Into The Home Stretch!


AA is the only remaining airline that still counts all mileage activity towards lifetime elite status.

United and Delta used to count all miles, but currently only count actual flown mileage for lifetime elite status.
Continental used to have a program that if you were a top-tier elite for 5 consecutive years you got lifetime top-tier status, alas Continental no longer offers any chance at becoming a lifetime elite today.

On AA every mile earned, even those from credit cards, is counted.
At 1,000,000 miles you get lifetime Gold Elite status and at 2,000,000 miles you get lifetime Platinum Elite status.
In addition you also get other nice goodies when you cross each million marker.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve redeemed miles, the only thing that matters is the “program to date miles.”

Today I finally entered the home stretch…I just hope they don’t pull the program before I cross the finish line!

From my AA account:


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Wow how did you pull that off?
Maybe give us some more ideas how to catch up to you?


Nice! Now all you have to do is spend another $100000 and youll be there. 🙂
Let us know how it goes and what goodies you get when you get there

Starwood Fan

I just spoke with Key Bank and they told me that the Ipod’s aren’t going out until December. I know some people are saying they got it already? How did you do it?


Do miles that are transferred in through starpoints count towards your lifetime earned miles ?


Do miles that were transferred in from starpoints count towards this lifetime count ?


Hint: It didn’t come from spending!
Nor did it come from saying “If I had a mile for every hit that I get…

Starwood Fan:
Customer Service rep’s are clueless-never believe anything they say.

They do, but I don’t recommend getting 25K AA miles for 20K Starpoints.
There are so many better uses of Starpoints.

blah blah blah

i passed 1 million over 6 years ago – kinda sucks to spend that much time in the air…


I spoke with AA the rep said it need to be miles traveled not credit card miles can you post where it says credit card miles count toward elite status (1,000,000)