Extend The Life Of Your Starpoints With 200 Free Starpoints

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Step 1: Login via this link and if you are subscribed to Starwood Preferred Guest E-statements you’ll need to click to unsubscribe from them and save the changes.

Step 2: Logout of your account.

Step 3: Login via this link and scroll down to subscribe to SPG E-statements and get 200 Starpoints.

“Bonus Starpoints can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to post to your account after confirmation that you have successfully subscribed.”

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22 Comments On "Extend The Life Of Your Starpoints With 200 Free Starpoints"

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Done.. thanks..


Don’t find E-statement options


From Step 1 I get this:

There seems to be a problem with your account email preferences.

There seems to be a problem with your account email preferences.Please contactCustomer Support


Was able to redeem the 200 points on my account thanks @Dan! but my wife’s account only had the option of getting 50 points for providing her email. (It’s a new account)


Cleared it up and made the changes, thanks Dan!

Joe S

Done on mine and wife’s account. Thanks.


When I try to do step 3 it says “You must complete the form to continue.” What form?


thanks – nice and easy


easy 200..thx Dan


@Sola, click the 2nd check box also, then hit Save or Continue, then “Form” error message goes away, replaced by “Success — you’ve earned 200 Starpoints”


@Sola: you have to check both boxes


Can subscribe & then unsubscribe?
& still get points?


Can this be done as in “rinse & repeat”? Thanks.


Thank You Very Much!


cool ,thanks


if i dont have a starwood account yet can i signup for 1 to get the offer?


when i try to login via the second link I dont see the thing that says to subscribe to SPG E-statements and get 200 Starpoints.


I didn’t get to the right page the 1st time but did the 2nd time I logged in using Dan’s link. Just scroll down – it’s on the left.
Thanks, Dan!


@e: same story. I see a search screen to make a reservation. There is no link to sign up

Cle rocks

Done. Thanks Dan


I can’t believe it worked, nothing ever works for me right on the internet. Anyone can do it if I did it.


Thanks Dan! Done!