Free 12oz. Red Bull From 7-Eleven!

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Free 12oz. Red Bull From 7-Eleven

Just enter your phone number via the link above and you’ll get a link to a coupon for a free 12oz Red Bull in any flavor.

The coupon is good through 6/25/18. Once you click redeem offer on the coupon page you’ll have 15 minutes to use it.

The following Red Bull Flavors are all recommended kosher parve by the Star-K:

  • RED BULL Blue Edition
  • RED BULL Cherry Edition
  • RED BULL Energy Drink in Bottles
  • RED BULL Orange Edition
  • RED BULL Silver Edition
  • RED BULL Sugar-Free in Cans
  • RED BULL Summer Edition
  • RED BULL Total Zero
  • RED BULL Tropical Edition
  • RED BULL Yellow Edition
  • RED BULL Energy Drinks in Cans
  • RED BULL Festival Edition Energy Drink
  • RED BULL Green Edition Energy Drink
  • RED BULL Lime Edition Energy Drink
  • RED BULL Red Edition Energy Drink
  • RED BULL The Silver Edition Energy Drink
  • RED BULL Total Zero The Cherry Edition
  • RED BULL Total Zero The Orange Edition

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Is Red Bull kosher? I was under the impression that it was not.


Learn how to read….


maybe I need to read more carefully but you need to learn how to talk


OMG lol


Read the whole article. It’s not long…

Para Aduma

Great, just in time for Shavous!


Got one on 34st in the city thanks


It should be noted, though, that the flavour that they are pushing in the text – Coconut Berry – does not appear to be on any list so far.


Coconut Berry is the “summer edition” check the can. It is recommended by both the CRC and the star K if I’m not mistaken. The same way the lists say “red edition” and not cranberry.


In addition to travel and discount forums/blogs, I’m in favor of Dan starting his own hashgacha (kosher supervision) for various ‘promotionalized’ products. I’d definitely trust it.


He’s quoting from star k


Mission accomplished! Thanks dan

Danny K.

Do you think they’ll start using my phone number for telemarketing?


I tried using it and the guy at 7eleven told me he doesn’t accept coupons unless they are from the app


Me too, was it in Inwood?


No it was in Los Angeles




Yes it’s sold out


Dead, the website in the link says “Sorry, this offer’s limit has been reached or the offer has expired.”