But What Would They Do If An Indians Fan Took The Mound?


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1st off, as my Uncle Marty said, Congrats to Cubs nation on getting to the World Series for the 1st time in 71 years. Maybe next year you’ll even win it! 😉

In all seriousness though, Starwood is auctioning off the rights to throw the ceremonial first pitch of the first World Series game played in Wrigley Field in over 7 decades.

That may just be the coolest use of miles of all time. Even cooler than when I stole 2nd base.

But what would happen when someone in an Indians jersey and hat took the mound in Chicago?

It might be easier to escape if my name was Bartman.

Alas the game will be played on a Friday night which precludes me from participating or finding out just what would happen.

But c’mon SPG. Hook it up for game 5, 6, or 7!

Pretty please?

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The word is epic


Buy it for someone as ur proxy! They could wear a Tribe Jersey with the name DansDeals on it!


Is there kosher food at Indians games?


Would be epic!


There is a kosher stand at section 164.
It won’t be open game 1, but it will be open for games 2, 6, and 7 as well as the game 5 watch party.


Go Cubs Go!


Currently this is up to over 400k spg points. Not that bad but the big problem I can see with this is that most games have multiple first pitches. There could be like 15 people throwing out “first” pitches for that game. Not special anymore.


The wording is interesting here…it says, throw out “a” ceremonial first pitch, not “the” ceremonial first pitch. Wonder if there could somehow be more than one? That would suck.

the storyteller

there is no doubt a cleveland fan would not make it out alive if he would throw the first pitch.

I can see this as a story ala baal shem tov of how shabbos saved a jew from certain death. For generations we will be telling our kids of how a cleveland jew was saved from certain death by stoning if not for shabbos which protected him only because he kept the seventh day holy.


It would be classless to wear the opponents jersey. I know at first it sounds cool but think again.


Good point. Though I highly doubt there would be anywhere near 15.

@the storyteller:

Fair point, but where do you draw the line?
Is it classless to sit in the on camera front row seats in opponents gear?
What about wearing an Indians cap and a Cubs jersey to a softball game in Wrigley 😉


Your two examples seem fine to me. I would draw the line when you cross the line (1st or 3rd base side).


More importantly Dan, where are you sitting tonight at Jacobs Field? I was looking for you last night. …


Whoever throws out the first pitch definitely has to rock the Bartman Walkman headphones


Spend shabbos in Lakeview


The winning bid was 487,909 Starpoints. We know you have way more United miles than that, but just curious if you have that many Starpoints?


Many times that 🙂


Yo Dan would an Indians WS win mean more less or same as the cavs.And what’s up with kipnis he’s killing ya


I am surprised you didn’t go to either of the first 2 world series games at home.You may not get a chance to get there again. The series may end in Chicago. ..


And Santana.

I was at both games.


I heard Dan is throwing out the 1st pitch tonight, is that true!?


@dan are you throwing out the first pitch tonight?


Dan, heard the good news for tonight. Mazel tov!