25 credit early this month.


That’s nice.



I received a credit then I had the card replaced because it was lost and got another credit after spending an additional $25 on the new card.


I swiped at a store that uses an online program to process their payments and not a swipe card machine.
The credit did not go through and is characterized by Amex as an “internet purchase”.

Has anyone had this issue, and is there a way to fight it?