Free 3 Month New Customer Trial For YouTube Premium

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Update: Alive again!

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Update: DEAD!

Free 3 Month New Customer Trial For YouTube Premium

The offer is valid for first time subscribers only. With this offer you’ll get a 90 day free trial instead of the regular 30 day free trial.

An $11.99 monthly fee applies after the 3 month trial and you can cancel at anytime. Google will email you before your trial is over. The offer is valid once per the lifetime of an account.

Google YouTube Premium allows you to upload your music to the cloud. The subscription allows for ad-free streaming of tens of millions of songs, including Jewish music. You can also download music to play it offline.

YouTube Music is included in a Google YouTube Premium subscription and normally costs $9.99 per month.

It includes ad-free video, the ability to save videos to watch offline, the ability to play music from videos in the background of your phone without Youtube being on the screen, and more.

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Thanks dan!


I don’t think a frum site should encourage people to watch movies. Saving money, could be, but this is not acceptable. I understand that people are on different levels, but to help them to waste their time for “entertainment” is deffinately not Hashem’s Ratzon. What’s next, are you going to be announcing a “happy hour” and free drinks at bars and restaurants?!? or is that for sure not appropriate? Where do you draw a line?


You draw a line by banning you from commenting on this site
And this line must be drawn, Cuz you are full of nonsense.


Idiots like you couldn’t ever be satisfied… You will find a way to complain about ANYTHING… Get a life!
You obviously were trying to be a cheapskate at some point or your dumb @$$ comment wouldnt have ended up here where actual broke people come to figure out how to save some money…

Not Having It

This site seems to be all inclusive, not strictly for those who are frum—wouldn’t all inclusive be more of Hashem’s word than the nonsense you’re babbling about?


What does all inclusive – have with Hashem in common?
Isn’t a Jew required to be Frum?


I agree!!!
And I am not Jewish.!


Has a point


attention seeker please move on to iVelt


well said

Shlomo Rabinowitz

This is a way for the people who watch youtube to get three months free of inappropriate commercials. This is a way that people can download their shiurim and Jewish music offline, so they can listen without going on the internet. It also allows you to listen to a shiur in the background or when your phone is turned off so that you can also listen to shiurim while driving or doing other activities, making torah even more accessible.

Look at the positive, and no, I don´t normally use youtube, although i use it to download jewish music.

He also has deals on amazon, and you could use amazon to watch prime video. And he has deals on flights, which could be used to go places and cause insurrections. But, that isnt dans job. instead, he posts a deal, and hopes you use it responsibly.




The problem with your comment is that it doesnt make any sense, you know how many shurim and torah you can watch on youtube there is alot of positively , cause youre mind is dirty and u think evreything the wrong way and evrey thing is dirty by you, rabbi can i see your flip phone and go to the history ? no u dont want cause i know what your looking at, next time just keep your comments to yourself if you dont have anything smart to say,
if you do have something smart to say call joe biden he will listen to you.

all the best
Donald J Trump,


YouTube Red isn’t movies. There’s plenty of valuable shuirim on YouTube and this bypasses the commercials.


Not only this, it bypasses the non-tzniuos commercials….


If I already used this promotion is it possible fot me to get it again by using a different google account? If yes,how?


@Chaim : just log in to another google account, and click on Dan’s link again, then proceed with their instructions to sign up.


Does this offer expire?


Is it possible to sign up then cancel right away but will still work for the trial time (like with amazon prime)? im afraid ill forget to cancel


Yes it’s possible to cancel right away

Shlomo Rabinowitz

One trick is to use a visa gift card with very few dollars left, and then they cant charge you for anything.


Use the ‘schedule send’ option on Gmail to send yourself an email the day before it expires.


@Levi: set a google calendar alarm for yourself for 3 months + 3 weeks from now! 🙂


I see now that my trial ended already, anyone has this problem?


is there anyway to take advantage of this if you already had one free trial?


Are the artists getting paid for their CD’s being downloaded for free?


Why don’t you have this question wherever you buy music from Google play and iTunes?


I referred to this post where it says you can have jewish CD’s downloaded at no charge..
Not sure what your question is


When downloading music on any of the apps like Google music or Spotify you’re only downloading it within the app (offline) you can’t actually download it as a file. And yes I believe the companies do have to pay the artist based on the amount of times they’re music is listened to.

good in israel

Anyone get this to work from israel?

good in israel

Got it to work in Israel using a VPN thanks dan


How do you use a VPN? Is that an app you install


hi which vpn do u recommend


What’s the point? They just censor all the conservative information most of us would be interested in anyway




Getting an error message – is this happening for anyone else or is it just me?


Thanks Dan.
Minor correction – the offer is for 121 days, not 123.
Also, before you subscribe, the date when free trial will expire is very clearly displayed (if subscribing today, it’ll be April 21, 2018). So its easy to set a reminder for cancellation.


Did it work for you? I still get the error message


Yes it did.
Did you subscribe to the offer earlier? that may be the issue.


at first, no offer was indicated on the site. then, after entering account info, the screen said “free 4 month…” but, as soon as that flashed, the screen changed and it said “1 month free” – that was quickly replaced by “60 days free” so, though I was interested in YT Red, I’ll pass on it. naturally, there was no link to customer service. google insulates itself from consumer feedback for now but there will be a time when google will find itself exposed and will be compelled to respond or face confiscatory impositions from the EU and other countries, etc.


same here, showed as 4 months, clicked subscribe and showing $10.68/month starting Feb 22, 2018


with that promo i will be officially using this for a year free.


The link doesn’t work. It gives an error “invalid coupon code”


Got it – thanks-


What’s your secret? 🙂

Jay weiss

Does it still work to get 4 months free ?!


I’m also trying to get this offer


It’s not working

James Woods

I’ve been trying to get 4 months free trike won’t go threw


its dead


offer is code says NO




saying invalid coupon code is this still alive or what?

Marco Garcia

Youtube red free trial is 30 days free content watching before the $9.99 kicks in? So if I cancel before 30 days, I pay nothing?

Vikas Deshpande

Hey all,

Does this still work? If yes, what is the link to be clicked?


Still available?

Cek in

I want use it,

Cek in

I want use youtube red

Scott McFerron

Thanks so much work goes by so much better!!!!


This promotion is only for one month not four


have you ever done the promotion before? it needs to be done on a new email that hasn’t been used.


Does this include Google play music?


yes. Just Keep in mind your stuff will disappear after the three months unless you pay. Or just share your playlists with yourself and make another email and sign up again (just don’t forget to cancel it.)

free free stuff

nope. not this time. only youtube music


Thanks @dan!
Just got it and cancelled!

Not a fan of G

No Thank You. Do not want to log-in to Google even for premium content.


Promo only says 1 month free. Anyone else getting this?


Try incognito. Worked for me


if you save bunch of videos for offline viewing when the subscription expires do you lose access to thos offline vidoes?



Richard Alan Klempner

This is not an “official frum site “‘it encompasses all levels all faiths were all gods children we all have to live together on the same planet with each other , it’s bad enough there are people out there wanting to kill Jews ! Must we fight amongst our selves!! UG!


i thought i was getting 3 months free,, but instead, billing starts in 30 days at $11.99

Anthony gilliard

YouTube red

Anthony gilliard

Youtube red


why do you offer a 3 month promo, but can only get one month? That’s rude and deceptive so I’ll go without.

Bet Scliz

Awesome! Love it!!!


FYI: I tried landing this deal on an gmail account that already had this previously, and I was hit with the monthly charge. Called and had it refunded.


they offered me a 4 month free trial.


All I see is the 1-month. lol
But thank you. I missed out.


I want





huynh han

Please help me


Here in Europe 1 month free then $20/month.


Not only was I able to get the three-month trial, it says my monthly fee after that will be 23.90 shekel, about $6.80! Thanks Dan! Now I can listen to Shiurim while I drive and use Google Maps/Waze…