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Update 2: After just 3 days we now have 100 members! (And not much else to show besides for that…suggestions anyone? Or is the group feature just pointless?)

Update: If anyone has any miscellaneous questions-feel free to start your own topic in the new discussion board on our facebook page!

Originally posted on 02/12: Facebook Group Linky (Facebook account required)

I still have no idea what exactly is the point of the numerous “social-networking” sites (is it to show off how many “friends” you have?) However enough people have asked why there is no group to warrant its creation…

Anyone care to fill me in on what I’ve been missing?

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What you’ve been missing, is the wonderful opportunity to collect lots of personal information about yourself into one convenient place, the better to be pillaged and exploited by advertisers, crooks and/or spammers.


Honestly it’s a pathetic concept – it’s also wrong.

the claim is that you keep in touch with friends and family – I say, use the phone.

They say it’s good for sharing pictures – i say use Snapfish or e-mail. There’s no reason why everyone’s friends friend has to see your pictures, and you, theirs.


Its a simple concept, Dan, but different people use them for different purposes. The real reason people like me use them is for effortlessly keeping in touch with people I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. This is made possible with their RSS-style homescreen.
Real life example:
I have friends from high school who I lost touch with. One lives in Israel, one lives in Cleveland. I live in NY and don’t have anyone’s contact information.
About a year ago, I tried out facebook, and started finding all sorts of old friends through my other friends. Since we found each other on Facebook, I’ve been able to keep in touch with them, knowing what’s going on in their lives and them knowing what’s going on in mine through the updates on the main page. The one in Cleveland had a baby, and I knew right away because not only did I see it announced on my screen when I signed in, but for the last few months they had been posting pictures of themselves with his clearly pregnant wife.

Now, another friend of mine in Israel has been having trouble dating. I hadn’t seen him in years, but I offered some dating advice. He later posted pictures of his proposal to a girl, to which I was very happy about.

I feel like without facebook, I probably would never have gotten back in touch with these people. I have many more stories just like these… I have friends who I found out work in wedding bands now, so I am able to suggest them to someone who is looking to book a band for their simcha… Another local friend of mine broke off his engagement, and knowing that helped avoid potentially awkward conversation… I wanted to invite someone for shabbos but didn’t have their new cell number or email address, so I invited them using facebook’s contact feature…
There’s a 1001 reasons facebook is useful, and showing off “how many friends you have” is barely even one of them!


Another point about Facebook. Until now, teh INternet has served info about what is good and bad via the media outlets. However, in an ideal world, if you wanted to know which nichaoch nigun is good you would hear about it from your friends, instead the media via the internet tells you to listen to blue fringe and other chazerai.

Comes facebook and now you can see what your friends are listening to, reading, where they have been. It’s like meeting your friends at a dinner party every day. No more AOL etc feeds of junk, I decide who my friends are and that’s how I find out what’s hot and what’s not.

Josh Hillinger

I forsee a Dansdeals application in the future…


I’d like to point out that it sounds like the first 2 posts on here are from people who haven’t used Facebook.
This is not myspace, people. Facebook is a little classier, and you don’t share your information with anyone other than your friends.
Your profile is invisible to everyone until you mark them as a friend.
And to the poster who calls himself “wondering”… I used to think that until I tried it. It really works. Read what I wrote above. I’m in touch with people I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to call normally, or perhaps no longer have the number for. And snapfish, etc for pictures… dude, the RSS style feed makes all the difference! I sign in, it tells me right away that new pics have been uploaded by certain people. The old fashioned way, I’d have to come back and check to see if there are any updates (and I probably never would).

Anyway, to each their own. I hated the concept since Myspace became the creepy-child-molester-phenomenon that it is today, but facebook is something else entirely. Don’t make the mistake of comparing the two.



Thpoint of groups is that it is easier for you to messgae the whole group – if there is a great deal that we shouldnt wait.. Make sure to send a message to the whole group!!


Dan, many people have FaceBook mobile, which sends a text every time thy get a message, unless thy choose not to. I think that for gr8 deals you can message the whole group, and then people can know about it right away, so thy can act to the deal if thy want b4 its over.

You can also make a FaceBook page for, is what that is you can become a fan of it, its really cool

Link to make a page

Link of a page


not pointless for me. I found a long lost friend on the group. 🙂


Dan, on the group page there is an option share, and you can email it to people that are not on FaceBook, so a FaceBook account my not be required.

Not like you will sit and invite every one.


How can I view Dans personal facebook page? You cant click on his name like everyone elses?


Well he set his privacy like that, cause he has not found any reason to use it yet. Besides i dont think he will want to be friends with all the readers.


This is actualy amazing. When there is a boiling hot deal you can send out a message on facebook and everyone will know instantly…..


Sounds good in theory, but the problem is that no two people consider the same deal “boiling hot”

How should I determine at what threshold its worth sending out a message?


from my experience in the last 2 years, your judgement is pretty good.


Well Dan, Some thing like the Wii from Amazon when it was in stock, or a price mistake on airline tickets or any thing, or any thing you think might not last to long.