My Day So Far: Los Angeles To Chicago In 4 Not So Easy Steps…

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I flew out of LAX early this morning on Continental attempting to get to Chicago via Houston in order to go to my cousin’s wedding on Sunday.

Yesterday I noticed on Continental’s mobile site that my departure flight had been downgraded to a much smaller aircraft and I had also lost my seating assignments. Luckily I was able to still grab a good seat.

At the Continental President’s club I was told that due to the equipment downgrade I could volunteer my seat and receive a $300 voucher, a hotel room, and a confirmed first class seat if I would fly out the next morning. If it wasn’t a Friday I would’ve probably done it, but being that it was I passed on the offer.

With a scheduled 1:45 layover at Houston I went into Continental’s 3-story club in terminal E, where I learned that my flight to Chicago was canceled. All nonstop flights into Chicago were booked solid until Friday evening, but despite an obnoxious agent I still managed to finagle my way onto a Continental flight to Detroit from where I’d be able to take a Northwest flight to get me to Chicago by noon.

So, after 4 airports and 4 airport clubs visited (Including my first time in the stunning Northwest Worldclub in Detroit where I grabbed a quick yet luxurious and refreshing shower) all on the same day, I’m finally in Chicago.

My luggage? Only G-d knows where that is now!

-Posted from the shared Continental/Northwest club in Chicago.

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Avid Fan

lol! good luck mate!


Good shabbos. What do you think about Co-United thing?


well im sure u used your amex to book so maybe youll get some money for your luggage

luggage checking

I can’t believe that you still check luggage? flying light is the key to happiness.

EG studios

Hey Dan,
I also had a layover in Houston on my way to NY this Friday morning. Fortunately I had better luck grabbing my connection on an overbooked flight that Continental had actually knocked me off of because they thought I was on a later flight into Houston from Austin. There wasn’t even enough time to step in to the President’s Club.

The joys of Friday travel!
P.S ‘Fortunately’ my luggage (a musical instrument) didn’t make the connection Theyre actually going to do me the favor of shipping it directly to my next destination of travel for this Wednesday. Thats an extra piece of 50lbs of luggage off my back!

loyal reader

I cancelled my hotel reservations in a venice hotel I made with (no penalty) because I got the same for $100 less at!!

Detroit fan

Great post Dan! Hope you enjoy your cousin’s wedding. Next time you’re in Detroit we hope you will stay for Shabbos!


@loyal reader:
I belive we are stying in the same hotel, unfortunately I was not able to find a lower rate for my dates (July 10-13)