Free Google 411 Service!

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I thought I wrote about this a while ago, but a quick search didn’t reveal anything, so here it is.
Google offers free 411 service to look up business phone numbers.
The neat thing about it is that Google will connect you directly to the business, so you don’t have to deal with writing down the number like with other free 411 services.
Another neat feature is that Google will send you an SMS with all of the business details including their address!

Both of these access numbers are free from any phone:

Learn more:
Goog 411 Linky

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Asher O

There are lots of companies that do this.

The biggest of which is 800-Free-411. They have a better voice recognition system, they do residential and government listings (i think GOOG only does business listings) but they have ads. They own the patent for targeted advertising for 411 calls (see here).

You can also try Google SMS, works like a charm.


I personally use google sms, but goog411 is useful for those who dont have unlimited sms.

Also correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that free411 connects you directly to the company.

I have added some related 411 postings from the past.


google also has a feature called map it, which send u a link of location to google maps.

Asher O


You’re right, Google SMS gets very expensive very quickly for people who don’t have unl. SMS (some would argue that its still cheaper than calling 411).

On that note, back in February greedy Sprint raised their 411 rates to $1.79 (from $1.40).

I didn’t know GOOG-411 connects you, does this mean free long distance calls (to non-toll-free businesses) for those (few) people who don’t have free long distance?

Free-411 doesn’t connect you with the company after providing you with the number, however, they do transfer you to their advertisers…


Thanks for the heads up on google’s “send to phone”, where did you see it called map it?


the thing is that wenever i do google sms it doesnt come up with any results. ( BH i have unlimited) but maybe im doing it wrong. so canu write out all the steps? thanx!!

goog 411 map it!!
Asher O

I stand corrected. However, I cannot find “map it” on any official Google page.


Send a text to 46645, which is googl
Just drop the ‘e’ and then enter the info you are looking for, include the city and state or the zip code.
It will kick you back up to two text messages with the address and phone number for locations in the area.
If you don’t have unl text, it still beats paying 1.49 to 1.70 for each one, and depending on your provider, it’s only gonna cost about .45 cents.

Judy in Oregon
I’m a previous Tech with Solectron inside a Verizon Corp store.