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Just grabbing a bite to eat at the Continental President’s Club in LGA (for all its problems it has the best cereal selection of any club I’ve been to) after my 3rd flight leg out of 16 (!) until the end of the year and will be in NYC for the weekend and then in Toronto until Wednesday.  Updates may be sporadic especially while north of the border.

I was the apparently the only elite flyer on the flight who paid for coach as I got the only elite upgrade on the flight and no other elites were on the upgrade standby list and the flight went out with empty first class seats.  Gotta love the transparency that Continental offers via their PDA site! Incidentally (for those of you now checking out my seat assignment on the PDA site) 1B is truly a great first class seat on the 737-500 series. It’s a bulkhead but it has a great cutout for your feet and hand luggage.

Another cool service that I just learned about 3 minutes ago: faxzero.com I’ve always wondered how to print things at the club and this is the answer-fax it for free to the self-service fax machine!

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Enjoy it while you can after UA Elites are able to get the EUAs as well, it will become very hard for a CO Silver or Gold

As for the PC its no big deal and its obvious you havent been into some of the Intl Carriers Lounges if you think the PC is great. I never found any Lounge Ok except for BAs Concorde Lounge at T-4 @ LHR and VSs Club House to be anything to talk about.

BTW @IAH they do have a sort of nice breakie selection or did last time thru 2 yrs ago


Cant understand why cant you just print from you email most clubs delta aa is free….


Steve2 You little little man.

You are so self obsessed and desperate to show off, you comment without even reading the post, you idiot.

He never said he thought PC was great! Read it again!

Clap Clap.

Thats your round of applause from everyone who now knows you went to the Concorde lounge, which clearly was the only point of your comment. Now consider us informed. We can now speculate on the character of someone who comments for that purpose alone.



on most websites (mainly FT) a post like that above of Steve1 would earn the person some time off for personal attacking another member

In as much as Steve1s post was approved and allowed it doesnt say much about your Policies and where your site has the potential to end up going, by allowing personal attacks to be posted. I do hope you set forth a policy that would prevent mayhem and personal attacks, in order to allow yur site to flourish


can everyone just CHILL OUT?!?!


faxzero.com charges unless you only want to print one page….


let me clarify somethings for thse that might not know;

BA till recently used Term 4 @ LHR, they had 2 Lounge Areas after you passed thru Passport control, 1 to the Left (a 1st & Biz reClub World lounges same location different rooms)

Then to the Right there was 3 in 1 Biz,1st & Concorde, 3 different rooms Plus a Molten Brown Spa on the bottom floor, these lounges were on 3 floors.

Now entrance to the Concorde Lounge was for those traveling on the Concorde since the jetway to board the Concorde was right there in the Lounge, I believe that was the only way a person was able to board. and for anyone traveling 1st class on any other flight (I think that was any Intl flight but not 100% sure as I never flew BA withing the UK)

Now back then FC was 100k and twice a year Diners Club had a promo of a 1pt = 2 BS miles or 50k DC pts = 100k BA. Also Club (Biz) was the cradle seat and not the lie flats, especially from LHR-TLV. Where your chances of getting a European plane was just as likely as those they used to the US which meant a Biz seat that was cramped as it wasnt 2-2-2- but 7 across and didnt reclne as far

Then BA uped FC to 195k and no more 2-1 via DC so at best DC had a 30% = you needed to transfer 150k DC to get 195k BA, and they also instituted the fuel surcharge. No longer worth it In My Opinion

I cant comment on the Concorde since I never flew it nor did I want to as it was very narrow and being tall it wasnt a comfortable aircraft.

BTW anyone who was a Plat (middle status level) on AA gained entrance to the Biz Lounge was able to use the showers in the MB Spa but wasnt able to get a free massage or facial or pedi. what was nice was a person was able to take a 6pm out of NY arrive LHR @ 6am then run amock in London for the day get a 8pm massage and shower and then head to the 10:30pm TLV flight and sleep away.

Oh but you wanted to eat, thus the reason for hitting the Concorde Lounge you were able to eat there thats if they had a Hemolis meal in the fridge still left

Thusly why as a kosher traveler I feel/felt the BA Lounges were by far the best around. Havent been on BA in yrs, and they now use T5 @ LHR so I have idea if things are better or worse then they were @ T4.

I have good things about VS (Virgin Atlantic) Club House but havent flown them and dont know what it affords a kosher traveler. Supposing VSs lounges are nice not only @ LHR. I found BAs lounge really only decent at LHR but JFKs was alot better then any US carriers was, while EWRs is a hole in teh wall


Dan, I don’t know where to ask this, so plz forgive me if its the wrong place. I managed to snatch one of the sale tickets to LA which will bring me 5,000 egm’s short of platinum. Any ideas of the most cost effective mileage run to close the gap?


There’s been a lot of nasty comments on this thread that I haven’t approved…everyone just chill out.