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Dansdeals.com Beta 1.2 Linky
Check it out and sound-off!
If you are having display issues please comment on your screen resolution and browser type.

If I had a dollar for each person telling me to hire a professional web-site builder (a.k.a. stick with finding deals instead of messing with CSS Coding) then I’d be able to build the nicest site on earth!

Some of the changes in Beta 1.2 include:
-Change in font type
-Increase of font size
-Posts moved to the left, while both sidebars move to the right.
-Background border changed to gray.
-Posts located below where the sidebars end no longer invade the “under the sidebar” space.

Known Issues:
-The site is optimized for the 45% of visitors who have a screen resolution of 1024×768.
-For the 23% of visitors who have 1280×800 screen resolution the posts are a little longer than I’d like them to be.
-No other screen resolution has more than 10%-if you dont use one of the above resolutions please comment on how the site looks.

-The site needs a better header/logo (Anyone here up for the job?)

-All posts and comments imported from this site display the time 4 hours later than they should.

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getting better and better.
one small thing that struck me, if you break this link ‘Ctownbochur.com Promotion’ onto 2 lines the far right bar won’t look so…, i dont know, “bloated”.
that’s not quite the word, but you get my drift?



Personally, I liked it better when the main content was in the middle, with two sidebars.

Asher O

That neon green color (used for banner and tabs is mad ugly IMHO.

Also, no page footer.


I have 1680 x 1050, so the font still looks small. I like this newer version, although it is still too busy for my taste. Perhaps make the infomation column a little narrower. Of course this could just be because of my resolution setting. I think the new site is much more professional looking.


The overall site is much better then the previous two bates.
I think the side bar needs some reworking, maybe to separate from the left side (postings area) when scrolling so they both have there own scrolling bar.
Also I think that the side bar in general is a bit pushed together maybe it can be done in drop down categories (maybe from the top). The currant layout is a bit confusing


I would switch the knowledge base column and ads column. All those ads are a distraction to me.

I can help you with a quick logo (too busy for an extensive logo design). Let me know.

I dont love the green used on the site. It needs to be toned down a touch.

Asher O


The ads are supposed to distract you.



heheh I hear that Asher O., but still – I’d rather have easier access and readability to the knowledge base etc than the ads.

just me ;), but I get the reasoning.


I disagree with the 2 comments above.


The blue is to dull….

Overall It doesn’t really matter much. We all come to your site for the deals and as you go to this full time I believe the deal posts will get better.

Keep up the good work Dan and I hope your site becomes a lot more popular.

With the goyim though they are going to freak out with no posts over a 3 day yom tov.


All right guys which is it, stick with blue or revert to green?


I don’t know if u should take this into consideration but your current blog formats much btter when accessing your site from my smartphone. (Not wanting to miss out on any deals anytime anywhere. lol)


I think you should stick with blue and white instead of the light blue. maybe you should go with the jetblue color scheme. I have a friend who is a website layout pro I can talk to him to look at ur site… Also I can give you some tips with regard to a new tool that google is coming out with that would really help you with colors and site layout etc..


Sent you a logo by email check it out.

dan jr

well Dan your best bet is do ask every one to give a donation of 1 or more and get a good design please make a post on were to send the money and allow people to send checks or money orders as well and see what happens wtvr money you get that’s what you spend on the site

dan jr

Dan I think the knowledge base to the right you can make it narrow it will be better for the posts the posts are way to narrow rite now