There Is No Joy In Mudville…


…Mighty Casey has grounded into a rally-ending double play(7th), made an error(7th), and hit into the last out in the 9th. (Rough night for Casey Blake…)

Is there any question as to why Cleveland was ranked by ESPN as the #1 most tortured sports city?

What a disappointment!

The worst part is that I worked for hours last week figuring out Ticketmater’s unique code algorithm in order to buy thousands of dollars worth of world series tickets at face value…and watched them go from $$$$ to zilch in the blink of an eye.


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GOODBYE TRIBE! This is a bigger meltdown than Yanks and the Mets combined


GO BOSTON !!!!!!!


GO ROX!!!!!


I said that Sabathia and Carmona would disappear in October and they did. It was a nice run though. Congrats Indians on the great season.


Dan condolences. I prayed for the Indians to do well though!


my condolences but at least clevand tops the leaderboard in their own category


not as big a meltdown as the mets 🙁
more importantly is you figuring out ticketmasters algorithm. might come in handy for other important and lucrative tickets (hannah montana if you have kids or other sporting events). care to share?


red sox all the way


Sorry for the tough loss. But the Indians are a team that will be in it for the longhaul, and as I am so used to saying “There is always next year” ( I am a Saints fan)

go redsox

yea the red sox are on there way to another championship enjoy the miesery yankee fans now your the cursed losers