Free Magazines And Newspapers Roundup: Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York, US Weekly, Golf Weekly, And More

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I get tons of free magazines and have been getting my daily Wall Street Journal fix for years for free via Rewards Gold.  I alternate the name on the subscription between my family members.

Don’t worry about how many “points” are required. Just select the subscription and click to continue.

It can take anywhere from 2-14 weeks for your subscription to start coming. You won’t get any email confirmation.

Please Note: If you want to avoid getting an error message and/or having to take a long survey to get the subscription you can follow these steps before clicking the links below.

Step 1: Click on Settings>Show Advanced Settings>
Step 2: Scroll down to privacy and click content settings.
Step 3: Scroll down to Javascript and click “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”
Step 4: Click done to confirm the change.
Step 5: Click on any of the links below to order your free subscription.
Step 6: Enable Javacsript (the same way you disabled it in Steps 1-4.)
Step 7: Fill out the 1 page form with your billing address and select the free subscription.
Step 8: Wait between 2-14 weeks for your subscription to start coming. You won’t get any email confirmation.

Internet Explorer:
Step 1: Click on Settings>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level. Then scroll about 80% of the way down to “Scripting” and click on “Disable” under active scripting.
Step 2: Click OK at the bottom to confirm the change.
Step 3: Click on any of the links below to order your free subscription.
Step 4: Enable active scripting (the same way you disabled it in Step 2.)
Step 5: Fill out the 1 page form with your billing address and select the free subscription.
Step 6: Wait between 2-14 weeks for your subscription to start coming. You won’t get any email confirmation.

Free 26 Week Subscription To The Wall Street Journal

-Free 1 Year Subscription To Forbes

Free 18 Month Subscription To Us Weekly

-Click here to select from free subscriptions (Disclaimer: Non-tznius images) to New York, Rolling Stones, Dwell, Forbes, Golfweek, US Weekly, and more. Just leave the Rewards Gold password blank and click submit. Based on past experience you can go back and select all of the free subscriptions.

-Free 1 Year Print Subscription To People en Español

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Thanks Dan! Last time you posted this I subscribed for my grandma and she never started getting it. Is there a number I can call? Maybe they caught on to the shtick?


Dan, does the Wall Street journal one work? I’m a student and need for my classes.


Try again?

I’ve been getting it every day for years, but it can take a long time to start.


Dan, Can I do this procedure when the expiration date draws near and don’t have to wait for your post? My WSJ just expired this week and I was wondering how I could keep it going. LOL.

@Moe, I suspect they are happy to give it to you for free. They make their money back in advertisements. What do you think Dan?


Hi Dan,
I’m a big fan of your site and the freebies.
But isn’t skipping the survey using a tech hack simply stealing? or at least unethical; the free papers are given in return for a short survey. Is not taking it… just taking without giving anything in return?


Do it in another name.

The papers can’t be given for free, there needs to be some challenge so that it’s not considered free.
The papers do it for higher circulation numbers so that they can charge their advertisers more. But they don’t actually charge for these subscriptions.
If anything I’d say the papers are the ones guilty are being unethical towards their advertisers 😉

When RG actually pays for the papers, like for the Economist, they always lock it behind a real login so that this loophole doesn’t work. They don’t seem to care about the other ones.


This can’t be don’t on a mobile phone

I agree with Richard

You should be taking the survey if you want free magazines. That is what I do.


Incase people don’t know, the Brooklyn public library’s website (and I’m sure others as well) has access to a huge collection of free digital magazines, such as sports illustrated and highlights. All you need is your library card bar code and password. You go into the website, click on “articles and data bases”, and go into “flipser”.


@Rb: if you’re using your phone click on ×´ view full Bpl website”.


Dan, if you’ve been getting it every day for years using alternating family names, I assume that you must do the RG well in advance of your expiration date. How far in advance do you do it? You probably get 2 papers during the overlapping time frames. Does this raise any red flags? Do you get your WSJ delivered by carrier or via the US mail?


Will it come to Israel


Why the need to steal newspapers? If you can’t afford it, there are many free newspapers in any city or town, there is also online for WSJ.


The newspapers/magazines are being given away for free.
If you want to fill out the RG survey anyway, then go right ahead!


I ordered the wall street journal and it came twice but has since stopped coming. I’m not sure if someone is stealing it or not, but I would like to call wall street journal customer service to tell them that I have not been receiving my paper. I don’t know what to tell them when they ask me for my account number or something like that, as that is usually included in the email verification which I obviously don’t have here. What should I do?


When I signed up for wsj last year on 10/7/2015 after reading Dan’s post of that date. I got an email on 10/17/2015 from the wsj saying that my subscription would start on 12/28/2015. The email, from said:

Dear ____,

Thank you and Welcome to The Wall Street Journal. To
confirm the details of your new account:

Your Account Number is: _______

Your Print Subscription start date: DECEMBER 28, 2015

Delivery Address: __________

To conveniently manage your account or report missed issues go
Whether changing a password or temporarily suspending
delivery, this customer service site is designed to help you
easily accomplish the task.


The Wall Street Journal

I didn’t get delivery on 12/28, so I thought the deal didn’t work. However, I got an email from wsj about delivery problems on 1/22/2016, so I wondered maybe I did get a subscription but was never put on the local list for delivery. (Since my husband was still getting his wsj delivered, the local carrier may not have thought to deliver two copies to the same address.) I called up the wsj using the account number from the email and they said they would notify the local carrier to start delivery. It took a couple more calls, but I finally got delivery started and the start date of the subscription was moved to the first date my paper was actually delivered. WSJ definitely had the account in their system. Because we’ve traveled a lot this year and I suspended print delivery during those times, my subscription doesn’t end until sometime in Nov. of this year. I don’t know if this email notification is unusual, but that’s how it worked for me in 2015 after following Dan’s instructions. (I commented to last year’s post, so that’s how I know my dates and timing are correct.) So, look for the confirmation email in your junk mail, since that’s where mine showed up. Just signed up for new subscription in husband’s name through the rewardsgold link so hopefully that will start around the time my free subscription ends.


I subscribed to this promotion in April and have been receiving my subscription since then. I just received a notice that my subscribtion requires a renewal- however, this promotion does not seem to work anymore! Any suggestions as to how I can continue to get the WSJ for free??


Is the WSJ promotion no longer available….or is there a different link?

I subscribed about 3 months ago and still wasn’t receiving paper so I thought I’d try again, but when I click on the link it says no longer available.



Hi Dan,

RewardsGold doesn’t appear to offer WSJ anymore and you can’t use mileage anymore either if it’s not a new subscription or if you used miles in the past.

Any new suggestions for getting WSJ without paid subscription?


anyone have an update on this, i am looking for WSJ subscription?


Like others above found out through your link:
“This reward is not currently available”

Any updates?