MLB Will Sell Tickets For The NLCS And World Series!

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Major League Baseball has been without fans this season. That will soon change as tickets will be sold for the National League Championship Series and World Series, which will be played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas as part of the first baseball playoffs to be held at a neutral site in order to maintain a playoff bubble.

Tickets will go on sale at 11AM ET on 10/6 at and Tickets will be sold in packs of 4 as a “pod” and fans can purchase one pod per game. Each pod will have 6 feet of social distancing from another pod. Pods won’t be able to be broken up for resale. 11,500 tickets per game will be sold out of a total of 40,300 seats. No seats will be within 20 feet of any player.

Fans will have to wear masks, unless they are actively eating or drinking. I guess that MLB has never heard of eating a bag of peanuts or cracker jacks?

No bags will be allowed into the stadium unless there’s a medical need, or a diaper bag accompanying an infant.

Alas, there’s no more SPG around to auction off the rights to throw out the first pitch before game 7 of the World Series for Starpoints:


Will you try to go to any playoff games in Arlington?

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As they shut down yeshivos!!!! This is clear antisemitism!!!!


Firstly, the MLB games aren’t in NYC where the yeshiva closures are occurring. It’s a different jurisdiction. Second, these stadiums are massive, and the intended miniscule volume would mean you can practically sit there naked and you wouldn’t have too many people around to see.


What will prices be like?!?


sounds so incredibly boring, sitting in stadium 3/4 empty with a mask, in a neutral stadium so there’s no enthusiasm, no fan-fan interaction.


seems like you didnt read the post. 1) its the world series, watching grown men hitting a little ball with a piece of wood is not boring. 2) you only have to wear a mask if your not drinking beer 3) see 1. its the world series, of course its exciting 4) your in a pod with 3 other friends drinking beer and yelling at the top of your lungs against the other group thats also drinking beer but rooting for the other team. i.e. not lacking any interaction.

They can all go to ....

Do the players kneel by the National Anthem and spit on the flag like they do in the NBA and NFL?


DJT is that you? If so you forgot to wear you white hood last night in the debate!


yeah! anyone who is patriotic is a racist!


Any idea of the price?


I’m very excited to see my White Sox in the playoffs but the giant BLM logo on the pitcher’s is supremely annoying.


Sorry your feelings are hurt. Guess the rotating digital ad banners behind the catcher must bother bother you too.


How about now??


they must clearly have a less democratic governer out there in texas because of bill di bee was running that place he would never even consider allowing that oh gosh maybe one oit of the 11k people will bump into each other on the way out and can catch it?


sorry dan maybe next yr wink wink
chag sameach
chasidim never say good bye


I cant believe you guys watch and discuss baseball, Dan I expect better standards!


dan doesnt watch, he pitches at baseball games.


Hi, Dan. Asking to learn here: CrackerJacks are OU-D, right?
I understand that someone who eats only C’Y would not eat if there are actual dairy ingredients. But what if it’s only D-E? Would you eat?
Thanks for helping me learn. [different user name than usual to preserve anonymity, but you can see my email :)]