15,000 Sheets Of Staples Multipurpose Paper For Negative 3 Cents After Easy Rebate

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Update: The $30 Visa Checkout discount is dead, however you can get an even better deal!

Just check your AMEX account for a $25 off $100 offer.

Then you can text the word “SAVE” to 555-444 (Or sign up your phone via this online form) for a $5 off code.  If you’ve received that code in the past you can even have the code sent to a Google Voice number!

-3 cases would be $161.97, less the $25 AMEX discount, less the $5 Staples.com coupon, and less the $132 rebate and your total will be negative 3 cents with free shipping (plus sales tax where applicable).

-Or you can get 2 cases for $107.98 less the $25 AMEX discount, less the $5 Staples.com coupon, and less an $88 rebate and your total will be negative $10.02 with free shipping (plus sales tax where applicable).

-If you have or make multiple Google Voice accounts and you have 2 cards with the AMEX offer you can order 4 cases of paper in 2 separate orders for negative $20.04 after 2 of the $88 rebates!

I ordered paper on Sunday, it was delivered on Tuesday and yesterday I already got confirmation that my $132 rebate is being processed!


Originally posted on 01/04:

Staples Multipurpose Paper Linky

Add 3 cases of paper (15,000 sheets) via the link above to your cart and your total will be $161.97.

Visa Checkout offers $30 off $150 on Staples.com

Just select Visa Checkout during the checkout process and $30 will be taken off instantly, making your total $131.97 with free shipping (plus sales tax where applicable).

You can use any credit card type with Visa Checkout.

You will get a $44 Visa gift card via Staples Easy Rebate for each case on up to 4 cases of paper.

Just click on the form from the Staples.com offer:














You can then read the terms of the offer (4 per household) but rather than print out the rebate just follow the online link to submit the rebate electronically with your order number.  The easy rebate will cover all of the cases in your order.














That’s $132 back on 3 cases of paper that only cost $131.97 (plus sales tax where applicable).

Or you can buy 4 cases for $185.96 and get $176 back.

You can submit the rebate immediately after ordering, though it will not state the amount of the rebate right away. The rebate can take 4 to 11 weeks to arrive.

Don’t forget to use your Ink Plus or Ink Cash card to earn 5 points per dollar!

HT: sm8542, via DDF

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I wrote that twice in the post.


How does the ez rebate work is it a gift card they send you or they just take it off of your total price?


i assume the rebate comes as a staples GC?


Dead already?


When I add to cart it tells me: We are unable to process your request at this time


They send you a Visa gift card.

Visa gift card.

Works just fine from my computer.


Where is the rebate link?

Deal guy

Dan, do you actually do every deal you post?


They have this for over a week already. Why not 4 cases ?


Read the post.

@Deal guy:
Nafka mina being?

The $30 off is new.

You can do 4 cases, but then it won’t be free. The 4th case will cost $10.


Not adding to cart from mobile


Can we redeem both rebates of $44 each? What is the difference between them? Or at least can one buy 4 cases twice for a total of 8

SoCal Dude

Dan, awesome. I’ll double w/mom & my info & our local school will get 6 cases of paper!
Make sure to use ALL separate contact info for rebate including phone #.
They cross reference everything!
(Why do folks post ? That are clearly covered in your thorough post?)


how do I get the 44 dollar rebate?


Are you supposed to fill out 3 separate rebates ? How else do they know to send 3x $44 ?


dan, where can i deliver to with no tax, perhaps a yeshiva somewhere can use paper and there location wont charge me tax


the cheapest tax i can get is 7 bucks


Try requesting desktop site?
Or find a computer.

The first is for store purchases, the 2nd is for online purchases.
You can do 4 of each.

@SoCal Dude:

Because they don’t like reading?

Read the post.

They can see your order and how many cases you bought.

With a tax exempt number you wouldn’t pay tax.

Otherwise states like AK, DE, NH, and OR have no sales tax.


I had to pay $10 tax, but that’s still a pretty good deal. Thanks dan!


@moshe your order number duh !!!!


Thanks Dan. Now I have free paper forever. I got 50.


Do you have to submit the rebate online form 4 times?


So I ordered 3 cases and it seems to me that I now have to submit 3 of the same rebate applications (under the same name) to receive 3 rebates at 44 each.

Can you confirm that I got it right?


I made the order but didn’t see any rebate offer help???


Got 3 and filled out for rebate. Isn’t that only going to be a rebate for one of the 3?


When signing up for the rebate, after I enter my order number and click next I get “Your eligible rebates are still being determined” Anyone get this?


No, once is fine.

No, online just needs 1 submission.

Read the post.

No, they can tell you ordered 3.

They need to cross-reference your order number to see how many cases you bought.


Awesome – thanks Dan! 3 on the way!


so i sent it to chabad of Oregon!
2317 Southwest Vermont Street, Portland, OR 97219


I submitted the rebate online. How long till I receive the 3 x $44 visa cards?


why not try the %25 coupon off office supply


this came up before I submitted my rebate:
“Your eligible rebates are still being determined”
is that what is supposed to happen?


FYI: The rebate is NOT an instant rebate: “Please allow 8 – 11 weeks after we receive your submission to receive your rebate.” Still worth it though, just got 3 boxes of paper for what will in the end be $10.86! Thanks Dan.


Because it excludes paper?

Read previous comments please.

Indeed, if it was instant I’d have said instant 😉



I cannot fill out the rebate form. The fields are not accepting data. Using Chrome. …but the “right here” link works. Any tips?


ZH Cohen

Can I fill out the rebate form before my order is received?


Sorry to double-post, but clicking “right here” brings me back to the easyrebates home page. Tried this in Explorer and Chrome.


Just did it myself in Firefox.

@ZH Cohen:
Yes, you can do it right away.


dan i have red the posy but when i make the order i just see my check out i dont see any rebate option . what do i have to do in order to get the rebate ? dont tell me red the post i dont see nothing there how to get the rebate . please explain more . thanks


Did you try clicking the links in the post?
Or should I click them for you?


Any shipping charge?


I have afew dollars on staples gift card, can I use that too?
Or does the whole amount need to be through visa?


People check your emails!! I recently got a $25 off $75 coupon which works with this deal meaning you can actually make $13 off this lol


Done. Thanks.


Dan, let us know when posters’ lack of following instructions finally pushes you over the edge 🙂


I bought 2 (or more) items that fall under the same Easy Rebates® promotion number. But after entering the first SKU online, I am not able to submit for the additional SKU(s). Why is this happening?

If you purchased multiples of the same product with a rebate, or if you purchased multiple items that fall under the same rebate offer number, you only need to enter the rebate offer number once. The system will use your Easy Rebates® ID number or staples.com order number to verify the rebate products you purchased. Then it will update your status to reflect the multiple rebates.


as Staples loves to say: That Was Easy!!

smart man

Just take note. The rebate cards can only be used at staples stores


If you use Ink card to do you get 5x points as well ?


dan —

Where can I get a tax exempt form?


the rebate card will work wherever visa is accepted


dan, do u think staples will verify the tax exempt #?


@Fleh: Just did it in chrome and it worked fine for me


Read the post.

Try and find out?


One of these days…

@smart man:
Huh? Why would a visa card only be good at staples???

Read the post.

From a non-profit?

Smarty Man

@smart man:
VISA prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa us accepted.


Thanks Dan!

Also, for those complaining about the $10 tax, if you use your Ink card and get 5 UR back per dollar, you’ve gotten the value back 🙂

SoCal Dude

I can’t say strongly enough how easy & what a great deal this is!
Support your local school/PTA/temple/church, etc.


Thanks, once again


BROOKLYN people: Anyone who would like to take advantage of this and make a couple of bucks – I’m willing to pick up 2 or 3 cases evenings this week, paying $18/case from anyone who takes advantage of this deal. Who needs 3 cases of paper anyway? You’ll have a hard time selling this on ebay with shipping costs. email carstuck@yahoo.com


Got it. Thanks.


do i have to receive the item in order to make the rebate or i can make it right after i make my order ?

Smarty Man

25% off $75 offer is out there with code 19809. Not $25 off. I don’t know if you can combine the discounts.


@FYI Were you able to complete your order? I got an error stating only one dollars off coupon can be used

Thanks Dan

Just ordered 3 cases. Thank you Dan!! You are the best!



I got the same thing several ppl posted above- “Your eligible rebates are still being determined”

I read your answers above. You didn’t say what happens next though. Do I just wait a few hours and try resubmitting?


Do I get 5% UR on the Ink bold also? The post only says ink plus and ink cash. TIA


says my rebates are still being determined. Is that normal?

staples girl

done. thanks


I didn’t have time to read the actual post nor all the replies. But since Dan posted, does anyone know if this deal will work next Pesach flying from Loma Linda to tel aviv?


I just don’t understand why the readers here are soo stupid
Are they having an issue reading JUST READ THE POST !!!


when it says your eligible rebates arestill being determined,just
press next. it will work. 8-11 weeks until you receive your visa card rebate

Smarty Man

@Smarty Man:
25% off $75 office supplies doesn’t work on the paper cases.


can i use my staples gift card to purchase?


Right away.

No, you submit it now and they will calculate the rebate later.

Of course.
That card has been discontinued but has the same benefits as Ink Plus.

Read previous comments please.

Only from Oxnard.

Laziness or poor reading comprehension skills, that is the question.

Try and find out?


In for 3 cases. Thanks Dan. The Yeshiva will be happy to get free paper!


@Dan: Thanks alot, got it. Btw dan, there’s a program on windows called autohotkey that allows you to set custom keyboard shortcuts. You should set one to type “read the post” 🙂


Can I do a spouse at the same address with own credit card?


Can a spouse at same address do this also?


@Smarty Man: code 19809 will NOT work for paper…staples doesn’t consider their paper as “office supplies’!!!

eli s

1 rebate form or 3?


Hi thanks for the offer.

How can i take part in this offer more then once?


@fyi thanks, I had a coupon for $30 off $60, forgot to use it, called them they applied it to my order


Any way f visa check out more than once?
Would it be visa issue or staples issue?
Will ship order of office supplies n second order
Paper cases
Would staples be ok w it?


Shimmy (#60) would you pick up from Queens?



you can get from staples a 1 1/2 inch Staples heavy duty binder with D rings for only 1 cent (after rebate)
add it to your order of paper for free shipping too!!

israel tech

Dan, I must say, thank’s for this thread of entertainment. And oh, I ordered the 3 boxes. Easy Shmeasy…… Thanks for the clear details…..



you can’t


shimmy (#60)
why are you willing to pay $18/box when you can just order it yourself for just $9.99 after rebate????? or free if you check out with visa checkout

Yosef Chaim

I did 3 cases. Can I do 1 more and get the rebate and still be $10?


Thanks Dan.


Hey @Dan thanks, just ordered 3. in the Rebate details it says:”May not be valid in combination with other offers.” any reason to worry that the $30 from Visa Checkout will invalidate the rebate? on the invoice it does come up as -$30 Coupons and Rewards


@cindy: probably b/c he wants more than 3 cases!


I sent a case to Dans house in cleveland. just kidding. lol


Got 3…Thanks Dan! I actually needed paper!


Just ordered 4 cases. Total cost will be $9.96 with no sales tax (exempt org.)
Thanks Dan!


when I press SUBMIT the order doesn’t get processed. Why?


If I may ask you off-topic: I got the U.S. Airways card (through your link, of course), and now the AF has posted. What is the best way to avoid the AF while still getting the bonus miles: pay the AF then cancel the card? Is there any way to keep the card w/o paying the AF? Thanks for this and everything!


There’s an error when trying to add to cart

Poor Old Dave


The product or category you were looking for is no longer available.

And we thought there wasn’t anything duct tape couldn’t fix.

The “Staples® Multipurpose Paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″, Case” is currently out-of-stock, or no longer available for purchase, but you can still find similar items in Staples®


just ordered 3 cases for my school. tax exempt. and had a $5 rewards code so im making money on this deal! thanks tons


Is it dead cuz It doesn’t work by me


Hey Dan – Could I use Staples gift cards to pay for the order and still receive the full rebate?


If I used a Staples gift card to pay for part of the paper, would I still get the full refund?


I ordered 3 successfully. Thanks. Can I order more using a different email address, different shipping address, different first name, different tel # , etc. Will it work?


currently out of stock anything to do

Dans pet

Just Ordered 4 cases hope to order 4 more tomorrow!!! Lol I’d be way richer without all these amazing deals, I wouldn’t buy had it not been on sale…


worked great!


@Ben: honestly I forgot to apply at checkout so I wouldn’t know but I called them afterwards and they applied it.. Took about two minutes


We are sorry, we are unable to process Visa Checkout payment at this time. Please use other methods of payment.


Rebate not full if paid by staples gc coupons etc
Had this in past


In for 3, thanks Dan!


staples site is down

Poor Old Dave

@Poor Old Dave:

looks like it was out and then back in! Sorry for the false alarm.


website down


staples.com is down


Is this dead already? your link doesnt seem to be working when I click on it.


first tie staples.com has gone down for more than 5 minutes acoridng to csr…:)

a gast

visa checkout offer is once per staples account but you can use your same visa acc


It’s not giving me the option of doing Visa checkout. Anyone else having that problem?


@Tem: did you go far enough in the process? I just ordered ~30 minutes ago and did not get the same presentation as shown in Dan’s article. Instead, the VCO button appeared below the entry fields for credit card information during the checkout process. I did not have a VCO account prior to this, so perhaps it is/was different based on my not having cookies for VCO at that point in the process.

darN NYC

Got 3 boxes for $131.97 plus tax $143.35 … electronic rebate is processing (fingers crossed) . Fyi, I did this 1 & 1/2 hours ago and used Visa Checkout. Dan, I will thank u,in 6-8 weeks,from,now: )


I ordered with a rewards account that has no tax (cong) can I order again on this account to a different address, and get the rebates?


I got 3 cases for $131.97 plus $11.71 tax = $143.68. I already submitted rebate online. $143.68 minus $132 (44 x 3) = $11.68. Thanks Dan!


@FYI: nah, only one dollars off code with this … you’ll see if you tey checking out with it.




done . went through , thanks dan !.


Thanks Dan! Three on the way for me. You are a blessing!

Mary Cohn

It worked for me. Additional benefit is that it allowed me to pay for part of the balance with a Staples Rebate Card that was going to expire soon anyway, so I ended up only paying around $100.


Not working. Tried two different browsers. Getting error, “Unable to Process Request” when trying to add to cart. =(


In for 3. So with easyrebate i only need to submit it once?

Might be a Mistake

where does it say that in one order you can get 3 times $44 rebate


if you do different apartments will it work @dan


@Mikes – Thank you! Once I started going through the process of shipping info, Visa Checkout came up as a billing option.



My guess is that your question is whether you’ll be able to get away with it, not whether HASHEM would be happy.


Thanks Dan, tons of paper 🙂 yay.. now we need INK !!!


dan, it says the rebate is for staples.com (according to the one you highlighted). does that make sense? or its a gift card that can be used anywhere?


TY Dan


dan, is the rebate going to come after 8-11 weeks straight to my credit card (if i did the apply straight on-line thing), or im just gonna get gift cards and ill have to do something like taking it to a store and adding it to my order, or it wont even be good for this order, and will just be gift cards for the future????



Where does that come in?


would the visa checkout 30 off work for vgcs?


I ordered the 3 cases last night and I realize now that I had a different card saved in my visa checkout account. I’d prefer using one of my ink cards instead…is there anyway to change this?


@dan its been a while since I submitted a rebate and staples has done a reface of the rebate center. Although I know you said it wont tell me the amount if I submit the rebate online right away which I did but It doesn’t tell me how many cards I am getting for the 3 boxes I purchased. Any insight

Also I think this Is one of the first posts on Dansdeals that I actually purchased 24 hours later and it still has not been sold out. LOL!


It will figure out what you’re owed.
In the past the full rebate has been one card, but I guess we’ll see what happens.


@mendy I believe they are prepaid debit cards so you can use it anywhere a debit/credit card is accepted. No such thing it going back onto your credit card. I plan on using them at gas stations since I fill up almost twice a week since I travel although discover card gives 5% back on gas this quater


@ might be a mistake Limit 4 rebates per name/address/household. states it in the rebate form


@Freedom: and ???
your ordering 3 ?????


@monkey. Yes I ordered 3. if you calculate after all rebates the tax it comes 37 cents a piece. I don’t need more than 3


@Dan: what neans the post?


Wow that was quick! My 3 cases of paper just arrived. I have just started learning calligraphy a week ago, this is perfect timing; I will be needing lots of paper to mess around with 🙂

Thanks Dan!


Just got mine today too. Really fast. Thanks Dan!


I tried from my iphone the deal is dead any one still able to get ?


I was able to get the deal from my iphone at the end. Thanks dan already submitted the rebates


Dan,can I do this a second time using a different browser for Visa Check out in my name and submitting the rebate using my brothers address and info. In other words will the billing address and Visa Checkout profile effect the second rebate? Thank you in advance


is there any way to see if someone from my “household” ordered it because I’m in a Yeshiva, and there are many people here.


Won’t be a problem.


@tova: It’s for purchases made via staples.com, but the rebate they give you is a Visa gift card


the driver i spoke to told me they sent 4 truck just full of pallets of paper into Lakewood this morning


I saw the staples guy all over boro park today shlepping heavy boxes of paper!!!


Keep on tweeting it every few hours to make sure deal dies, I think once you get the info out we all appreciate it and that’s enough we don’t have to kill it ourselves


Got it too. Thanks tons, Dan.
BTW, your spelling and grammar is usually impeccable, but there’s a mistake in the update at the top of the post. 😉


Can now get an extra $20 off $100 with coupon. Doesn’t exclude paper this time.


$20 off $100 staples.


Just called staples and they deducted $20 off yesterday’s paper order. Making the paper -$20.03!!


@D93: It didn’t work for me; it needs to be within 48 hours of when the order is placed. I guess I could return it and buy it with the coupon, but it’s not worth the bother…
Thanks anyway.


i got my paper case of 3 but i wnat to order another 3 do i have to vchange all info by visa checkout and do i have to send the new order to another address and use another credit card?


@D93: This code was already used. It can not be used again. ;(


Where do you get the staples coupon from the one you posted was used already


i already got 3 cases but need another 3 more how cna i put in another order and get rebate can anyone help me with this


how did you find/generate this coupon?, thanks in advance


how much sheets is it cause each case comes with 500 sheets so it cant be 15,000 sheets.


called in and got the online coupon added!!!!


Funny because mine came already and it’s 15,000 sheets.

SoCal Dude

A ream holds 500 sheets, a case holds 10 reams=5,000 sheets.
Remember to use different e-mail, name, address, credit card & phone # for multiple orders. They cross reference everything!


I just chat online with a staples agent and asked to apply the $20 discount. He told me that its more than 48 hours and he cant apply it. After asking again he was able to provide me a $15 (+tax…) discount on my order from Sunday which I already received earlier today.

Five townsyid


thank you Dan! 3 full size cases were delivered today.

ez online rebate was submitted and should receive the GC soon.


Got my 3 boxes of paper today!

Thanks Dan!


@D93: staples says this specific coupon code is just a one time use…. does anyone have any other coupon code?








To all you clicking D93 link, please don’t call in anymore with this specific code, it will be a chilul hashem. I called in with the code, they told it was used already, gave me a very jewish sounding name of who used it.


for multiple orders, is a different billing address enough or does it need to be a different shipping address too?


My UPS driver told me he had 67 cases of paper to deliver today!! I got my daily delivery from UPS @ 2:00 PM instead of early morning because all the drivers were busy schlepping heavy cases of paper in the snow (-; and my order is coming tomorrow.


If I did this deal through my staples account for 3 boxes can I do it again for another 3/ What do I need to change if any in order to get rebate?


i got an email conf. on my order, and minutes later a call from staples saying my order is on hold and cannot be processed. did anyone else get that? is there something to be done to still get this deal?


im very confused, does this mean we need to pay for the paper and then in the future i get visa gift cardS?


I didn’t get the VISA 30% off. I called Staples and was told that it’s while supplies last.I said,how can a “supply” of rebates run out? Staples rep said it’s not their problem it’s VISA’s issue. I tried to re-order using the 25% off Staples coupon and it said that it wasn’t applicable. I cancelled both orders, but they delivered it all today anyway. I am on my way out to Staples to complain in person and return the paper. Used the only VISA I have which is bank card otherwise I would let them schlepp it back themselves.


I ordered mine yesterday but when I put in my order number and zip code it tells me “Your eligible rebates are still being determined” how long does this have to take (I ordered 4 boxes)


Currently out of stock online


Thanks Dan my paper was delivered with in 24 hours. Something must be done with all the same questions being asked. They need to read the post before and all will be answered. I now thank Hashem for not being dumb


Thanks Dan as always I followed your instructions and the order went very smoothly with the rebate. Not available for home delivery soooooo my husband is going to the store tomorrow to pick it up. you can see on line which stores has the deal available for store pick up tu


@shimmy-post 66

DID ANYONE HEAR BACK FROM SHIMMY??? I don’t need so much paper. I ordered it because he posted he will pick it up for $18 a case. I figured I’ll make some money. My boxes of paper are in the way. Did he pick it up or it’s just a phoney?? Anyone else wants them?


Anyone know if 30 off with visa checkout still works ?


@Shimmy: Would you take 98 Cases of paper?


So I just got an email about the rebate, but I only got one rebate


@esty 189 , email mordy0624@gmail.com


out of stock!


Visa Checkout $30 off is dead, I’m chatting now and i’m trying to still get it.


back in stock,
just ordered but the $30 didn’t show up , so i chated them and they told me to place order and they will refund me, and so i received an email that they took off $30 from order
thanks dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I didn’t get the $30 rebate with Visa checkout, so I only ordered 1 box.





Follow-up on yesterday’s comment. I went to Staples to return paper delivered incredibly quickly(ordered at 3PM cancelled at 3:10 and delivered before 11am the next day. They were unable to apply the VISA checkout $30, but they did honor their 25% on-line coupon. So I paid 39.75 each for 4 cases of paper and will be paid $44 each on the rebate. So, after 9% Cal. sales tax, I end up with 4 cases of paper which they will have paid me 2.69 to keep. Not a bad deal.


I submitted the rebate through the staples.com website. it requires your order number and zip code. after entering that it confirms that your $44 rebate was processed. how do i know if this is x3 for the 3 cases or if it’s just 1 on the whole order?


I got all 3 rebates in one email


i chated with staples


Probably best to cancel and reorder. Staples and VCO are annoying.
—Also, I know this is random but can AE serve be loaded online with Visa GC (from earlier Staples purchase)? Tnx


Could u use more paper? I ordered it as well with the hope to sell it to poster 66 but haven’t heard back from him ;(


Those who ordered paper and dont have what to do with it there is an organization who can use it if you want to have the zchus


I got the following email this morning:

Date Submitted: 01/04/15
Rebate 1: Get a $44 Visa (R) Prepaid Card on Staples 8.5 x 11 Inch Multipurpose Paper 10 Ream Case (SKU 513096) at Staples.com
Status: Invalid. Product Limit Exceeded.
Rebate Offer Number: 14-15582

anybody know if they will not honor a 44$ on each of the three cases ordered? is this an error?


Just got the same email rebate invite


So staples delayed delivery of my free paper, I complained and got $5 which means I paid 6 bucks in taxes instead of 11 🙂


If it’s 25 (+5) off $100, why not just get 2 cases for 107.98 less 30 less 88 = negative 10.02?? Seems like a better deal than 3 cases. (And another 2 cases on a separate Amex for an even bigger rebate)


why not just buy two cases of paper instead of three? then you’ll come out ahead….?


Dan is king 🙂 , THANK YOU


I ordered on Sunday, was delivered on Tuesday, boxes were damaged so they delivered again and picked up the original delivery, and on Wednesday they confirmed my rebate is being processed! I would love to order more for the $10/20 gift, but no space! Thanks Dan!


UPS guy in Lakewood was not happy to say the least. He said “next time staples runs a sale let them get their own truck”


If I already got 3 cases in the beginning of the week can I still get now again with Amex ?


I can’t believe the content of this comments section. Dan you are the most patient person ever.


Thank you Dan

SoCal Dude

Ordered 6 cased on SUN (3 under my info & 3 under Mom’s info…) all 6 delivered on TUE & all donated on TH. Great deal!

Baruch Shine

The $44 rebate ended Jan. 10. From Jan. 11 – 17, the rebate for this Staples paper goes down to $34 (IN STORE ONLY, NOT on Staples.com), BUT concurrent with a sale of buy 2 (at $53.99 each) & get 1 free (= $36 each net for 3 cases). This week’s deal comes out to a slightly lower initial $ outlay at purchase time. Two bucks (+tax) for a whole case ($36/case – $34 rebate) is still a sweet deal. (Then add whatever AMEX or other coupons available. Nice. — P.S. You can use the same links from the original post.)

Baruch Shine

Sorry. I did not notice when I posted before, above. The $34 rebate is for in store only. The buy 2 & get 1 free is “Offer valid online or by phone only.” The 2 apparently cannot be combined. Oh well…

James Neidorf

Did anybody notice that $44 rebate expired Jan 10 and current rebate, expiring Jan 17, is down to $34/case?


Did anyone got the money already???


Still no. Sent email to staples… Hope it just hasn’t arrived yet. But haven’t received it yet.


“The rebate can take 4 to 11 weeks to arrive.”


Got it today 🙂

SoCal Dude

Got 1 of 2 $132 VISA Debit Cards! Local school got the paper & I get back my $.

SoCal Dude

Got both Staples $132 VISA Debit cards today.


Thanks. got the $132 visa card yesterday. and have paper for the next ten years…


I still havent received my rebate. any idea what to do about it?


Just wanted to say thank you. We just started our last ream of paper!