[Gift Cards Being Sent Out] Get Free Budweiser Beer Via A Free $2 Virtual Debit Card

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Update: Budweiser has sent out free $2 Virtual Mastercard Gift Cards that can be used anywhere! If you got an email saying the value is $0, it’s also actually worth $2.

You can still sign up for this promotion via the instructions below.

1. Sign up for a My Cooler account here.

2. Go here and get a Beer on Bud Virtual Debit Card for free.

Click on this to get your free debit card:

You will be able to redeem the Gift Card for a free beer. The promotion is unclear on how much money will be on the debit card, where it can be redeemed, and how to redeem it, but that should become clear once they send them out.

Must sign up by 2/7. Limit of 1 per account.

“For the first time in 37 years Budweiser won’t run a Super Bowl commercial, instead they are donating that money to COVID Vaccine awareness and offering a free beer via the promotion above”:

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Can you get the other free stuff


Only sweepstakes entries.


Seems like you get 100 points for signing up.
Ordered a cooler for free.


You ordered a entry for a cooler


Lol I did it quickly without really looking. Guess I have an entry for a cooler.


It’s for a auction of a cooler




looks like anything else you order is just a drawing for those items though they make it look like you just get the cooler

Zalman Thaler

Wouldn’t drink Budweiser if they paid me.

Shone joe

Upto how much wouldn’t you drink it?? For 1K would you? How about 1 million??


How bout 2 million?


Yay I just got a free cooler!! Thanks so much Daniel!


Just an entry for a raffle, so to speak.


If you live in California, at account sign up, make your zip code 44114 since CA is excluded from the points redemption part of the site


Last time they ran a promotion with a gift card it was $10 (unless I’m mistaken, and it was another beer company).


Was it mailed physically or sent to email?


I think they offered both. I took the virtual option.


I didn’t think I had an option. I got a Virtual comfirmation that was vaguely worded. I think its getting mailed.


Not even for free.

Jamie Worley

Thank you I Love My Bud thanks for always having it available during this interesting year God Bless Budweiser and all My Bud’s At Budweiser


They just sent me a $2 gift card!!!


Got one via email as well, for $0.00


I also got an email with $0.00, but when I followed the link, it actually did offer the $2.00 virtual card


Was this 2$ card mailed to ur email or sent to ur home address?


It was emailed as stated above it came as 0.00 and when you follow the link it gave me $2 Thanks Dan!!!!


Mine came via e-mail yesterday. I then added it to my Google Pay account. Pay attention to expiration date as it is 8/21

Just Saying

Which store in Boro Park would accept a credit card for $2?


reload your amazon gift card balance with $2


I have received an email confirmation, but no gift card. “Congrats! You redeemed 0 points for that sweet reward you’ve had your eye on:

Beer on Bud Virtual Prepaid Card
Quantity: 1

Remember, there are plenty of ways to keep earning points to get you closer to the next reward!”


That’s exactly what I got too. The subject line made it seem like the reward would be inside the email, but its not’.


Did you guys get the actual card yet? I wonder if they ran out…


no card


I wonder if they ran out?