So Long To The 08701

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Thanks again to the Lakewood community for their hospitality.  It was my first time visiting and it’s definitely quite a unique community…seeing beis medresh after beis medresh jam packed is indeed an incredible sight.  Hearing from people who have the ability to sustain themselves while continuing to study Torah thanks to following DansDeals was just awesome.   Everywhere I turned people were extremely friendly, almost made me feel like I was back home in the midwest.

I made several adjustments with last night’s DansDeals Seminar and Q&A session and would love to hear your feedback.  Feel free to sound off on both the good and bad in the comments.  For those who attended both the Brooklyn and Lakewood seminars I definitely would like to hear what you thought as well.  Definitely a very different crowd with very different questions…but I had a great time doing each of the seminars.

I head back home tomorrow, but for now I’m enjoying my free room at The Plaza thanks to my lifetime Fairmont Platinum status.  I’ll be back home tomorrow evening and will get back onto my normal posting schedule then.

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Wirte it down!

Could you publish a webinar, or handbook on your seminar – I couldn’t attend and would love to have a ‘SIMPLE’ guide to points and credit cards


What about 15217?


Dan, I attended both seminars and my thoughts are the following…..I needed to learn about award travel as I know basically all you said about credit cards already. The brooklyn seminar award travel talk flew over my head. But last night, you went much slower on the award travel talk, and I got it!! I understood what you said and now I need to learn how to do it. Any tips on that would be appreciated. My entire family and friends thought I was totally nuts that I was making the long trip for a second seminar.But it was totally worth it! On behalf of the entire community I would like to thank you for all that you do!!!


Dan, I never imagined that you were such a warm, nice friendly guy. I really enjoyed it last night very much. Thank you.


Lakewood was GREAT!!!! Thanx Dan.


A SPECIAL thanks to Mrs. Dan for sharing her husband with us all!


was gr to have you thank u


Any Chidushim?


Dan! you were great last night, by far the best internet asifa I ever went to 🙂 you were really patient with the q&a session and I left at the end with my brain bursting from all the new info I learned last night. Hope you come back again sometime soon you are a big hit here in lkwd! how did you get back from jersey to ny? did you fly EWR-JFK? or you took the verazzono? lol


btw ,looking forward to the TR from your lkwd trip,im sure it will be very enjoyable to read!


Come back again soon…This is where its happening!


Drove 175mi for this seminar it was well worth it to see a selfless man and having patience to every one.
No wonder they take pictures of you like a celebrity at the door holding a CC 🙂


Yes, i also must thank dan for allowing me to make some extra $ while still being able to learn. In general,lakewood people are less interested in the flights and vacation opportunities and more interested how to make $ from thier points/miles.


Dan i emailed you last week waiting to hear back, I have a Tzedakah organization to set up a seminar in monsey…….




sounds like it was great, are we having one in Cleveland sometime soon?


One point that should be made is that there is a difference if you get your free credit report from or another source. is free & it is not considered a hard pull on your credit report, meaning there will not be an inquiry, many other websites you will have an actual inquiry which DOES affect one’s credit.
Thank you for a great seminar, a shame I couldn’t stay for the whole seminar. Looking forward to the web seminar!


Hi Dan, i got a phone-call from amex from the FR team, wanted to verify my financials since I applied for some new cards and added a authorized user etc, they suspended all my accounts until I send them my last 2 years tax returns etc, unfortunately the amount on my tax return is about 1/3 of what I told them over the phone and when I applied ( I’ve had amex cards for the last 14 years, & had a great relationship with them) Should I still provide them with my paperwork or rather close my accounts before they do? Any chance they’ll let my accounts open despite the fact I cant verify the full amount I told them I earn over the phone and when recently applying?


Dan you’re the man!
me and I’m sure many others would be eternally grateful to you if you would focus more attention to folks struggling with paying down cc debts maybe some advice or tips and tricks on securing 0% Apr for longer term etc. thanks for everything you do on behalf of all of us. Sam


Absolutely wrong!!


Just another thank you, Dan. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it in the end, but if you are making another seminar in town next year or something I would love to attend. While there are some wonderful organizations in the community that aim to assist with community member’s financial needs, this is a unique, clean, and novel approach to accomplishing the same thing. Tizku l’mitzvos, Dan!


Dan, seminar was great!

One point of constructive criticism – during the seminar and at the Q&A session people asked when and you answered while speaking into the mike.

The problem was that you didn’t repeat the question into the mike, so therefore the rest of the audience wasn’t able to gain from those questions 🙁



I had that problem with amex multiple times… sometimes i ignored the calls before they actually closed the cards and it worked.. however i would recommended trying to speak to a supervisor and tell them you rather show them your bank statements then your tax returns.

I once convinced them to do this although they limited my credit for a few months they left the accounts open.


job well done kudos to you though i ran out for my daf came back in time for the Q/A which was very informative the info you share is worth its weight in gold (b4 it dropped in price)btw how did u land the infinity rent a car?(im the guy who asked u to share a hands on lesson but u begged off)come again your always welcome to lkwd and your invited to stay a shabbosd at our guest suite


btw where did u go out to dine afterwards and how was the food?


@just another dan fan:

You don’t sign a contract to keep the card open. Besides, the card companies aren’t stupid, they know what they’re doing, and offers are making them money.


@chaim: Check this out:

Read the Wiki, and the last few pages. If you still have any questions you can ask them in that thread


@just another dan fan
Head to the forums for this kind of discussions. This is not the place.

A friend of mine was just in howell walmart and they said bluebird can only be loaded with cash! Debit card not allowed at all!!!

They must’ve just instituted this new policy within the last day or two 🙁


Thanks for the seminar Dan. You and your presentation were great.
I was following your posts since few months and found them very interesting and luckily got a chance to see you live. I was surprised to see people from different community, thought I would be an odd man out. But I got a good welcome from Steve and got a chance to interact with few others.
I am a beginner to this points game and your seminar have valuable inputs. Second half was like magic to me when you showed newark to jfk routing :).
Thanks again.


random but does a.u. on a creidt card affect his score in any way


@benny: Dan recently posted about deals out of Trenton.


Many thanks ffor the seminar! I don’t get aasked for authorized users ss #. Will it help their credit anyway? Also, you mentioned that you can get a flight to Israel using flying blue for 50,000 pts on Delta. But Delta as you have mentioned has very poor availabiliy. Is there a way to actually get a flight for 50,000 points?


@ Just another dan fan

“I am not here to tell anyone how they should act, but please explain how border line theft in furtherance of torah study is in the spirit of the torah?”

Not sure why according to you this would only be a problem for people who are furthering their torah study !! If you think it’s a problem it’s a problem across the board !!

It seems that you are one of those anti torah learners


just another dan fan

I think everyone should ask their own Rav when they have a Sheila.


@AB: sure of course, it was such a nice acdus all kind of pepole



I was at the Brooklyn seminar and have had a hard time seeing a lot of the slides as I was on the woman’s side. The EWR- JFK. What site did you find this on? was it points only or I can find this on the itamatrix site?


@just another dan fan:
I would like first tell you that I am avid reader of your site ever since ctownbochur days. So please don’t take this the wrong way…”

uh, identity theft?


@sam: Just dont lie


Dan Great seminar!!

I saw u sneak off after with some guys. Wjere did u eat? We want a review!


hey dan! want to read all about ur visit to 08701! want to hear your opinion about ritas and everything else in the town! btw u were the talk of the coffe room today in the lakewood yeshiva!


what am I wrong about?

sweet deal

Dans pashut a shteiger. He made it into yeshiva coffee room hock. Sweets.


Gr8 seminar! Really enjoyed & appreciated it!

When did you say the saver reward travel with United would open up for overseas flights? Right now.there’s zero availability for flights in early Aug. to Europe in buisiness saver. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Igor Ivanovich

@whYME: :p