1 Year Free Shoprunner Membership For Non-AMEX Cardholders Or Free Shoprunner For Life For AMEX Cardholders


Click here for a 1 Year Free Shoprunner Membership For Non-AMEX Cardholders. It says that a Paypal email address is required, but any email address will work.

Click here for a Free Shoprunner Membership For Life For AMEX Cardholders 

ShopRunner provides for free 2nd day shipping and free return shipping to dozens of stores!

HT: nobiggy, via DDF

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What if I’m enrolled already?


Is there any need to do anything now if I already have a freen Shoprunner account from Amex?

"for life"...

Thanks. It’s only for life if you have the card for life.
“To maintain this benefit on your ShopRunner account, you must maintain an eligible Card. The benefit may be cancelled on your ShopRunner account if you do not have an eligible Card. You can maintain only one benefit per eligible Card”

Dan the man

Does it work if you already have shopprunner or need to register new email?


Same question


I dont have any more Amex cards and still have shoprunner


Why, what happened to your Amex cards ?


@hvaces42: Is Shoprunner allowing you only to finish out the current year (calendar or 12 mo period)? Is it renewing beyond the year?


It is obviously unclear to the readers as to whether existing ShopRunner accounts gain any benefit from the signup listed here. Is the “Free ShopRUnner for Life” something new? Or that’s the same that any existing ShopRunner account has?


I have shoprunner and never use it
I get free ship from staples when. Buy over
Shoprunner also has a minimum for free ship
So it does not do anything extra for me


Free returns


The “for life” part is confusing….. I already have shoprunner and when I click it recognizes that and won’t go any further. I love shoprunner. It’s only available on limited stores, but when it pops up I always use it simply for the free returns.


DO I need to cancel this after a year to avoid getting charged?