October Redemption Time In Believeland


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What a year it’s been in Cleveland.

It seems like just yesterday that I flew to San Francisco with JJ to witness the first Cleveland sports championship of my lifetime.

I took my then 4 year old son to the parade along with my grandfather. How could Rafi possibly comprehend how long his hometown had waited for the moment? Well, other than the 1,300,000 people who jammed the city as never before…

And yet, it all felt slightly bittersweet. You see, as much as I loved the euphoria and the high that the city was on, my heart wished it was the Tribe. Baseball has always been my true sports love. I’ll always remember my first baseball game. My maternal grandfather took me to Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium on 6/28/92 where we saw the Indians beat the Blue Jays 7-6. There’s just something magical about the sport with no buzzer. There’s something magical about the sport that can be enjoyed while sitting under the stars without the in your face show that the NBA is. And as a millennial growing up in Cleveland, the 90s were all about the Tribe, and they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

In 1995 my parents took us to Toronto to stay in the Westin Harbour Castle where the Indians stayed. As a 10 year old there I got nearly the entire team’s autographs and even got free tickets to the game from Manny Ramirez when we held the elevator for him.

Later that year I sent in hundreds of postcards and won tickets to watch the ’95 World Series. At the time I didn’t fully appreciate how rare it would be. And that was despite my grandfather warning me that my own uncles had never seen a Cleveland sports championship.

1997 was the most painful. I screamed during game 7 when Mike Hargrove put in a struggling Jose Mesa to close out the game in the bottom of the 9th and I just may have cried when we blew it. Yes I know there’s no crying in baseball, but my grandfather was just 9 when the Indians last won it all. Wasn’t it time for everyone else to have that chance?

It took 19 years, but the Indians are back on the big stage.

Nobody predicted this. Not after losing Brantley due to injury. Not after losing Salazar due to injury. Not after losing Carrasco to injury. Not after Bauer sliced open his finger building a drone during the playoffs! And not with a minor-league pitcher starting in a pennant clinching game.

And yet, somehow, someway, against all odds, this ballclub has prevailed.

So here comes one final roller coaster. 4 more wins. Can Cleveland pull it off again?

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PLEASE tell me you went up for the clincher! I had tickets but I had to cancel last minute 🙁



Is this a hot deal? When does it expire?


You’re contending with the cubs who definitely want it more. Not s chance that cleveland takes it all.


That’s why I love this site. Deals, miles and Cleveland sports! Go Tribe!


I think your forgetting to mention a key component here. My infatuation with Manny is what got us the tickets!


! א גוט מועד

Caviar kugel

Nah doubt it not with a rook, tomlin, and dronegate. that said go cle

Joel r

It’s all because you got Andrew miller from our Yankees a great move and it’s time for Cleveland to win it all and the biggest thing is u have a great manager in Terry Francona lots of luck for you Dan in your Cleveland teams


No offense but I do sincerely hope my Cubbies spoil your plans for another sports post.. For this year 🙂


Cavs win it all AND the Indians in the world series!? Must be Moshiach Tzeitin..


Cubs and Tribe in the World Series
Trump and Clinton running for President
Where’s the white donkey at?


@Yonah: “white donkey”… hmmm.. you already mentioned Trump… 😛


Love it – Wahoo! Go Cleveland!! 🙂 …Too bad the Indians site was impossible to get tickets from today.

Roosevelt bowling

Hehe browns stink tho


Congrats from sad Jays fan, the only silver lining for me was most of the games were on yom tov so I didn’t witness the jays crumble


@Roosevelt bowling

Cleveland may get 2 championships and the Browns may be winless by years end, how much would you make in Vegas with that trifecta?


i truly wish you the best. however if the cubs get in they are probably a little stronger and hungrier.


@dan just killed my Spg account and got tickets to game 2. Will you be there??