Happy First Birthday Rafi!

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Exactly 1 year ago, July 10th at 12:53pm, our firstborn son entered this world and changed our lives forever.

Truly, there is nothing more rewarding then spending time and enjoying the miracle of life with your own child.

Has life become more difficult and complicated? Of course!  I don’t think we could count the sleepless nights even if we tried.  Yet, it’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world, which is something that can’t possibly be explained to someone without their own child.

People laughed that once I started having kids my burning desire to travel would die down, but nothing of the sort occurred (so far!).  I’ve even kept a log on the DansDeals Forums of all of Rafi’s travels that he’ll be able to look at one day, starting from the 24 flights he got to experience in-utero to the 27 flights he’s taken over the past year. There’s even a map there of the places he’s been and a count of total miles flown (over 73K!).

Exploring the world and seeing all of G-ds amazing creations is obviously a passion of mine, hopefully one day it will be his too. And hopefully he’ll be even better at earning miles and points than I am!

Happy Birthday Rafi!

From our Buenos Aires photoshoot: More irresistible pictures (boy do I sound like a parent now!) in “Traveling To Hawaii…With A 5 Month Old!” and in “Children In First Class…”

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jj 1000

Mazel Tov Rafi!


First of all mazal Tov on your sons birthday! I also am a new father. Had a baby girl few weeks ago. I am also a big traveler and would love to continue doing so. How about putting together a post with tips And tricks for traveling with a baby? I think many readers would greatly benefit from, and appreciate, such a post.


Happy Birthday Rafi!


Mazel Tov


Happy b-day for your son! When traveling in the us do u need to notify the airlines b4 that u are coming with an infant or can u just show up in the airport with 2 paid tickets and your infant child? (in this case it’s southwest)


Happy Birthday Rafi
Lots of Nachas Danny


Mazal tov!
Will do, bl”n! It’s much more difficult, but don’t believe anyone that says it can’t be done enjoyably or that you need to leave the infant at home (ha! good luck finding a jewish mother willing to do that!)

Just show up at the airport and add the infant at the ticket counter.


@Dan: @Dan: @Dan: with southwest you’ll need a copy of the birth certificate to fly wiht a lap child


I didn’t, but he was just 6 months old then.
If they look close to 2 years old you should definitely carry a birth certificate or passport.



where to address the Gift ?
I mean it seriously


Dan where are you flying for the birthday trip?


Mazal tov!!!
I wich you a lot of sleepless night!!!
And a lot of nachas!!!


Lol, if you’re serious feel free to email me 😀

I’ve flown on wee-early morning flights the past 3 Sunday mornings.
Feels good to be home sweet home!

Eh, more kids, but maybe less sleepless nights next time!


@Dan: So what are you doing for the birthday please let us in on it… photos etc…



done, waiting for answer.


For all you new parents out there:

My wife and I love to travel and did feel quite locked down when we had a baby girl two years ago. We also couldn’t really afford to much travel.

Then we got introduced to DansDeals and each scored 100,000 UR points last year.

Anyway, we planned and executed a two week trip to Israel which involved flying from NY to Cleveland and dropping off my 2 yr old at my brother’s house (I know, they are amazing!) before heading to the Holy Land.

Needless to say we got a lot of flack for wanting to do this. People were warning us that she would forget us, not want to talk to us, or be traumatized for life.

We did it anyway, and I don’t think she noticed we were gone.

It was amazing and I highly recommend everyone try to do something like this. Getting away can have a very positive impact as well because getting some breathing room can give you a new perspective and appreciation.

I want to thank you Dan for helping make this a reality. So many of your articles saved us a ton of money and gave us great advice. The flights (all 6) were free, the car rental insurance deeply discounted (thanks world Mastercard) and I know that being a father doesn’t mean no more breaks or travel.

On to the next adventure! 🙂


And for the record the two flights we took her on – an hour each- were a nightmare. Some kids just don’t fly well.


True, there are definitely times when you’ll want to go by yourself.
Not really an option with an infant that is still nursing though.

How long did you go to Israel for?


A big Congrats! Seems we share an important date. It’s our 4th Anniversary celebrating our Aliyah.


Heartiest mazol tov wishes!!!!we all should continue to share in your simchas!!!!!


@Dan: We were in Israel for a total of 2 Weeks. We also spent 4 days in Cleveland acclimating her to her new temporary home.


Dan A Lot Of Nachas Till You 120 Years
Thanks RAFI Letting Dady Doing A Good Jab You Should Be Able To Help Him And Bring Mutch More Good Deals


Mazel tov dan. I didnt know our sons share the same birthday. Mine was born July 10th 2 years ago. Much Nachos.


Happy Birthday Rafi!!!


happy birthday little one


wow!!!! happy birthday!!!

who took th pics???????????????????


@Yos: Dude, learn how to spell!!

@Ashi: Ya the Nachos are delicious! 🙂


Happy Birthday little man, and many more To you ! Your daddy helps people like me save money and find nice travel offers so we can take our children around the world ! Thanks Dan ! So far my sons have seen plenty, and I hope to keep going until we see it all ! 🙂



Mazel Tov! Stunning Pictures!


happy bday to little one..great pics..which camera/lens?


Mazel tov!


Mazal Tov and Happy Birthday Birthday !!!!
He is KE’H very cute. Have much Nachas …120.
Thanks for all your help.


@Yehuda: can you please share explicitly how to go about getting the free tickets??, I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks in advance


Happy Birthday Rafi!


Mazel Tov!
stunning pics!!! he is such a cutie pa-tootie!


hi dan!! mazel tov!! so nice by the way its my burthday too july/10/1989 we should all have lots of nachas!!



i am going to Israel iy”h on end of Oct.
and i would like to fly with millage on first class me and my wife, i have no CC but a VERY good credit, can you please advice me how to get it done??
i will really appreciate

thanks dan

big deal

hb rafi….. till 120