Total Eclipse Of The Park? Cleveland And Dallas Will Host Ballgames On April 8, 2024; Will You Book Eclipse Travel?

"Diamond ring" as the moon covers the sun in Boonville, MO, August 2017
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On 4/8/24, a total solar eclipse will pass through cities like Dallas (totality from 1:40-1:44pm CT), Indianapolis (3:06-3:09pm ET), Cleveland (3:13-3:17pm ET), and Buffalo (3:19-3:22pm ET).

Cleveland is already gearing up for incoming tourists.

Major League Baseball has published its 2024 schedule and it shows that both the IndiGuardians and Rangers will host games on April 8th. For the Tribe, it will be their home opener, which means it will be an afternoon game.

If either game features a 1pm start time, there will be a total eclipse during play! The skies will slowly dim and then go dark as the moon shines and the ballpark lights come on, giving fans an incredibly unique experience. Maybe the teams will even give away eclipse glasses as the promotional item of the day?

Globe Life Field, 7/16/23


The Rangers park has a retractable roof and they only play a small handful of games under the Texas sun, though it’s typically open during the cooler games in early April and late September and I’d have to imagine it will be open if there’s a 1pm game there.

Progressive Field, 10/15/22


While the early start time is more likely in Cleveland due to the home opener, it’s also more likely for Cleveland to have clouds and rain (April showers!) that time of year, which may block the show.

Globe Life Field, located in Arlington, near Dallas, will have 200 seconds of totality, while downtown Cleveland’s Progressive Field will feature 229 seconds of totality. From my experience, they are some of the most awesome seconds you’ll ever experience.

But for now, we just have to wait and see what the timing for the games will look like.

I was lucky enough to see the 2017 total eclipse in Missouri and it was truly spectacular!

My in-laws stayed in their Overland Park, Kansas home, where there was 99% of a total eclipse, but the show there wasn’t very impressive. 99% coverage is simply incomparable to the full total eclipse. We had the option of driving to S. Joseph or Boonville, Missouri to watch the eclipse in totality and made a game-time decision to drive to Boonville based on the weather radar. That was a good move as S. Joseph was clouded in and Boonville got a spectacular show.

As the sun was blocked by the moon, the gathered crowd gasped, the crickets came out, the temperature plummeted, and everyone took off their eclipse glasses for several minutes to watch a true wonder as the moon fully blocked the sun.

If you find yourself near totality, such as in Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, or Toronto, you simply must get yourself to where you can view the eclipse in totality.

But even if you’re a flight away, I’d highly recommend considering it as seeing a total eclipse should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s a truly awe-inspiring experience.

In 2017, flights, hotels, and car rentals to areas within driving range of the eclipse sold out, so be sure to book those well in advance.


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Will you travel to see next year’s total eclipse?

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Already booked my hotel just outside Cleveland 🙂


You can’t call them the Tribe anymore


I drove down to the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee for the 2017 eclipse, and a little further down to see the totality. The traffic in the totality area was INSANE, but it was completely worth it. One of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life.

If you have not experienced it, do yourself a favor and go. Buffalo is only a 6 hour drive from Monsey. (Not really worth flying by the time you figure security, car rental, etc.) Rochester is only 5 hours, plus it has a Frum community, shul, mikve, restaurants. You can drive there and back the same day (assuming traffic is not insane, which it will be).

Or, be smart, take the kids out of school for a day, drive up Sunday, watch it Monday, and drive back Monday afternoon/night. It is so completely worth it, it’s right on your doorstep (comparatively speaking), and there won’t be another total solar eclipse visible from the continental US until 2044! (And that will be cut off by sunset, so the next really good one won’t be until 2045! Your kids that haven’t even been born yet may have kids of their own by then!)

It would have been even cooler if NY had gone ahead and shut down Niagara Falls this year like they were talking about – imagine going to watch a total solar eclipse while standing/sitting on the dry riverbed!

Free parking

Looking forward to joining you in your backyard 4/8/24.


Drove to Kentucky night before eclipse in 2017 it was magical. Already reserved a spot with family in Cleveland

Sam F.

I books an AirBnB in the OH path a couple months ago. The host messaged to say they’d let me know if the unit was available as we got closer to the time! What the heck?!


I booked two rooms at the Country Inn in Rochester back in April. I asked if they had openings for the night before the eclipse and he had no idea what I was talking about. Price was pretty low also. I hope they honor it…


We went to St Louis in 2017 and drove further south in IL to a park on the Mississippi to view the eclipse in great conditions. I’ve already told my son to expect us in Cleveland next year I hadn’t realized the game was an option, though the ability to drive to a different location based on the forecast probably outweighs the game.


Booked a weekend in Austin! Not sure where I’ll watch it but hoping for some clear skies in the area!


Makes sense for someone in Cleveland to stay put, but anyone needing to travel to an eclipse location should make weather conditions a part of the calculation. Clear skies are important, and making a trip to a place with rainy/snowy/overcast Spring would be very disappointing. Dallas is a very good choice though


Good time to do kiddush Levanah

David R

Nope. Solar eclipse basically coincides with the molad. Kiddush levana is said at least three days (or seven according to others) after the molad.


Not necessarily. I believe Iggros Moshe says the 3/7 wait time for pegimas halevana is only for one who cant make it immediately on the moon’s emergence – as the Rambam writes, “haroeh levana bichidusha mevarech…”

Liam K. Nuj

Eh! I’ll just watch it on TV.


Not even close to the same. That’s like saying I won’t bother eating a steak, I’ll just watch someone else eat it on TV.


The eclipse is definitely newsworthy, but why is the main focus of the article on the baseball games?


Flights and hotels booked in Mazatlán, Mexico!


Dan, I love how hip you are to pop culture (reference the title of the post), especially that which occurred before you were born.


Which locations are the best chances to see totality?


Nasa website has a beautiful diagram of the whole thing and best places to see it at price times.