Get A Free Box Of Trump “You’re Fired” Matches From Mike Bloomberg

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Get A Free Box Of Trump “You’re Fired” Matches From Mike Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg has been spamming my Facebook feed for weeks. I guess he got smart and realized that what I really want, is for him to buy me free stuff. 😉

I’m happy to take your matches Mr. Bloomberg, but after all that spam, I don’t feel bad about giving you a fake email and name on the form. And sorry, but I’m also not signing up for your SMS spam either.

Please note: This is obviously not intended to be a political post. But if candidates are actually trying to buy my vote, I’d say start with some free frequent flyer miles please! 😀

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I’ll take it for free. Not voting for him tho


Yeah same I just want the matches. And when I use them I’ll say in the words of President Trump “ you’re fired!!!”


Interesting….so the Bloomberg campaign is legally permitted to distribute merch with Trump’s photo!?!

Larry b

With all due respect I believe that President Donald Trump has done a lot for the Jews and for Israel. I’m a big fan of yours but I don’t believe this is the right forum for politics.

Rich C

I agree wholeheartedly. Dan, your post doesn’t excuse the fact that you shouldn’t use your business and our time to shill for Bloomberg or any other candidate. Nothing is free.


Rich C, you truly suck. Also I don’t know how I feel about your use for the word shill. Good day.


@Larry b.
Oh, shut up


“that’s why we’re here” – American Politicians


Going to light shabbos candles with this bi’zchus Trump should win.


Love it

Miriam Kairey

Me too

I want to know

Mini mike burn your hate


Ah, another follower of Maria Trump’s anti-bullying campaign.

vus vais Ich

can I use these matches to burn pictures of mini mike?


Let’s not get carried away. He doesn’t quite deserve to burn because he’s running against Trump.


Yup, he’s done enough bad things to burn for before we get to the running against Trump part.


Dan, as always thanks for keeping all things pertinent on your site!
Trump has done amazing things for Israel. Doesn’t make him a good person. Also this match thing is cute! With all the ugly stuff that Trump has said, this cute little freebie is what’s offensive really?
I’m an ardent orthodox supporter of a Israel, AIPAC, Norpac attender. Siblings and cousins that live all over the country I want nothing more than the safest Israel possible! I fly there tomorrow night. That being said…
Making fun of people with disabilities, treating desperate people horribly, putting out conspiracy theories that have led to actual violent crimes (pizza gate)… his wives and flings. His hypocrisy over chain migration. The list goes on. Don’t make him sound like you’d want anyone of your kids or grandchildren to ever behave like this man!
עם ישראל חי!
In the end put your faith not in a man but in Hashem.




@haviva sanctimonious -1 “Making fun of people with disabilities, treating desperate people horribly” just saying someone did these things without taking the time to verify and research underlying facts doesn’t make it so. So reporter(s) can sling BS and Trump can’t respond and call him out because he has a hand disability?

Fake news portrayed that he was making fun of the actual disability. Anyone who takes the time to watch Trump in context knows this is false.

Didn’t vote for Trump as a beacon of moral superiority, humility, etiquette, or honesty. Ironically, he has been the most honest and patriotic President of my lifetime. His common sense approach, actions, and promises kept have spoken louder than any rhetoric or political pontifications.


“Fake news” to a cult follower means “don’t believe your eyes or ears, believe what Fox and Russian bots tell you.”


Trump fights with foxnews constantly. People that think foxnews=trump are about three years behind


Turn your tv off. No more newspapers for you. You’re fully invested in a very one sided narrative. Reality is a lot more nuanced.


Firstly it seems Dan plans on voting for Trump for those who know how to read (no need to comment on that Dan, it may or may not be true). Secondly whether or not you vote for Trump is your choice, but you’re fooling yourself completely if you think that ANY president or presidential candidate will EVER be any sort of role model to a Frum Jew in any way. That is my theory as to why Orthodox Jews seem to support him overwhelmingly, often with out any guilt whatsoever. We elect a president who gets the job done, not a role model.


Haviva, you’re wasting your time supplying facts to people who belong to a cult and worship their leader. No matter that his roll back of environmental programs will KILL 80,000 people and injure another 1 million people with respiratory illness due to added particulates and mercury to our air—like Trump said, he could kill someone and they’d still worship him. Except he’s killing his cult members, and they still worship him. Oh yeah, and also robbing them blind.


Trump owns the rights to the catchphrase “you’re fired” , so expect a lawsuit shortly

George Clooney

Ummmmm, no he doesn’t…


You mean next to all the WOMEN , who accuse the Donald of sexual harrassment and more? Perhaps he can bunk right next to Harvey Weinstein.


You’re not worried about being spammed with mail now that he has your mailing address?


Free is free!
Any household limit Lol


Another entitled out of touch rich man unembarrassed to write about the other 98%, ‘Everyone likes free stuff’. It’s not free! He’s buying our info!



nops, not dead, STILL BURNING..

~king lake~

Email address I wrote is:


Is it ordered once I enter my info? I didn’t get any confirmation




Where are the “feel the bern” matches?

Philip J. Fry


I never knew you can add pictures to comments. How do you do that?

Philip J. Fry

Just use an IMG tag.


The real q is if these are quality matches


Sure, they were first used to help his campaign go up in flames during the debate.


BERNie sanders should give out free matches


We need bernie matches


would never go against trump even for free


Real Trump fans love this stuff. I know I do.


I got some free matches to burn a bloomberg flag!!!


Mini matches from mini Mike!!!!!!


What about boxes? No free boxes?


Mini Mike is giving out free BOXES of MINI matches


o i would love some free bags as its being band now in new york


God, if only it was this easy to have ’em fired.



I hear his events serve awesome food any idea if kosher is offered?


I want these as a Trump supporter. This is a YUGE fail for Mini Mike’s marketing team.


Are they Mini?


Is it muttar in halacha to take these matches? Can they be used for Neiros Shabbos, lechatchila?


I’m still using the matches from the Olive Garden Restaurant (from my company’s Xmas party) for shabbos candles.


If you use less than a kezayis it is fine


If Hamas, Fatah, the KKK were giving out freebies, should they be posted?


Bloomberg isn’t a terrorist.


My point is, you don’t take freebies if it’s against your values,no orthodox Jew would take the New Testament as a freebie


Matches aren’t missionary material. Just the opposite, they help us burn it.


My point is you don’t take a freebie from somone that is an anathema to your values.


How are you lumping those 3 groups together? It’s absurd. Even if you make a case that Hamas is a terrorist organization, how is Fatah one? Maybe have some nuance when articulating your bias. It’s insulting to African Americans to put those groups in the same sentence with the KKK. It’s dismissive of the actual terror the KKK has caused while not even pursuing any other political goals except explicit white nationalism.


Hamas and Fatah have killed numerous Jews, and KKK despises Jews the most,so get your facts straight,

Shmuel S

What did he spam your Facebook account with? What was he saying?


Please give us a fake email address that we can ALL USE in that form. I’d like mini-mike to announce he got 10 million requests through your website :-)))

Shmuel Soffer

I agree with Dan that this is not a political ad, but a free deal. Dan keep posting those.

On a political note, I would prefer to have Trump even if he was not that good for Israel, because a Jew in the White House would be bad news. Anything wrong in the country would be blamed on the Jews and he would have a bend over backwards for the Arabs to try to give the impression that he is not biased.
Maybe I will get the matches and put my own pic of Bloomberg instead of Trump


So right, If Bernie wins everyone will blame the Jews for the Gulags and breadlines, and if Bloomberg wins, all the Bernie supporters will blame the Jews for the lack of Gulags and breadlines.


Anyone who supports Trump supports tearing children from their mothers at the concentration camps at the southern border. Regardless of what he’s done for the Jewish people, this is a crime against humanity and I pray he’s removed from office expeditiously. Take these matches and burn shabbos candles with that prayer.


Um… i don’t know if you know this, but Jews are constantly getting attacked by rockets on a daily basis from Gaza. These terrorists try to use women and children as human shields to protect their cowardly attackers.
The illegal immigrants were doing the same with children, sometimes kidnapping babies in order to successfully get into the US. Even the legit ones were wrong for dragging their kids through dangerous climates and areas not because they were oppressed but in order to make a few more bucks…
What is the US supposed to do? Let them in? The parents are at fault for creating the mess and they are causing needless suffering to their progeny.
I personally did not vote for Trump in 2016, but i don’t think you can blame him for the situation there in the South and even if you do, voting for a president is looking at the overall picture, not individual acts.
(P.s. I actually think Obama started the cage thing…)


Moe, correct. It’s a fact that Obama had illegal children and families in containment camps and behind bars. I believe I saw a statistic that Obama deported more illegals than Trump did.


They will likely spam your us mail address with spam if you sign up.


Dan, I love this idea. Keep the political posts coming, the Chevra loves it

T’hai Shnas Purim

Dan you are playing with fire!!!!!! (Pun intended)
Hakores hatov by yidden is #1.
Im an anti zionist but I am 100% pro trump altz appreciation for what he does for yidden. Its all from Hashem but he is the shliach


Some of you really need to get a life. We can all use free matches. Now if he was smart instead of matches it should be toilet paper or diapers with Trump’s picture!!!


It’s not ethical to put in a fake email address. One of the primary reasons they are giving you the free matches is in order to build their email lists.


I am sending them to every Kool-Aid drinker whos address I have.


There have been multiple times where I have changed my opinion on something after reading the thoughtful comments so many of you provide on posts like this. I would just like to thank everyone for contributing such interesting and well thought out points!




I had to take a double take on this post. there is no way to see this other than promoting Bloomberg’s campaign by promoting his giveaways. I am very offended by this as I have always found your “deals” so helpful. This is purely a political giveaway and you are the promoter. Its inappropriate. I think you should REMOVE the post and do the right thing.


Do you know how to read??? Does it really seem to you that he’s promoting Bloomberg? Consider this Question: Will ANYONE who reads this post now vote for Bloomberg after getting free matches?


Thanks as always free is free always need matches


Dan, admit that there is a line that you will not cross (even for free stuff is free). If Lifestyles was offering our free condoms would you post it here? After all it is really free stuff!


Thanks got one planning to vote for Bloomberg


I heard Trump wants to offer you a “much bigger and frankly much better” box of matches…


Ok, then I guess I’ll vote for him. Unless Mike can top that…


Its fun to read but in truth, my personal feeling is to keep the forum totally clean of politics. This post is not clean of politics. (Iam not suggesting that you do support one over the other, just that this political debate was very predictable)

some random guy

just a reminder this is a private forum and @dan has the right to post whatever he wants regardless on how you feel about it as my father always says he is a big boy he can make his own bad choices. if you dont like it you can always leave


Maybe they can use these to burn Trump in gehenim


another self-hating Jew


I’m impressed you’re able to describe yourself so honestly and accurately 🙂


You’d probably vote for Kim Jong Un if he was a democrat


You already support a Nazi sympathizer so I presume you would have voted for Hitler as well


A Nazi sympathizer that’s done more for Israel and Jews than any other President. People like you are why only one fifth of Jews got out of Egypt.


A major reason Jews were saved from Egypt was not changing their names. Maybe think about that, “Darren” 🙂


I’d rather use a secular name on a forum. than being an anti-semite wirh a one way ticket to the Earth’s pit,when I kick the bucket.


Trump is the guy who love Kim Jung un


He’s doing whatever he can to keep the despot away from nukes.


You don’t get more Gehenim for being famous, is he the most evil because he’s the most famous?


No but according to pirkei avos you do for jealousy lust and pursuit of honor. I’d say he is very guilty of all three

Silent Majority

Dan, this is perfectly fine. It’s a box of matches, which like you said seems like a self-own…


Clearly Mike is giving these away in honor of the Daf discussing Borei Meorei Ha-esh yesterday and today…
Kudos to Mike Bloomberg that he is even aware!:)

Steven Levine

Too bad Mayor Mike ain’t gettin no where near the WH in order to get himself fired

Jack out of the Box

This is probably about the best thing Bloomberg can do to help Trump get reelected. Almost as good as the impeachment. (Mike hasn’t made it to Congress. Oh well 😉 )


I like the idea of matches for this though since we should be getting ready to feel the Bern it 2020!


I don’t understand why there is so much arguing going on… Free matches are great and will not change anyones political beliefs. They advertise Trump and Bloomberg at the same time and would be fun to own for someone from either political party. While I will keep my political beliefs private, I feel bad for anyone that cannot fathom that someone is going to vote for a candidate that they don’t like. Grow up people! If you don’t like any candidate, just take the free matches and VOTE FOR DAN



Anyone know if it will be two matches or like a legit box? Just curious.


Knowing the guy the box will be made of gold and arrive with white glove service if he thought it would give him the slightest chance at anther few votes.


It’s probably like those free matches you get as samples mini and hard to break off and can’t even lite a cigarette easily when it’s windy outside, we all that experience:)


Kinda hilarious watching people not sure whether this post is pro or against this or that politician and desperately flailing at the opportunity to take offense.

Why don’t yall just get the matches and light up a big fat stogie and chill?

Imma do that while wearing my big red Maga hat 😉

Miriam Kairey

I guess you will do anything for money, Dan. Shame on you.


Agree. You don’t kill people just because someone is paying some money, and writing and promoting it is even worse. These matches can be used to light cigarettes and destroy people’s lungs, and all the blame will be on you, you greedy deal man.


@eli Ur crazy to equate free matches to bodily harm. When there is a deal on food, is dan responsible for people dying of allergic reactions and diabetes? I guess in ur mind, deals on soap would be the equivalent to stopping coronaviris?


Take a joke, was making fun of comment above.


Thank goodness 🙂 Too many comments on here are people being nuts bec of politics

Jack out of the Box

What money is Dan getting from this?????

Dan posts freebies and discounts so that YOU may save money. Probably the reason you saw this giveaway is because you are would do anything to save a penny. No need to complain if you don’t like what’s being offered.

99.9% of the deals Dan posts are of no use to me. Should I complain that he posts those?


I’ve never posted anything here, so first off I should thank Dan for helping the oilam save money time and again. I just want to respectfully request that the good people put down the pitchforks and spare Dan. This is far from treason, nor is it any closer to blasphemy. It’s just a funny little chatchkeh that’ll probably be a collector’s item some day, to be put on the shelf with the old presidential buttons.


In my neighborhood, the Five Towns, someone put up a free Mike lawn sign, and it was immediately stolen—no doubt by the same free speech hating right wingers who repeatedly stole or vandalized my and my neighbor’s Obama and Hillary lawn signs.


Actually it’s snowflake leftists who get bent out of shape if you don’t support their sodomite values.


Not happy you are spreading such hateful products


Hateful product that spreads negative reactions

voh mob

when do i get it??


Those who can’t take a joke should probably sign up for some free screws, clearly missing that.


Hey, be nice

C. L. Stevens

I love this promotion!
I especially Appreciate Mike Bloomberg’s position that Trump is argumentative and exhales himself(Trump) by criticizing, blaming , and being ugly about and toward his opponents!

Susan Lindberg

Anyone is better than Trump!!!!


Be very proud of yourself for being on the liberal demented train, how many abortions a day do you celebrate?


You got that right


Dan, I regret my comment, Can you please take it down?


Its just another way for trump to get free PR – just like 2016 all over again when the media blasted him 24/7 which actually helped him win. Thanks Mr. Mayor!


Hey Dan, Ordered these matches and haven’t received??

Chuchim different page for these matches, says “Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.”


Dan, is Mikey giving us anything else for free yet?


How did Bloomberg know who voted for him in order to send out a “thank you“ note saying he was dropping out of the race. Then the box of matches came in the mail, when I didn’t sign up for anything.


Instead of matches with trumps* face on the box, send me some hand sanitizer.


Hail to our lier and chief.


Love love love them go get him out of Mike do what you can!!!! Way to go!

Renee H. Mount Vernon, WA.

Ha ha, got them today, he kept his word! Cool..

Patrick Mastrorilli

Has anyone actually got these matches ?

Dru Detwiler

I would love these!
Definitely voting for Trump again.
Trump 2020


Has anyone gotten these matches???


Matthew Wolf

Nope. He dropped out soon after this promotion. I highly doubt anyone will get them.

No name

I signed up but never got the matches