Get 1,000 Or More Free Priority Club Points If You’re A Hilton Member!


Update 2: I am a “lucky loser!” I got 20,000 Priority Club points added to my account today as one of the lucky losers! Plus I automatically earned Gold Elite status for earning 20,000 points in a year!
Thanks Priority Club for the awesome promo!

Originally posted on 02/03/10:

Update: DEAD!

Hilton recently devalued their points and Priority Club is taking a stab back at them with the “Luckiest Loser” promo!

Everyone who has a Hilton account will have 1,000 points instantly added to their Priority Club balance.

Plus the 20,000 entrants who have the most Hilton points will get 20% of their Hilton balance back as free Priority Club points, up to 20,000.  I’m unfortunately sitting on 200,000 devalued Hilton points…but 20,000 free Priority Club points would be quite nice!

The “Luckiest Loser” gets 2 million points!

You need to upload a screenshot of your Hilton balance to prove your point balance.

So, how many Hilton points do you have?

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I know this maybe an old question Dan but I really would like to get a new credit card because all I hear from friends are which hotel they stayed at for free. What credit card is my best bet?



Must be a member of both as of Jan 31,2010


What does that mean a member of both?


Hilton and Priority Club.


Sorry for not understanding.
1 Am I able to just sign up for the Starwood card.
2 Are you suggesting I signup for the Starwood and Hilton?
3 What is the priority club?
Dan your the man I want to do exactly what you advise.



I just called AMEX to apply and they are telling me that the Hilton is better than the Starwood for a couple of reasons.
1 You start out with 20,000 points not 10
2 Gas and Grocery you get 6 point sfor every dollar and starwood is 2 points.

Is this true?



I take that back. I just became a pc member today, and the 1000 points are already in my account. Thanks David and Dan


Lol…that’s rich.

Starwood points are easily worth 6 times what a Hilton point is worth.

Feel free to make a post at and I’ll be glad to run down the major differences of Hilton and Starwood.


David Z.

Your points already posted? I have been a member of both for a while and mine have not. Did anyone else get them yet?


@David Z.:
Mine posted immediately as well.


One more quick question. Do I get a seperate account for my wife or do I just get a second card under my account.


I’ve tried to enter this around 5 times, and each time it says “submission timed out,” no matter how fast I input it. Feh.


anyone have to link to upload screen shot of HH page? I have looked all over the offer and cannot find



My 1000 Priority Club points posted today. Thank you!


Thanks, Dan. I have the same 20,000 and Gold Elite. Wow, what a WONDERFUL gift!


Another lucky loser here!


To all you lucky losers:
Just wondering if you ever had to actually send in proof to PC that you had x amount of HH points, or they just took your word at face value? What about you Dan?


I’m a lucky loser too, Thanks Dan!

abc, I did email them proof of my HHonors balance.


I uploaded a screenshot when I registered.


@dan quick question my 17000 points just posted thanks would you spend to get it to 20,000 to get gold status & how



Do the surveys, and you will have another 2000 points


@abc: any links for the surveys



Your analysis is skewed… Hilton pts need to be multiplied by a multiple of 3.3333, because $1 USD = 10 HILTON PTS. where as, $1 USD = 3 STARWOOD PT.

i.e) You Spend $1000 USD on hotels at Hilton and Starwood

Hilton – You rack up 10,000 Pts, enough for a Category 1 stay (7,500 pts, with 2500 pts leftover)

Starwood – You rack up 3000 Pts, enough for a Category 1 stay (with 0 pts leftover)

Do the math, of course, HIlton pts are better….


We’re not talking about what you get for spending money in a Starwood hotel. We’re talking about what you get for spending on a credit card.

For credit card spending the Starpoints are much better than Hhonors points.