On The Road-Going Home Edition…


Today is my last day in Brazil šŸ™

Thank G-d there were no more terrifying situations after the day I arrived…

I spent most of the time here with a group of fellow MBA students and professors from my grad school meeting up with numerous local business executives and visiting our sister business school in Curitiba.

I also got to catch up with many old friends from S. Paulo, thanks to the ever-hospitable Basch family. (Thanks!)

Finally, I got to spend a couple days at an absolutely stunning and amazing island called Florianopolis (rightfully so, the locals call it Ilha MĆ”gica, or the Magic Island) and I am quite sad that I don’t have more time to explore more of it. It is right up there with Foz do Iguacu and Rio as absolute must see attractions in Brazil, and its much more off the beaten path.

I’ll be stopping off in NYC for some 9 hours on Thursday on my way back to Cleveland and my summer semester of MBA classes…


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Safe trip!


have a nice trip


Dan, good to hear that you are coming back to civilization.

I have a question;
Amex is offering me the platinum card with 25,000 points, the q. is do they charge the annual fee in the begining of the year or at the end of the year?… I want to have the card for a year and then refuse the charge.
I see the annual fee went up to $450.
Thanks for your help.


Amex charges the $450 at the end of the year, but once you have the card for the year you are required to pay the $450. What you can do is use the card once to get the 25,000 points then cancel the card; Amex will pro-rate the yearly fee.


Can u help me find a good deal on a laptop (preferably Dell).
I’m kinda lost when it comes to this stuff… i dont even know really whats a good price so wtvr u can tell me wud be awesome!


i did the starwood thing to get 4000 miles and i opened the account and it says i have 0 miles!? does anyone know how long it takes for it to go through?


well the first tip when buying a laptop dont i sed dont get dell if you want a 512 ram and 80gb hard drive you do not need to pay more then 550 after reabte some times 500 and an hp soe times you get a built in web cam and mic i say take an ah just go to circuit city get the sunday paper and you cansee some times you can get a very good deal but i herd thatthe laptop thay had in best buy for the past few weeks with 512 ram 80 or 100 gb hard drivedont take it its not a good one thay say thay want to sell out allready well if you need more info i can help email me at annon101@gmail.com thanks have a good one

Pit Fan

I just got a check for $250 it todays mail from the chase freedom card.

Thanks Dan